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Articles July - August 2019

Touchwood Automations Invigorates Pune’s Party Scene With CINCO

Named after the Spanish word for 5, Cinco, is Pune’s all-new resto-bar and patisserie that promises to make every experience 5 times better!..... read more


Quickly rising up the ranks as one of India’s best places to live in, the city of Indore has it all – a strong sense of community, impressive infrastructure, and indeed a bustling nightlife..... read more


Founded in 1980 in Rutesheim, the company began by introducing Hardy Amps professional bass and guitar amplifiers. After the company burnt down completely in a fire, the company headquarters..... read more

Ahuja Radios - Major Audio Brand Distribution Network

The PALM Sound & Light awards honoured Ahuja Radios – India’s iconic brand since almost 80 years. Recognized by the country’s population as the PA brand delivering affordable technology..... read more

Mukesh Panjwani, MX MDR Technologies Ltd. - Lifetime Contribution to The Pro Audio Industry

The PALM Sound & Light awards honoured Mukesh Panjwani, CEO & Managing Director of MXMDR technologies for spearheading the mass distribution of a massive audio, video and electronic product catalog..... read more

Articles May - June 2019


Armed with a degree in Marketing and Finance and International Business from University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, and Aston University respectively, and after learning the dynamics of the Indian business world at Fanatic Sports and GVK..... read more

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Note from Content Anchor ------------- May - June 2019 Issue!

19 Glorious Years of PALM

India is fast recognized in the global pro sound and light industry as a leading market with capabilities both financial and expertise to exploit the latest innovation and product, and over 19 consecutive years, it is PALM which has been the fulcrum on which revolves the pro sound and light, trade and investment.

I was part of the PALM team in its inaugural year and now, even after almost two decades the excitement is still new. Bringing new product and tech to the PALM each year is what excites us and it is what we chase. My heart swells with pride to see how PALM has moved in tandem with other global expos in Europe and US for demonstrating the latest products launched.

Best part of the excitement is organizing the industry conference and engaging with the entire professional fraternity, be they from rental, or distribution or the creative forces of sound, music, FOH, lighting, designers and engineers.

As PALM moves from strength to strength, the expo has been reinvented and redefined for future scape and future scope. The expo has instituted parallel exhibit halls for sound and light, leading to greater efficiency to review products.

Change is the only constant. The new horizon is AV install and integration and Information Communication. In response to the growth dynamics, we instituted another parallel concurrent expo – AV Integrated Systems expo.

The Digital India and Smart Cities initiative by the Government is attracting huge investments into AV. The need for tech solutions in Pro AV Integrated Systems in Education, Government, Health, Hospitality, Retail, Building and Infrastructure, Corporate and Broadcast sectors will be met at the Expo.

An important feature of the expo is the AV Summit, which offers valuable opportunities for sharing expertise in design and execution. The Summit includes a variety of informational seminar sessions and presentations and boasts of the best of AV Industry leaders speaking on technology trends in the industry.

The AV expo has achieved in establishing a technology and industry platform for information communication. The expo has also pulled off a coup with the Certified AV Specialist Training by Ranjit Singh on the topic of AV in the Digital Era. We closed our registrations at 40 delegates.

The AV expo has achieved in establishing a technology and industry platform for information communication, in its first year but the expo is still work in progress and we are confident of keeping the momentum growing in future editions.

Refocusing to this issue of the magazine, the pages have an unusual number of interviews. Moreover, there are even two of the ‘11 Questions’ interviews this time around. Not that I’m complaining!! All of them make for a great read and provide an understanding of where the industry is headed.

In 11 Questions (Lighting), Josef Valchar puts focus on Robe products and services that are constantly kept evolving and moving forward (pg.89), while we get a summary report from Rasesh Parekh on Robe’s growth and progress in India.

In 11 Questions (Audio), Michele Noselli, outlines (pun intended) the company’s philosophy, R&D process and product (pg.109), as Outline approaches its 50 years in the business.

PT team met Anant Roongta, the third-generation scion, now at the helm of Famous Studios. His focus on future tech is evident. The studio has expanded to offer high-end production services such as Motion Capture, Phantom Flex tabletop production, Dolby Atmos audio mixing and a brand new creative co-working space called The Famous Working Company. Full Story on (pg.36).

Using the latest trends and state-of-the-art solutions from acknowledged global brands defines the Indian market and its potential. One of India’s foremost rental outfits - Reynold’s, became the first in India to purchase d&b audiotechnik’s KSL systems launched at NAMM in January this year. PT got in touch with Felix Remidos to know more about this purchase, (pg.82).

Honeywell is the new entrant on the block in the professional sound segment. Amit Kaushal, General Manager, Honeywell Building Technologies, India talks about the new products (pg.86), which visitors to PALM will also see and experience for the first time on the show floor.

Another relatively new company in the professional lighting segment, making their presence felt at PALM is Mangalore based Leksa Lighting. Interview with CEO Ronald S D’Souza on (pg.50).

This is all good, and encourages investment, but beyond tech essentials is where creativity comes into play. It not just about getting access to the most recent plugins and the most recent consoles voices Brad Divens, FOH for Enrique Iglesias, who gave tips on crafting a signature mix to FOH engineers, during the India leg of his fixintogetmixin class series organized by HARMAN Professional India in Mumbai (pg.40).

Roger Drego, the pioneer of stage sound and light in India and his team at Electrocraft, delivered an outstanding immersive entertainment experience at the 64th edition of the prestigious Filmfare Awards, presented by The Times Group. Turn to (pg.32) to get a lowdown on the comprehensive system of automation solutions, comprising of revolving rings, floating platforms powered through state-of-the-art hydraulic lifts, speed controlled large frame travellators, massive Turntable section with two individually controllable rings, deployed with great precision by Electrocraft.

BToS Productions are the new guys in the event space. In conversation with Ankita Bhadrawale, frontman Nazeef Mohommad, talks about the company and his reverence for A.R. Rahman on (pg.52).

Don’t miss out on Sushma Gaikwad’s tribute to the dynamic event industry that has constantly evolved to provide an opportunity for creativity and innovation to blossom into enterprises and business collaborations. (pg.58).

Here’s wishing all our exhibitors who have travelled from across the world to be part of this extravaganza a super duper successful show! The next issue is the PALM 2019 Post Show Review issue. Stay Tuned for exciting news from the Show floor.


May June Issue!

Note from Content Anchor ------------- March - April 2019 Issue!

Sound Matters

In India, all the talent in the country come together on film media and that’s what creates film music and that’s why film music is so great and popular here.

The last decade has seen significant growth in independent music across genres and formats. Independent live bands and DJs, as also a scattering of solo artistes, are appearing on festival stages across the country. Though these live bands and DJs have the ears of young India, they still lack the mass appeal of film music and may never be commercially viable.

American record producer, Co-Founder of Interscope Records and Beats Electronics - James Iovine, is a great example of how collaboration in music could create a phenomenon. He showed the world that talent was obviously important, but how the ability to work together as a team, could lead to great success. It was Iovine’s vision that convinced Bruce Springsteen to let Patti Smith record his song “Because the Night”. It became one of Smith’s biggest hits. It was Ivoine who brought together Stevie Nick and Tom Petty to record Petty’s song “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” and the song rocketed up the charts.

It is this kind of collaboration that is missing in India’s Independent music scene. Our music industry and artistes definitely need to take a leaf out of this book. In India, this kind of collaboration is seen only for film music.

Film music has become an art form in our country. India can be proud that it has created an art form of music around film. Film music as an art form has succeeded in bringing together the best talent in the industry for lyrics, for music and for vocals and much of its success can be attributed to its inherent composite nature, wherein the best talent from different streams come together to produce an album.

The great golden age of Indian film music was created in great recording studios with great sound engineers. The studios are the center of gravity for all the talent that there is and it is undoubtedly, technology that has facilitated this talent to come together to make great music. Few industries have undergone as much change as the recording industry. From the days of Multi-track Recording to Dolby Atmos, technology has come a long way. Many studios in India have been on the cutting edge of technology adopting the latest technologies to facilitate creation of great music.

Famous Digital Studios, one of the first studios in the country to have an entirely non-linear hard disk based workflow and one of the first to install Dolby Surround and then 5.1 in their studios, have once again upped the ante by retrofitting Galactica A into a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos HE certified mixing room, offering clients an opportunity to push boundaries of creativity. PT caught up with Technical Director – Farhad DadyBurjor at the new studio. Full story on pg. 30.

The Studio Showcase Project Gallery, pg. 77, and singer /music composer Vijay Prakash’s spanking new home studio, pg 58 mirrors today’s Indian recording and post-production industry. The Gallery features some recently launched studios ranging in scale and size boasting of an envious equipment inventory.

Technology transpiring in the direction of Digital and Analog Hybrid Systems has also facilitated creativity to go into Project Studios. Compact Speakers, computers and digital workstations have held a significant role in the recording process in the last decade fueling the growth of Project Studios and it is years and years of technological development that has made this happen. PT celebrates the fantastic curve that technology has taken wherein the highest level of cutting–edge technology comparable to the technology at mammoth studios has gone into Project Studios. The PALM expo too brings this technology on its expo floors. Times have changed and we are with the time. The PALM expo will keep getting you products that will keep your Project Studios going and help you make great music.

Since 2006, the Indian Recording Arts Awards (IRAA) has taken cognizance of not only the talent but also the studios. Identifying and rewarding new studios with latest technology has always been a focus at IRAA. IRAA Studio of the Year nominations on pg. 49 are indicative of this.

This year IRAA is becoming very intense and we are proud of the status these awards have garnered. We have been flooded with nominations and the 12 member IRAA Jury is working furiously to ensure that the best of the best are rewarded.

The PALM preview gives you a lowdown on what to expect from this 19th edition. The PALM Summit Conference & Seminar programme boast of expert speakers speaking on topics ranging from Loudspeaker arrays and subwoofer configurations to Dante Audio Networking, Creating Sound Design in the era of challenging Surround Sound and Atmos and Studio Design. More of the dope of on pg. 44.

The next May-June issue is the “Live” special issue, which will be additionally circulated from the PT booth at PALM expo 2019, from May 30 – June 1, 2019. Send in your editorial and ads before 10 May and catch the growth wave at PALM.

March April Issue!

Note from Content Anchor ------------- Jan - Feb 2019 Issue!

Behind the Desk

It’s that time of the year again when PALM technology draws Top 50 products in pro audio and lighting. As technology races ahead, integrating faster computing, expanded and faster memory, ease of use, radical and evolved design, compatibility, new applications and other features, globally, manufacturers are launching new and state-of-the-art products at a rapid pace.

A slew of industry magazines across print and/or digital have their own lists and this selection of products is PT’s choice that we select as worthy of our annual Top 50. PT does not claim that this is a definitive list of Top 50, but this is what we feel works for this market.

Indian industry too has been embracing new tech, which is today easily accessible in India, not only in the metros, but also the smaller towns and cities. What is unique to India is that it embraces good quality, Made in India products with the same dynamism as it does the European or Chinese solutions. The Made in India products that find a place in the Top 50 are a good indication of the maturing audio industry in the country.

Amnon Harman is the latest industry leader to contribute to the 11 Questions section offering his insights to d&b audiotechnik’s cutting-edge R&D and growth strategy in his own unedited words (pg. 97). He says that d&b recognized an appreciation of good sound in the Indian market and Indian customers today are not afraid of cost to invest in good technology. His observations are timely as we find buyers across the length and breadth of the country investing into equipment, reports of which can be found in the news pages of PT. Number of Soundcraft Vi Series growing organically across India is also an indicator of where the live sound console market is headed (pg. 86).

Live sound, where beyond electronics, there are dynamics, mix magician – Ken Pooch who obliged PT with an interview for this FOH special issue in between mixing FOH for top-of-the-line artistes, is quick to point out that the challenge a FOH faces, depends on the artistes themselves. A “never give up” attitude and hard work is his “sound advice” to young FOH engineers out there aspiring to be, where Pooch is today. (More on pg. 60).

In India, today there is no paucity of acts in every genre. This year started with music lovers in Mumbai being treated to a bouquet of Indian classical music concerts – from Hindustani and Carnatic music at Gateway of India at the crack of dawn, to concerts by the calm sea, reflecting the moon at Marine Drive. FOH engineer Ajay Vijendra, our contributing writer for this issue, provides insight into his workflow for mixing Indian classical music (pg. 82).

With PALM expo on the horizon, the ‘busy period’ for the team here at PT has just about begun, more so due to AV-ISE, the concurrent expo - AV Integrated Systems - born out of a demand by AV consultants and systems integrators, religiously attending the PALM expo each year for dedicated AV expo. The expo’s eponymously titled publication – AV Integrated Systems, edited by the resourceful Content Manager – Anvita Pillai and anchored by yours truly, will drive the expo’s highlight features – namely the AV Summit Conference, CAVS – Certified AV Specialist program, AV Education & Training Program and AV Project Gallery Walk of Fame.

“This is not just about digital projection. It is about digital art. If I take one nanosecond of every image, and I take a print out, every print is a work of art. It is millions of artistic images. When anyone sees it, they feel a part of it, because it brings Africa out, it brings Asia, it brings modern art, it brings everything out, and that is what so satisfying. This is technology art. This is the future.”
– Anil Chopra’s (centre) vision of the Sviatovid - the projection mapping showcase by Bart Kresa unveiled at ISE Europe 2019

Focus product segments at the AV Integrated Systems expo include Video Projection & Display, Digital Signage, Large Display, Interactive Display, Unified communications, Education technology, Audio Processing, Digital Cinema, Cabling, Connectors and signal management, Conference and collaboration, IP & Network distribution. If you haven’t already booked your booth yet at the expo, drop us a line and join the marquee list of exhibitors.

PALM on the other hand continues to grow year on year with the inclusion of new exhibitors. Anil Chopra, our Content Chief, made his first expo stop of the year at ISE 2019 and met master projection designer Bart Kresa who PALM awarded for Creative Direction at the PALM Sound & Light awards in 2013 and was enraptured by Kresa’s projection mapping showcase - Sviatovid unveiled at ISE. The ISE Daily also reported Mr. Chopra’s vision of the Sviatovid. Kresa incidentally had also showcased a unique demonstration of video mapping at the 2013 PALM Integration for Entertainment Demo in Mumbai.

Our next issue is the Studio special issue. The issue will also feature stories of all the illustrious studios nominated for the 13th edition of the IRAA awards. Gear up for more in the March-April.

Cheers till then!

Jan Feb Issue!

Note from Content Anchor ------------- Nov - Dec 2018 Issue!

The Year in Review

Over the past few years, we here at PT have seen the pro audio and lighting industry grow by leaps and bounds. 2017 was redeeming for big live acts – Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, UB 40, Dream Theatre and Chainsmokers, to name a few. While we get cracking on our next issue and look back at the year gone by in review, I find the shine missing from the stage. Other than a “has been” Bryan Adams concert, there were EDM stars Martix Garrix, Marshmellow and Incubs, Godfather of the British Blues John Mayall and few others who performed as part of fests such as Sunburn, Supersonic, Mahindra Blues Festival etc. and this list more or less sums it up.

It was in November 2017 when English singer-songwriter James Blunt excitedly announced his India tour in 2018 but just four months down the line, he put up another post announcing the cancellation of his show in Bangalore. His post read - “Our booking agent has advised that due to the failure of the promoter to enact contract terms, it is no longer possible for this show to take place.” So much for all the chest thumping and reports suggesting a growing number of international acts coming down to India and promoters promising to bring down the biggest names in the International music scene. Plain speak is that barring Arijit Singh and AR Rahman, and intermittently DJs like Nucleya or a Chetas who have “Bollywoodised” their music to suit local tastes, India does not have any other local talent to engage and entertain a mass audience. India has not succeeded in producing a homegrown Justin Bieber or an Ed Sheeran, probably because Bollywood Rules, and Sharuk Khan is still the face of other people’s composition and voice. And number of international acts are just not as many as they should ideally be. We can at best surmise is at as “painfully getting better”.

Our Indian show business is still reliant on foreign acts, which unfortunately are already burdened with withholding taxes, red tapism and other challenges. Organising Big Stage Extravaganza (pg. 26) in our last issue of the year, explores opportunities and obstacles in organizing big ticket, big stage shows. Though the government has done a small bit by bringing down GST prices, there is yet much that needs to done, as the growth of this industry has a direct impact on other industries such as tourism and hospitality. Today, people across the global are not averse to travelling to other cities or countries to watch their favorites perform and India is no exception to the rule. Music Tourism is the new mantra. For the industry to thrive it is imperative that the State Governments pay heed to the woes of the event organisers and makes life simpler for all stakeholders by establishing a single window clearance for all permits. Maharashtra should atleast take a forward step in this direction like Delhi.

This issue also features Visual artistes Kaycee, Jash Reen and Joshu Dmello - the Rock Stars behind the Rock Stars, conceptualising reams of graphics.

Thanks to guidance the team received from Mr. Anil Chopra and the efforts of our conscientious Content Manager, Ankita Bhadrawale, in 2018 PT reinforced its anchoring position as an independent and neutral media focusing only on the best stories and innovation. Giving the market some focus in 2018 were six focus subjects - FOH, Studio, Live, Install, Lighting and Big Stage DJ. Last year also featured global top honchos Pio Nahum – Claypaky, Joe Pham – QSC and Aidan Williams – Audinate in 11 Questions.

2018 started with a bang as we reviewed 50 top high-end frontier tech equipment of 2017, while also putting the spotlight on 15 top FOH engineers who provided insight to their wish list of features on the new age FOH console.

I was honoured to meet studio design guru and erstwhile winner of the IRAA award for Global Innovation in Studio Design – Mr. Andy Munro. The Studio special issue produced Mr. Munro’s thoughts on acoustics, music and recording.

The Live issue incidentally is my favourite each year. It also happens to be the PALM show issue. For me, the final outcome of all the effort (and stress), which goes into planning and producing the stories while also putting together the PALM highlight features, is a heartwarming experience. The Art of touring in this issue had insights from AR Rahman’s Encore tour on all the implications of managing a tour. The icing on the cake was the Maestro himself receiving the magazine and appreciating the story at the sidelines of the PALM expo 2018.

The Install special had an eclectic mix of auditoria and entertainment venue install stories. PALM 2018 was a benchmark, and this post-show review issue featured the PALM Story and the action from across eight halls at the Nesco trade fair grounds.

Lighting being the next frontier for manufacturing in India, a dedicated issue focusing on lighting stories is of course a given. The who’s who of this industry – Harold Fernandes, Atul Sonpal, Naveen Deshpande, Davinder Wadhwa, Rasesh Parekh – all contributed with stories and insights for this special issue.

A big shout-out, to our distinguished columnists Warren D’souza, Viraf Pocha and Reji Ravindran for supporting the industry media and contributing with immense knowledge on trends and technologies.

Year 2019 promises to be a year of major activity in the PALM Expo stable. PALM has finally bitten the bullet, and launched the AV-ISE expo in Hall 3 of Nesco, concurrent with the PALM expo from 31 May – 1 June. It’s a matter of pride that we have also launched the AV-ISE magazine which will provide dope of all the new tech and business dynamics of the Audiovisual industry. I’m excited that I’m going to be editing both the magazines now.

As 2019 is now in full swing, I hear from a few different sources that we are in for an exciting year of major product launches and we encourage all of you to write in to us with all the Juice and Jazz. Cheers until then!

November December Issue!

Note from Content Anchor ------ September - October 2018 Issue!

More Light for Less

PALM tech focuses on lighting in this issue. A recent study indicated that the global market for programmable stage lighting, which stood at US$1.19 bn in 2016, is expected to rise at a CAGR of 7.0% during the period 2018 to 2026 and increase to a value of US$2.29 billion. India is not oblivious to this growth graph. Desire for cutting-edge technology is at the heart of the lighting industry growth in India and it’s uplifting to see this segment thrive. Top end brands leading the technology curve, like Clay Paky, Robe and Martin Lighting, today find a place in the lighting inventory of many rental companies across the country.

As more and more international artistes make their way to India, rental businesses are finding it difficult to survive without an array of intelligent lights in their inventory - a mandate in most big stage riders that deliver specific needs of the designer. PT caught up with Dubai based Indian lighting designer par excellence – Harold Fernandes, who has been lighting up some of the biggest stages in India and the MEA region to find out more about the fixtures adorning his elaborate lighting rigs (pg. 54).

It’s heartening to see one of the most experienced (and busy) lighting designers in the country - Atul Sonpal, making a reappearance in the magazine through the Corporate Guest column (pg. 83), albeit after much prodding and persuasion. With consumption and usage exploding and lighting design becoming sophisticated enough to employ massive arrays configured on rigs, its asking too much for the entire portfolio of equipment to be the best (read non- Chinese) as Sonpal asserts.

As Chinese lighting continues to make its presence felt, the PT team caught up with Sasha Xiong, Deputy General Manager, Int. Sales Division, PR Lighting, China, distributed by MSS Pvt. Ltd. to know more about the manufacturer’s engagement with the Indian market (pg. 84).

Elsewhere in this issue (pg. 80), insights by lighting designer Naveen Deshpande of Mixtape fame, hinge on a positive note as he underlines the tremendous growth of the lighting industry. “It’s safe to say we won’t get electrocuted now”, he quips while also hoping for the advent of the “replica police” in India soon.

Though availability of low quality lighting products is stunting demand for branded gear to a certain extent, the market is expected to gain significantly from advancement in LED technology and the shift towards LED-based programmable lighting over the next couple of years. The emergence of entertainment venues across the country (which is showing no signs of slowing down) are augmenting demand for LED based intelligent lighting and smart wireless lighting controls, contributing positively to market growth. Lighting Integration is increasingly becoming a challenge, in that, design and installation standards are vaulting with each new pub/club/lounge bar. This issue reviews one such lighting integration at the Warehouse Lounge in Thane, designed and integrated by the discerning Rasesh Parekh of IES (pg. 76) and boasting of some heavy-duty lighting install with more than 600 LED tubes hanging from the ceiling. Controlling all the LED and light extravaganza at the venue is the Magical Madrix and the Avant-garde Avolites.

11 Questions features lighting industry veteran Pio Nahum, now at the helm of one of the most successful lighting brands in the world – Clay Paky. Hear it from the man himself on (pg. 94).

The new horizon seems to be AV Integrated Systems, where distribution majors have also entered the install and integrate projects sector. With complex AV Integration projects spurting up across the country in recent months, PT too has been complementing its live sound an audio production stories with content that puts increased focus over audiovisual integration. This issue features one such integration at JAQUAR, a brand that has become synonymous with designer bathware in India. The company’s headquarters in Manesar spread across 12 acres also encompasses the manufacturer’s first Experience Centre boasting of cutting edge technology. Davinder Wadhwa’s MSS (Projects), who were contracted to bring to life this Experience Centre have raised the bar with this delivery, which immerses visitors with a multi-sensory experience, weaving spatial and interactive audiovisual content and technology into a seamless journey portraying the brands history, growth philosophy and future vision. Full story on (pg. 26).

Industry experts and PT columnists, Warren Dsouza and Viraf Pocha, for sound & light respectively, give us an insider perspective on the industry trends and technologies. Go to (pg. 82 & 88), for wise words from the original wizards.

After a very long time PT revisited its first love – the recording studio. Our Editorial Manager Ankita Bhadrawale documents Surat’s Studio Fifty-Three story executed by Modi Digital on (pg. 40).

While on the topic of studios, we are glad to announce the appointment of well-respected and renowned sound engineer Mujeeb Dadarkar as the IRAA 2019 Awards Director. Mujeeb met up with the PALM team and IRAA leaders at Pramod Chandorkar’s Sound Ideaz studio. Full story in the next Nov-Dec issue of PT, which incidentally is the Big Stage DJ issue.

Cheers until then and wish our readers a “lighted” Diwali!


September October Issue!

Note from Content Anchor -------------July August 2018 Issue!

PALM Expo recap

A lot of heart and soul has been put in building PALM technology into India’s only professional magazine. With this July-August, post PALM show edition, I’m glad to take up position of Editor.

It feels great that I’m now Editor of this magazine and I’m confident that we will continue with the same spirit of this great magazine, wherein the main ethos has always been to help the industry better their business. It’s been more than a decade that I’ve been working with Chopra Sir (Anil Chopra) and it’s been a true learning experience from a man who is truly invested into the growth of this industry. Over the years, he has dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort, the result of which is a magazine and expo with an impressive impact and excellent reputation. My stint under him as Managing Editor, PT and Project Head – Features and Marketing, PALM Expo has been rewarding and productive and I’m grateful to him for providing me with this fantastic opportunity to take up this important role.

The Cover features the PALM Story - a story that never seems to disappoint. Three pulsating days witnessed a record turnout. After months and months of planning and sheer hard work, we take a step back to reflect on the recently concluded PALM expo 2018. It takes a whole year’s planning to put up a show of this magnitude and for me personally, it has been a very satiating experience.

It was the third consecutive year wherein I had the privilege of putting together the PALM Conference, IRAA Awards and the PALM Sound & Light Awards and what I enjoy most about these highlight features of PALM is the level at which I’m engaging the industry. It is flattering and satisfying that the industry responds so proactively. There have been many testing times while putting the show together, but the industry’s reverence for this platform has been a source of inspiration. For instance, when a reputed industry professional who we had slotted for the interactive one-one-one Q&A session on day three of the PALM Conference, informed that he would not be able to make it due to a prior commitment, we were at a loss to fill up this important position. The only other Sound Designer who I could think of at this point of time, who was of the stature to address and educate an already informed and elite audience of sound engineers, was National Film Award winner and recipient of many other coveted awards - Shajith Koyeri. His enthusiasm to address the PALM audience and his promptness in filling up this slot at the last moment has been fantastic, to say the least. It is this experience of meeting all the sound engineers and looking at their enthusiasm and belief in the platform we have created, that I cherish the most. IRAA 2018 has been a benchmark! Support I have received from Pramod Chandorkar, Aditya Modi and all the other IRAA Jury members has been phenomenal.

In this issue, you will find extensive post show coverage of the PALM Expo 2018, and digressed with independent stories covering the conferences, awards and exhibit features like line array, demo qube etc. I have deliberately given each of the PALM highlight features their own independent space instead of clubbing them all into one article along with visitor statistics and new launches at the show. I have done this so that readers can be engaged in them and because I feel that they deserve to be viewed independently by the readers and to realize that apart from business on the floors, there is so much more that this brilliant show offers.

Message from Anil Chopra, Editor-in-Chief
In the last few years PALM Expo has grown and with it the show magazine PALM technology. It gives me great pleasure to have Smita Rai, accept the responsibility as Editor from this issue. Smita has been Managing Editor, since 2015. In these years she has engaged PALM exhibitors, finely realising their promotional needs and effectually delivering excellent stories. It is so important that as this magazine connects with the industry in between two shows, we deliver to our exhibitors the expanding market and improve professional techniques. Smita, I learn from our exhibitors and advertisers has done this to their satisfaction. PALM technology ethos and motto, our mission and vision is to provide an independent and neutral media focusing only on the best stories on innovation. This philosophy, I assure all of you, will be fulfilled by your new editor. Cheers!

Get all the insight on PALM Conference & Seminar page 64 - 66, PALM Sound and Light Awards page 109 - 112, IRAA Awards page 80 - 86, PALM Soundscape page 72 - 73. The PALM post show review has all the information you need to know.

The main PALM Exhibit review will give you a clear impression of the dynamics of the industry on the show floor. New brands entering the industry with new products were all at the show. Go to page 26 for the full story.

If you find your photographs missing, ask me; if you need more, drop me a line at srai@palmexpo.in and I’ll reach them to you. I sure hope you use the picture in your branding and marketing collateral and your publicity campaigns on social media.

As regular readers, you will know that we commit each individual issue of PT to one dedicated theme. With AV integrations being integrated in all sectors across India, this Install special issue of the magazine has an eclectic mix of auditoria and entertainment venue install stories. Rhythm Arora and his team at Qubix were brought on as Systems Integrators for the newly opened Lord of the Drinks at the bustling Kamala Mills Compound in Lower Parel. The PT team visited the venue to trace this install story page 36. Elsewhere in the issue, we have more install stories starring HARMAN, Bose, QSC, Audiocentre & NX audio. Read it all, page 68, 70, 74, 87 and 88.

The next issue, the theme is “Lighting”. I learn from the market that lighting is the next frontier for manufacturing in India with a huge amount of LED manufacturing already underway. All “Make in India” manufacturers be in touch; we would like to feature your story. This is not because the magazine is in favour of Indian brands only; we favour International brands too, including Chinese brands. The excitement to feature “Make in India” stories is because once the goods are made in India, we are bound to witness exponential consumption, with the market expanding in tandem. Readers can look forward to a rich collection of interviews and stories in the Set-Oct issue.

I also take this opportunity to welcome our new member Dhruvika Arora who has joined the team as Assistant Advertising Manager. Our advertisers will be hearing a lot more from her in the near future.

Proud to write this page!


July August Issue!

A Note from the Editor -------------May June 2018 Issue!

China is moving on from an OEM supplier to technology brand market

I visited GET Expo in Guangzhou this year. My first visit and I was impressed, by the energy of the China market. The GET Expo is for China buyers. Its China brands for China rental and install market, not so much to attract international buyers.

Most Chinese companies I met had promoters present who ‘made’ these companies. Highly motivated promoters who took pride in developing their product displayed. Most companies showed large factories to boast, and stories of the journey to their success. Indeed I was surprised as I thought most China manufacturing would have been a collective enterprise. Not a passionate story of a promoter defying all odds and building successful manufacturing. Now obsessing with his brand and eager to prove his technology is original. It is a bit difficult for most as they need to live down present image of China.

What I wish to draw attention to is the rather long term dedication and consistent build-up of manufacturing of pro audio, pro sound and lighting product. All of us know equally well, each product requires extensive tooling and all of us know tooling to perfection with a high finish is expensive and amortising investment is dangerously difficult depending upon the life cycle of the model and product and application. It is only huge quantities of sale that does the trick. And this is exactly what Chinese manufacturers have managed, that is huge quantities of production. Now this whole process driven by exporting to global consumption has made it possible for the global sound, light and audiovisual market to get product of quality at highly affordable cost which has driven growth to such levels. India primarily imports huge quantities from China which feeds India’s huge demand in pro sound and light. The entire Indian market is a happy camper. No pain, only gain.

Yet there is a lot Indian branding does which is product support with service and distribution and demo and training et al. Works in tandem with supply. The system is similar for globally established prime brands from US and Europe, where the high-end frontier tech equipment like studio consoles and FOH mixers, DAWs, near field monitors, is sourced.

The PALM expo is a few days away and the pulsating energy of stage sound and light can be felt. The Art of Touring has insight from A.R. Rahman’s tour on all the implications of managing a tour, logistics, gear, sets, travel, and the rest of the story. Smita Rai, Managing Editor, and intrepid reporter engaged Mr B live entertainment’s Mr Balaji Manoharan, producer of Encore live stage entertainment event with lots of musicians, celebrating 25 years of the maestro’s musical journey.

11 Questions for our industry’s top honchos has Joe Pham of QSC. Joe Pham, CEO, QSC evinces strong interest in the AV/IT market evangelising software as the game changer which QSC harnesses in its new product tech. Incidentally AVIXA he says has spelt out India as the fastest growing market in AV worldwide. AV solutions is a major traction at PALM each year growing with more AV Consultants making attendance a must priority more so than AVIXA’s own show in Mumbai.

India’s first full backline service rental company – backline for your information means musical instruments et al, is fully functioning. Warren of Sound.com is the promoter of GearHouse, based in Mumbai but serving the whole country [page 58]. PT team of Smita Rai and Ankita Bhadrawale entered GearHouse’s cave to play this story. Warren has contributed all his business acumen for those who wish to emulate this new biz.

This issue is our Live issue and Manish Mavani is the dude who goes ‘Live’ on every stage which is challenging. Mavani’s SNL Pro, Mumbai based topline rental for stage sound and lighting has the story of how as a DJ he got into sound install, and then you need to go to [page 34] for the whole story of SNL Pro. I confirm it’s an example story for all of you who want to be there on the big stage.

PALM bears the IPR flag

I chose in 2001 since inception of PALM expo, to stand guard against copyright violation on its exhibit floor, creating PALM as an enlightened international expo, fully educated on the implications of IPR to drive innovation, new product, new techniques and higher quality in all applications. PALM has driven this message as much in all its media and communication to industry globally. The show magazine circulating on show dates at the venue has this message on [page 144]. PALM organisers understand the imperatives of securing and innovation equally for all exhibitors. Current management is as alive to IPR protection and promoting original brand and product at the show. PALM Technology being the voice of the industry, promoting original technology 365 days of the year, as organiser of PALM expo completely validates the expo’s credentials. Sharing similar vision in mutual faith we must act with mutual respect and thus be an example to the global industry.


May June Issue!

A Note from the Editor -------------March April 2018 Issue!

Audiovisual Convergence is not a pie in the sky

Once again the slow thrill of PALM Preview, the 18th consecutive PALM Preview in 18 years! Then the show rises in Mumbai, attracting sound, light and audiovisual industry, from across India and the world. On the cover is a pie chart of the action across eight halls at the nesco fair grounds. Action across four major product segments. PALM covers the gamut - pro audio and AV, live sound and lighting. Entertainment technology is converging at PALM 2018 like never before. Even as Indian market is emerging, a remarkable aspect is the balance between the four major product categories on exhibit. AV is at a healthy 17% vis-a-vis 37% pro audio. Live sound 21% vis-à-vis 25% for lighting. Attendees will experience exposure to major brands in all segments. Satisfactory sourcing solutions are assured to trade. The show possesses the right balance. The reason visitors being assured of a good show, productive and useful for their business.

In heading the PALM Expo one factor in mind has been the speed with which globally audiovisual is converging with pro audio. Convergence has gathered pace since the last three years in particular. The PALM team endeavours have been dovetailed in achieving the objective of serving the needs of a fast evolving marketplace. Essentially attracting new tech and convergence product in AV. I think the show has achieved this admirably. Both on the exhibit floor and in the Expo Features and Conference.

Pro audio dealers have extended the scope of delivery to include integrated AV solutions. Have knowledge of IT, Bluetooth, IP, deliver video conferencing and audio networking solutions. The skill sets of manpower manning such dealerships has in fact risen. Distributors of pure pro audio are distributing AV hardware and offering integration services. PALM expo consequently has harnessed exhibit from serious Pro audio+ AV distributors. In the process engaging technology brands to support participation. All such endeavours have resulted in growing the show while enhancing product profile and wider range of technology on display. The pie-chart on the cover is in fact this story in full circle.

PALM Preview informs about new product* at the show. Exhibitors invariably at show time rue their laxity in informing in time their portfolio of new product. One last chance to get this info promoted is the PALM show magazine PT brings out at the show. Send your info now, today! Smita Rai, Managing editor of PALM Technology [this magazine!] is responsible for content at the show at the PALM Conference and PALM Soundscape. Smita has delivered a very critical mix of workshops, panel discussions, presentations covering cinema, live sound, and audiovisual, audio technology, and not to forget event and DJ technology and event business knowledge. Splendid programmes at both the Soundscape and Conference a must attend. We have our columnist Reji Ravindran [Hang the DJ] curating Soundscape this year, alongwith the DJ Championship, into its 8th consecutive edition. Cheers!

The highlight am confident is going to be the IRAA awards this year. I was rather pleased in being reminded by Andy Munro of his own award at PALM. PT team met up with him sitting below the precarious speakers hanging from the nightclub ceiling at Taj Lands end, which Munro designed to convince the nightclub is enlightened on the pleasures of a listening year. ‘Opera House Accoustics Nirvana for Munro’ discloses Munro’s ecstasy is from musicians playing live in an regal opera house which has its accoustics pure, without angle and insulation.

AES – Audio Engineering Society will have a meaningful session this year. I am thrilled about the subject – ‘Has Bollywood Music Failed’. One more spoke in the wheel is the formation of a new association to obtain royalties for singers, ISRA, alongwith the IPRS, which collects royalties for composers and lyricists, the recording of the soundtrack royalty is paid to PPL, Phonograph Performance Ltd, which has music labels as its members. All you need is one hit song to sing lullabies for the rest of your life. Time to die to become a rock star again. So ironically all this royalty collection signifies that India is becoming a developed and m mature market. The irony is that this isn’t true for songwriters and successful albums! As far as I am concerned the movie industry as well the music industry has indeed failed the music industry.

Live Sound is rocking at the show ’18 with the Live Arena, Qube demo, Line Array going strong. Cinema technology is the new excite. A lot of new technology proposed in cinema screen and sound aimed at disruption. As only disruption can alter the status quo to achieve success with new products where the USP is essentially a gimmick. The cinema theatre is rising upward to a citadel for rich to experience the frontier of technology with haute cuisine and high fashion in the aisle. More and more expensive and out of reach of the masses. There lies the trick to make a screen survive and profit. Screens costing half a million dollars and surround sound with as many speakers sufficient to confuse lucid listening.

The Frankfurt show ’18 reconfigures and ’19 already promises to reconfigure. Halls keep hosting segments and shifting to get the right mix. With muzik and/or without the Messe it’s a messe. Pun intended. From juggling the halls ’19 will see Messe on level 1 and PL+S on level 0 reports one German mag. Pro Audio flags off each year with new boutique brands, regional to Europe, proclaiming global ambitions. Whether the world’s emerging markets can afford boutique brands with idiosyncratic design propositions is not a mystery. The world can afford only what is affordable. Period. PL+S is shrinking. While China at the Frankfurt show is growing. China is playing global ambitions while European brands are playing a regional tune.

Core technologies from Germany are thriving, in microphones and pure audio, Ravenna an open platform for audio platform for networking over IP is gathering its force. Dante from Australia is to be reckoned with too, though Dante is a proprietary platform which actually doesn’t behove a ‘platform’ to be adopted by industry globally. We have 11 Questions for Aidan Williams who cracked the Dante code

Which brand and technology will work in ’19 in India, industry will crack the code at PALM ’19 in Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India, with the most entertaining expo in the PS+L business. Be there or be square.


March April Issue!

A Note from the Editor -------------January February 2018 Issue!

2017 redeems big stage rental. But the story is small. Further Growth and expansion is the story in 2018.

This last year has been rather redeeming for the big live acts. Just to recap – Justin Beiber; Ed Sheeren, UB 40, Dream Theatre, Macklemore, Marky Ramone, Chainsmokers, A R Rahman, Arijit Singh, Kygo. A mix of genre - punk, rap, edm, pop, R& B, folk. Then jazz at the Mahindra Jazz festival plus the regular festivals –Sunburn, Supersonic, Magnetic Field. This list more or less sums up the action. The big five rental companies are Sound.com, SNL Pro, Electrocraft, LED Solutions, J Davis & Sons. The year has gone well with kudos for Indian sound and light engineering from the big international acts. Inventory has been praised. However, one must view the reality in the scene being rather modest at this point.

Modern inventory and mojo from new crop of FOH engineers

My thoughts are on new energy and investment - A much more modern inventory with the best of the best on offer here [at least in Mumbai, the entertainment capital!]. I wonder how much scope presents itself in respect to the big stage business. The action from 2017 isn’t as promising to warrant major purchase of the best and latest in line array, sound-reinforcement, lighting, trussing. The issue at the top-end of the pyramid is return on investment. Plain speak is that there aren’t yet enough acts local or international though we can surmise at best the going is getting better. So the market here is yet to grow and mature. But entertainment isn’t the only source, in India corporate, devotional, government and other stage activity offers equal if not more opportunity for rental.

Top FOH talent forecast

Grow it will in 2018, and sharply is what PT predicts. In tandem with the economy, 2018 will see major growth in investment into inventory and new kids on the block with mojo and aimed at the entertainment market to sustain business. FOH engineers will drive this new course. FOHrecast-Top engineers weigh in on the present and future of live sound consoles [page 70] puts the spotlight on outstanding talent in India that spoke to PT. 15 top names who give insight to their wish list of features on the new age FOH console.

The irony though is whichever feature does materialise on which ever console it will be Audiotonix, the maverick firm that has snatched all the big console brands without a worry – SSL, Allen & Heath, Digico, Calrec. I wonder why would Audiotonix see sense in owning a string of brands in the same tech.

Pro Audio industry in on a wave of implosion. While every other day we have a new speaker brand. Console brands take a life time or two to establish and its dismaying to see them all gobbled up like this.

3rd TOP 50 Pro Sound and Pro Light Products 2018 presented after comprehensive research by PALM Technology editorial team. The annual evaluation of new product is very well received by industry as well as professional users as a benchmark that speaks about product innovation and features that define both practical usability and utility. The list in 2017 evinced much appreciation from manufacturers who wished to promote product selection on PALM Technology TOP 50 list. This is now possible with the logo design pictured on this page that can be used by manufacturers in their product literature and marketing and advertising. Our philosophy since inception has been “putting technology in place, motivating the market”. It gives me great pleasure to present the 3rd TOP 50 list. Cheers!

Alert! March April 2018 will feature a preview of the 18th PALM EXPO. Special pages will list only new product on display by exhibitors. Booth nos will also be published. Attract visitors with a clear purpose from across the country to your booth. See page 99 for the deadline to submit product information. PALM Soundscape conference is previewed . PT editorial team alongwith our new team member Reji, have put together PALM Soundscape programme. Reji joins PT’s edit team. I am glad in his doing so. It’s eight years now since we have been working together on PALM DJ Championship and the Soundscape. Reji joins our eminent columnists whose dedication has given PT so much knowledge. Warren D’souza, Viraf Pocha, Pramod Chandorkar. I take this opportunity to thank them for their belief and support to our industry media to share and contribute to its growth and knowledge. Cheers again!


January February Issue!

A Note from the Editor ----------November December 2017 Issue!

Five million DJ set-ups in India per annum drive pro sound business

Futuresource predicts $1 billion growth in touring, rental and portable audio

PALM Technology is challenged at times to present a choice of equipment to its readers in our Product Focus pages; chances are featuring popular products and brands might result in Déjà vu. I do realise we all have the habit of ordering Coke or worst case Pepsi, always wondering what else in on the shelf? Well, there are hundreds of new age drinks offering all sorts of solutions, costlier, exotic, cheaper, taste, packaging et al. My brief is simply that this magazine is meaningful if readers get to know stuff they didn’t - DJ Controllers on page 28 has six products [Denon, Hercules, Native Instruments, Numark, NX Audio, Reloop ]. The lateral market for DJs expectedly is influenced by price and product extension and specialised features. Not all DJ performance is the same always. There are levels in DJ use in India which allow brands to cater to niches segments. Our objective is to expand Indian market by providing scope to tier 2 and tier 3 and yes! Tier 4 and tier 5 markets. Only this expansion will explode the market to its fantabulous potential all reports speak off. PT has its eye on the pro audio and lighting market as never before.

Flourishing audio market

Futuresource predicts audio market growth by $1 Billion in 2018 covering touring, rental, and portable audio markets. Estimate of 5 million DJ set ups in India per annum is probably overkill, but a sure guidance on the market. Controllers or consoles and CD players or Media players, and then mixers, speakers and amplifier, the whole thing-a-ma-jig reflects works up to massive sound reproduction gear driving events across verticals. Top-end console set-ups from premium brands would account for 10% OR 50,000 DJ set-ups.

Big stage DJ Gear

CD Jockeys / Media Players on page 64. [ Denon, Gemini, Numark, Reloop, Pioneer]. The Spotify/cloud streaming solution is affecting adversely any adventure with new CDJs/players all of which today do not already feature CD mechanisms. Softwares are killing the market for hardware consoles and controllers are 95% of the market.

Sound reproduction gear and DJ headphones. On page 48 is the DJ Headphone product focus [Allen & Heath, Audio Technica, Numark, Pioneer, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, V-moda]. PALM Headphone Shootout at the show is aimed at serious professional evaluation opportunity during the three days of the 2018 expo. Our feature of Premium Product Focus features on page 47 the Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro. I would like most brands to opt for Premium Product Focus for their new products which I can assure almost is the best way to move into the market.

DJ Big Stage (theme of this issue) accounts for a chunk of big ticket events (very few pop acts) with Sunburn leading the entourage under Shailendra until recently; in typical filmy style big brother’s son now heads Percept and Sunburn. Read 11 Questions from Karan Singh on page 105 who now heads Percept DJ big stage biz. PT hopes to feature 11 Questions to Shailendra sooner than later. His last shout was on home-grown talent.

Smita Rai our Managing Editor has collated all the action from PALM DJ Championship winners page 66 and your eyes will light up to learn how winners are true winners in the big bad world once they have the PALM credentials. 2018 we present the 8th DJ Championships. Over the last seven years indeed we have built a solid platform producing talent for event business and the big DJ stage. More on DJ Championship go to www.palmexpo.in/dj

PALM focus on Audiovisual and Cinema Sound & Projection

The Bose story on page 30 reveals a lot of strategy to make good in a market as challenging as India. Change of strategy is the key for Bose and the new path laid out ahead is a lesson for most companies serious on traction in AVI segment. PT provides food for thought to top honchos! Read on!

On the subject of AV, 2018 will be exciting for audio; especially modular audio which segment Bose is also restating strategy. AV 2018 will see Laser based projection gaining strength- Epson BrightLink Pro 1470Ui Interactive Laser Display product design setting the trend. 4K Display penetration continues. PALM 2018 aim in presenting a range of display solutions at the show targeted at System Integrators who visit for total solutions in AV. I have included PALM expo brochure in this issue to provide important information on expo opportunities. Cinema Sound and Projection is a special focus in 2018. This dynamic tech space is evolving rapidly and PALM is the birthplace of digital cinema in India in 2001. We bring back this segment in force next year.

Live music performance segment is Sennheiser’s leading segment in India. Vipin Pungalia was interviewed by our Managing Editor Smita Rai on page 52. The pro audio market in India is experiencing double digit growth across all segments, which is reflected in entry of major brands in all product categories. PALM 2018 will present many new brands and distributors rushing the market.


November December Issue!

A Note from the Editor -----------September October 2017 Issue!

The Real Lighting Market

Audiovisual is a catalyst driving pro audio

PALM Technology is evolving to global trends. Starting with this issue Audiovisual product and technology editorial is included. Audiovisual is a catalyst driving pro audio. India is being built in a frenzy of projects driving consumption of the entire chain of pro-audio - specifically PA, conferencing, audio networking and more. India’s pro audio industry is maturing rapidly. Equally need to deliver the video equation; it’s necessary. PALM Technology PALM Expo’s unique content platform will deliver latest product in entertainment and information display- video monitors, videowall, LED displays, projection and tools like mapping, display automation and more. PT will be your source for AV integration. PALM Expo 2018 hosts audiovisual exhibit in Hall 1, in response to demand from the large system integrator community regularly doing the show. Install [sound] news section has been renamed AUDIOVISUAL - More juice on global trends in PA and install sound.


Is show business in India at a very low denominator? I’ve spoken about missing music talent in PALM Technology, reason for absence of hit albums and singers and thus compromising music recording excellence. With missing talent, stage shows too must be at the same level and budgets for shows that do happen are budgeted tightly enough to obviate use of lasers, which market is sadly not as promising as one would wish. Check out the disturbing market reality on Top End Lasers Missing from Rental Portfolio investigated by Managing Editor, Smita Rai. Event industry please note.

Entire lighting industry needs a mojo shot. Top end brands such as Robe, Clay Paky, Chauvet, SGM, Ayrton, retain faith that Indian market response will mature, yet hopeful, as potential is real. Major shows will always insist on world class quality. Lighting designers here have international exposure and adept at the tools and techniques, use the best lighting consoles. PT is tireless in motivating the market

The real lighting market

The action from Asian brands like YODN, PR lighting, Lightsky, Yeslight, Antari, Bestchamte- lasers, Silver Star, Yicheng, Nightsun, Fine Art, GTD lighting, Anmingli, nothing short of fantastic. Indian brands- JNR, Prolux, Satan, Shaina, Sova, LBT, Jia, Imax – too rock the market. Note Asian Brands means cost effective pricing, affordable pricing. What this really means is that consumption is actually huge - Great scope to go the whole hog with production and design in India. I am surprised to learn that the transition to LED is yet not 100%. Lighting results are so subjective old technology still works. Check out Product Focus on [page 68] – Moving Lights. In recent years combination fixtures capable of tight spots and wide floods have gained a foothold in the industry. Zoom focus optics allows the beam size to be controlled. LED tech allows to get these results with fewer fixtures. What comes to mind is Canara Lighting which has made a global name in LED studio lighting with innovation and electronics and engineering that is world beating. Reinventing production locally can easily be achieved for stage entertainment lighting.

Lighting puzzle on stage

Par défaut or in plain ‘french’ by default the entire stage is packed with light. The IIFA award ceremony in New York is a perfect example. An Indian stage show whether in New York or Mumbai will prime in glitz and bling till you go dizzzy. So it is explained 90% are ordinary lights and only important or moving heads or intelligent lighting [some of them] are top quality. Premium brands thus have lost out on mass usage. The Lighting Design Showcase at PALM 2018 will explore a resolution of this haze.

Audiovisual - Projection Integration

Adiovisual is the mantra and PT provides in-depth understanding of multi-imaging projection, or mapping, as we know it. Vijay Sabhlok from Davinder Wadhwa’s Modern Stage stable does the Integration for Entertainment design at PALM Expo for the last many years. His piece - Art of Multi-Imaging production and techniques [page 40] is almost a white paper for wannabe ‘Visual Jockeys’. Don’t just read this one, my advice study it and you’re in business!! Just in case you get serious we have Mapping Glossary [page 72]

11 Questions

Eric Loader is Elated with the performance of his lighting brand in India. His interesting views on Immersive stage techniques and merging of lighting and video and future tech with laser phosphor diodes is a must read.

Big Stage DJ is our next focus issue and the big DJ stage is all about lighting as much, PT will have a Product Focus on lighting consoles in the November-December issue which celebrates Christmas and the close of one more year of PT, the love of entertainment technology.


September October Issue!

A Note from the Editor ----------------July August 2017 Issue!

Post PALM market growth dynamics

PALM analytics - post show - each year, is a good guidance for me on what to expect in the year ahead. Yes! The year is divided into two – BP before PALM and PP Post PALM! I mean this probably is actually true for the pro sound industry! The proactive industry present at PALM 17 [200 + companies, ‘00s of brands, ‘00s of products] present new product, receive orders and PP new market dynamics establish.

New distributors are appointed, dealers appointed for new cities, towns. Continuing the momentum of spreading distribution. New equations are set with rental companies, AV consultants, system integrators and actual users. 2017 PALM clicked estimated floor business at US$ 20 million. New Line Arrays is a hot product category each year. It’s amazing to discover innovation in line array design. Size, weight, application features are improvised for pricing advantage as well as defining specifications for niche applications. Another high business product is Sound Reinforcement, also Install sound, a segment which is charged with new auditoria in turn charged with house of worship and education.

The last lap into the show is abuzz with excitement among exhibitors on the next killer product from their own portfolio they hope to take the market. This excitement generates from assurance of business driven by robust market demand in India which surpasses all other markets in the world. I am greatly pleased in PALM Technology, your much loved magazine has it on record from none other than John Meyer, Founder of Meyer Sound declaring “India has more concerts than the rest of the world put together!”

This got me thinking and I reckoned - just between Durga Puja and Ganesh Utsav, sound systems employed could exceed a million! This is just two states, then there is the Dandiya dance festival, another ‘00s of ‘000s of dance music. Then there is Holi with DJs, and Janamashtami in North states. Punjab we all know is on party through-out the year. Not to forget the Mad Indian Wedding, which is just another excuse for ‘Naach Gaana’. I realised our pro sound industry is actually having the biggest party ever selling literally in the millions.

So back to guidance on the year ahead – Live sound, concert, stage sound segment is going to rock the year ahead. Stage sound occupied 35.5% of exhibit.

Exhibit of audiovisual (system integration) product was next at 20.7%. Lighting third highest exhibit product at 13%. Studio and music production 12.6%. The % factor for each segment reflects quite accurately market business dynamics.

This issue focus is Install. HOW (House of Worship) stories from North East, like the rocking stage gig’s, strike the imagination as much financially, as opportunity for best practise design and gear. Our edit team led by Smita Rai lined up three such Install stories revealing design trend, AV consultant trend, equipment trend, all trends!! HOW is trending and how!!

PALM Technology trends where the action is. Hospitality audiovisual is overall the highest in Install. Chandra Shekhar (CS) to our team contributes a learning guide. Pushing best practises is this magazine prime mantra. Raising the bar in tech and technique. Watch in our future issues AV Install design software. Research and reportage in tandem provides your business with sufficient impetus to drive this segment. together!”

I must remark on the IRAA awards this year achieving probably the largest gathering of sound engineers in India than ever before under one roof. The emotion of winning an IRAA award by the fraternity, for the fraternity, is evidently very meaningful. The entire team performed splendidly in deciding and recognising this nucleus talent which records music that rocks the nation. Recording is an art form. I am indeed proud of the belief and perseverance shown by the fraternity of sound engineers in India.

My motivation for PALM 2018 is Make in India.


July August Issue!

A Note from the Editor ----------------May June 2017 Issue!

17th consecutive successful Pro Sound and Light expo – PALM 2017

After the rains India’s entertainment season begins, peak stage show season is November–February, four months for the global big acts to hit the tour circuit in India, which is Mumbai, Benguluru and Dilli. Second line of defense is Hyderabad, Goa, Pune. We are all waiting for a big season to happen. News at this point isn’t as promising as one would like to believe. This, our Live Issue, has listings of the movers and shakers of live business - the event guys rental guys Rental list has 35 big boys. Event listing has 10 recognizable event companies, with White Fox joining top league hosting Justin Beiber in Mumbai. Nice work. PT team headed by Smita and Somya went back stage for set-up. Sound Reinforcement article on reveals Warren D’souza’s practise perfect system engineering. Bieber’s FOH tweeted “Great sound team in India”. Also this was the largest Rig for a single artist - Kudos. Check out the flicks too of both teams getting the act together. This piece is fully technical benefitting rental community tremendously. The immediacy of information PT delivers I likes. PT’s mantra is to get industry moving and motivated to better itself and keep the local scene on par with world levels. PALM Sound & Light Award for System Engineering professional this year is Mark Thomas - one of Warren’s protégées. PALM Sound & Light Award winner for Lighting Rental is Star Dimensions, headed by Ashish Mehta and Jay Mathuria who did an equally great job for Beiber’s gig. Log on to www.palmtechnology.in and www.palmexpo.in for the full list of PALM Sound & light 2017 Awards.

PT’s Live Issue; we all look forward to; as once in a year opportunity to showcase the big shows and event companies who set it up. Neil Murray, co-founder, Fountainhead, met PT for an interview on what makes for large rental business in light and sound with the big shows. Instead, we learn its corporate launches which hog up loads of lighting and sound. Ticket driven mainstream stage shows ain’t workin. Local shows though with local acts do drive business in most state capitals.

PT team organise PALM Conference as well the prestigious IRAA Awards, and PALM Sound & Light Awards. PALM Conference features high calibre top notch speakers covering a range of topics curated by Conference Director Smita Rai. People at PALM will make you head straight for the Conference. The last few months have been very rewarding indeed in preparing the conference program. Working with Recording & Mixing Engineers, music producers, and untiring Pramod, Award Director, IRAA, alongwith Jury, has been redeeming to say the least. Defining moment for IRAA, it will set professionals ready to deliver award winning work in the next 12 months. Go to www.iraa.in for award winners in 36 categories. Wow!

PT columns: Upstage; Unequal Music; Bright Spark; Studio Analogue gather you to speed month on month.

11 Questions with Roland Stenz, CEO, Eve Audio and Kerstin Mischke, Director, highly specialised studio monitors, anechoic and echo chamber measured R&D, focused and devoted to one single application, which meets PT criteria for the privilege of 11 Questions.

Live is Line Array and Large Format Live Digital Consoles product focus. PT does the hard work in selecting what pleases the eye, so to speak.

See you at 17th consecutive successive PALM 2017, the biggest ever, covering 27,00 sqm, all set to welcome 25,000+ visitors, over three days, to engage over 200 exhibits, displaying over 1500 products, from over 500 brands. The phantasmagoria extravaganza with all the sound and light of a vibrant and robust market, built with love by PT alongwith thousands of professionals and daring entrepreneurs is yours to enjoy. Have a good show!


May June Issue!

A Note from the Editor ----------------March April 2017 Issue!

The big question about acoustic music talent

The big question about acoustic music talent....

Theme Studio for this issue is exciting as focus on music is always gladdening - music recording and mixing and mastering - and great music means great recording engineers and great studios. There was a time when an album sold on the reputation of the studio – remember Abbey Road? There have been great studios in Bollywood too - Film Centre, Famous, Mehboob, Rajkamal, Ramnord, to name a few, and great sound engineers – Minoo Katrak, D.O. Bhansali, and then ofcourse there was great music, songs that energised the nation movie after movie.

It’s always been movie songs for India, movie music developed as an artform, subconsciously enriching Indian cinema. Not only for music, creativity, whether in poetry, dance, literature, fashion, was explored in movies. Movies evolved as a holistic media for every expression - angst, rebel or idiotic. Bollywood actually means La La Land. This great music artform is nearing demise and outside of it there is no music to be proud of. PALM Technology roped in Atul Sabharwal and Vipin Mishra to paint the studio scene on our theme to give us a view of the top end of the pyramid in Mumbai’s Studio District - Mixing the Mix gives us insight on challenges faced by renowned recording talent today. I say challenges as my contention is that the movie song artform is challenged as movies decry songs and music rights beg for returns looping downward the creative process. Movie music is losing its fountain. I fear in the absence of movie music in India then given the bleak landscape here of original music, and absolute poverty of pop talent, songwriters, bands what is going to be the opium for those lost in love and misery? African American rap? And Beyonces’ bouncy tracks? Well, the point is the leading sound engineers are challenged here not for excellence but to content that drives excellence.

Given the not so happy major album success story putting together Mixing the Mix was a challenge but undaunted both Atul Sabharwal and Vipin Mishra delivered and I thank them in doing so. I believe the journey was for them revealing. The edit team both Smita and Somya and myself feared the worst in cataloguing Indian music recordings that proved popular, successful, and good, from aspiring studios, and our fears came true in that Recordings to Record was not satisfying in the least. The search for original music hits that proved immensely popular was a real hard find. One theory I personally heard is that you need great music to do great engineering, which just isn’t coming by the Studio district.

Shantanu Hudlikar behind the most impressive desk in Bollywood’s studio district at YRF Studios is a most positive about emerging talent, acoustic recording, and his insights are elevating for me. I do believe that mythical album mega popular launching a real pop star with the right mix could come out of his recording and mixing. The True Mix – In conversation with Shantanu Hudlikar

Donal Whelan is participating at PALM Conference June 1-3. We zoned in on him as we discovered the progression of mixed masters going to London for Mastering. It’s not remixing, its epithetical adjustments to the EQ, compression, limiting, and stereo enhancement. The Imperatives of Mastering .

Founder of Dynaudio does the 11 Questions for PALM Technology. Wilfried Ehrenholz, speaks in favour of neutral reactions from Dynaudio speakers, however he is not neutral to Indian market potential, attracted by Bollywood music. PT thanks for sharing his time and thoughts

Studios were set up by music record labels, Hollywood and Bollywood moguls, gangsters, and corporates. Today I see the best and biggest studios are set up by composers and singers. The latest work of art is Studio H from Harris Jayaraj, iconic music composer of Tamil movies. Studio H belies the cynical view on acoustic recording playing a vanishing act, boasting of the largest scoring hall ever in a music recording studio. Can’t but remember Ilyaraja who introduced western classical music to Indian movies and had scores of violinists playing his glorious tracks. I’m quite sure Jayaraj has done this out his infatuation with the great composer

I am very delighted the conference at the show attracts participation and eagerness by big names to interact with the pro audio and light industry in Mumbai. World Renowned Professionals at PALM Conference June 1-3. I believe their motivation rests entirely in acknowledging their audience at the PALM Conference is as enlightened as they might find in the US or Europe and that Indian engineering is challenging. The gap existed in adopting latest technology, whether in studio or on stage has been removed. Professionals in India demand they use the state-of-the-art, and affordability isn’t an issue.

We go Live with the Live issue theme in May-June


March April Issue!

A Note from the Editor ----------January February 2017 Issue!

FOH Engineers must be a large tribe!

FOH Engineers must be a large tribe!

Live Sound, Big Stage, DJ Stage, the sound act is big. PALM Technology focuses majorly on big live sound. Both for the auditorium or large clubs and for stage open-air live performances. New and innovative solutions for big sound are offered from big brands and small companies. It was mostly Europe earlier and the US. Today it is China, Japan, even India. The gamut of sound-reinforcement increasingly without any embarrassment includes Line Arrays, which at one point one felt was the prerogative of only an extremely well established brand in audio technology.

The fun part is that the pro sound rental market in India is so open all Line Arrays sell, ofcourse to respective markets, for relevant shows, at affordable costs. At the mag editorial meeting for this issue we deduced with the market getting depth and expanding the FOH – Front of House – engineers must be a large tribe using this gear. After all Live mixing is the challenge, no second chances and all that!! So we decided the Jan Feb theme will be FOH- the acronym alluding where its all at, the FOH mixer and the FOH engineer.

We spotlight FOH Engineers . The Top 20 live mixing engineers who have won acclaim recognition, done work that people are proud of.

Sunil Karanjikar, an industry professional who "walks the talk"

PALM Technology takes pride in presenting this list in our first FOH theme issue. We connected with the major rental outfits, the major bands, and live shows, and with major FOH engineers and slowly but surely we got a definite idea of who the TOP 20 FOH engineers would be. All 20 selected aren’t on a lateral field. There is varying levels of excellence, impossible to list serially, hence alphabetical placement. Hopes it works. Remarkably most engineers stated Fali Damania was their inspiration. We have him as leader of the tribe on the cover!

While off stage with the FOH, we wondered what could be action on stage – Indian bands – apart from filmy ‘orchestras’ and playback heavy acts. We have on a list of top 10 bands whose acts on stage indicate how to develop stage business in India to give fillip to the entire business. Next year we present a list of India’s Top 50 bands (with their dedicated FOH engineer!)

Professional Focus – Interview with Sunil Karanjikar, Senior Manager, Applications Engineering, Harman Professional India, it’s not often when you come across a manager who can actually perform professionally! PALM Technology likes such managers and professionals - Who walk the talk - loaded questions with responses from the subjective inside.

Promod Chandorkar, Chief Recordist, founder of Sound Ideaz Academy is introduced in our new column Studio Analogue. Promod has earned global fame and his repertoire is envious as his reputation. We Invite him chiefly for his highly motivated actions to promote recording arts and engineers deservedly. We were so inspired with his energy it doing this his acceptance to be the IRAA Award Director was a happy moment. I am more than guaranteed his columns will delight professional fraternity.

Rajan Gupta, Managing Director, Hitech Audio Systems, New Delhi is our first Corporate Guest. Get the Mix Right . Corporate Guest will invite leading honchos to share their thoughts on the business of audio and sound technology and products and the strange animal that is India’s market.

Wolfgang Frassernet, Global President, Neumann, in 11 Questions discloses the future in virtual reality microphones using AMBEO, the major thrusts in new audio engineering at Neumann and Sennheiser.

The second GLOBAL PRO SOUND & LIGHT TOP 50 products - A non-defining, neutral, list of professional products looking at feature, price, popularity, usability in the Indian market context. Our readers look forward to this annual exercise as a guiding factor for the year ahead.

The March-April issue theme is STUDIO. This means the very essence of studio recording and studio albums, and original track music recording. We have some exciting stories lined – a top 10 albums from POP albums from Bollywood soundtracks and Original Music™. Bollywood music I don’t consider original as it originates from the movie soundtrack. Original Music™ is rare in India and this difficult task is what our edit team undertakes. Also we shall spotlight the top studio music recording engineers.

2017 is going to be bigger for pro sound industry. The single window clearances for shows and the general awareness of the benefits of entertainment events on the city economy and artistes is the new mantra, and most cities are adopting this stance.


January February Issue!

A Note from the Editor ----------November December 2016 Issue!

Indian stage tech leaders’ collaboration produces world class Coldplay act

Indian stage tech leaders’ collaboration produces world class Coldplay act

Big stage DJ issue is rocking with recent acts such as Coldplay and EDC, we cover both events on the tech side profiling best of class live stage design, gear, installation, and am glad to point out, real cooperation and joining of forces and putting productive minds to give Indian stage scene a good name globally. Am more than confident that the success of these mega events is going to drive others here which means impetus to investment. The good part is that having delivered a big one, the experience factor will drive investment driven the gaps felt and defined. Roger Drego the pioneer of live big stage sound in India, Manish Mavani of Snl Pro, Santana of J Davis, Navneet of Audio Design and Porus from Effects Tech, did India proud. Kudos.

Big stage DJ issue rocks with Trending Tech. Somya Kedia from PALM technology edit team met up with five top ranking DJs to find out the gear they use and why. DJs scratching on favourites, , surprises me really, in that all five, Nikhil Sahni, Anish Sood, Akhil Talreja prefer Pioneer, Pravin Acharya, Arjun Waghale, prefer Traktor - Just two brands? DJ consoles by force of individuality and idiosyncratic artistry is graduating to custom built consoles. The modularity of the components allow bespoke consoles assuring the DJ of delivering his peculiar artistry

Big stage DJ issue rocks with an analysis of the DJ scene, as is in India with insight from Reji Ravindran, Director, PALM DJ championship. “Indian DJs are tech savvy”, Marketing mantras for DJs to scratch ahead of the pack, peeks into performance trends, techniques to get seen and heard, and talent sourcing at PALM DJ Championship. Am proud how well the championship actually works. We hunted down some past winners to know and it’s all praise. At the risk of sounding immodest our commitment, consistency, and persistence has indeed contributed to the DJ world with a most respected DJ Championship that drags out new talent each year.

Big stage DJ issue rocks with the Product Specialist. This species is many a times a DJ who is obsessed about the product he uses and understands more and shares his knowledge with others. Meet three of them on.

Big stage DJ issue rocks with PALM Technology being invited to the Playboy DJ club open in Mumbai, screaming with lights and more lights and even more lights, with a MA Lighting grandma lighting console. Milind Raorane’s design and accoustics and sound specified for DJ action does this place proud. Australian brand Sonicsss’ Dave Ward has struck lightning with probably the biggest install in a long time.

A macro view of pro audio is for the asking in the year end issue. Samsung’s Harman acquisition created a buzz and 2017 will witness the impact if any. I personally believe Samsung’s breathless innovation, depth of digital communication tech, manufacturing strength will work for Harman like never before. Korean engineering and global sales drive will impact pro audio industry worldwide.

With demonetised cash-in-the-bank and easier resources I expect far greater business for international brands in 2017. Brand play on stage encompasses events at all level, even tier 3 cities. Pro Audio industry is estimated at US$ 350 million in 2017. Growth is registered at a CAGR of 18%. The expanse and breath of the market is supporting new brands as well. Good distribution and product support with service guarantees your brand good sales in India. 2017 is the year to play the Indian market full swing for international brands, which includes upmarket Chinese brands.

FOH is the theme of 2017 first issue, as big stage live events grow and major acts perform, all ears are tuned to the FOH engineer who can deliver as much as he has on stage and vice versa. PALM Technology will review the scene.

The January issue will also list the eagerly awaited TOP 50 products of 2016. We compile the product for tech innovation and business sense each year. Ensure you remain subscribed not to miss out on your future.


November December Issue!

A Note from the Editor -----------September October 2016 Issue!



PALM Technology has just six theme based issues a year, which I think covers the entire spectrum of sound and light thingamajigs with new-tech and next-gen tech. This issue theme is Lighting, which includes live and install and lasers and effects and the wave of 3D mapping on stage, as well in events exploiting glamorous history or architecture which lends amazingly to merge-mapping. Stage wizardry in India is mostly presenting Bollywood eye candy, which makes sense in the absence of shattering performers (who can write and sing!!), Having said that, I do feel we need to get our act together on this fantastic tool, which is software driven, using any good projector.

In our Stage Technology slug we have a round-up of 3D mapping solutions Mapping the Wave forward on which must cover all credible products internationally. In lighting, LED has impacted product design, digitising lighting, automation, and hopefully made effects affordable, but lighting effects integrated with 3D Mapping is mesmerising. Bollywood eye candy actually just might object shifting attention from them, but I do believe lighting and mapping could get stage shows back in the swing.

As cutting-edge media which this magazine has been, since three decades, our mantra is to act as a catalyst prompting new opportunities, expertise, techniques, that add mojo to your business, as event organiser, impresario, rental-company, stage designer et al.

We covered three different lighting set-ups in this issue, one a museum, a lounge and auditorium - Three different locations, the auditorium in Mumbai, the lounge in Hyderabad, museum in Anandpur, Punjab-Range of brands and deliverables.

The biggest AV+Lighting installation at Anandpur Sahib museum executed by Varinder Wadhwa’s Modern Stage Service, designed by Amardeep Bahl of Design Habitat. It’s experiential lighting synced with audio commentary done by KJ Singh, IRAA award winning sound designer. DTS and Avolite technology is mainstay. Both system integrator and designer are New Delhi based.

The Hyderabad lounge – Skyhy is done with Satan by DJ Anant scratching in Hyderabad. Odble’s Mujeeb Dadarkar has done G5A auditorium which is unique, as lighting a ‘black box’ is challenging especially when seating and stage is flexible, go to on how it got done.

AV is driving the market so we focused on the Install side. Entertainment lighting is increasingly software driven. Controlling the LED digital light is what its all about. We had 11 questions for Germany’s Madrix promoter Christian Hertel.

Back on stage which mostly is award shows and EDMs. Two leading event companies, Wizcraft and Percept two major products – IIFA and Sunburn respectively have one thing in common - Becket Tundatil, lighting designer extraordinaire. We love such professionals who can articulate on their expertise. Becket’s disclosures find on on vendors, modifications, production process and typical Indian extravagance.

Theme for the year’s last issue is Big Stage DJ. A peek for those who actually read this page, we have seen real new investment into big stage rental, new players who are investing proper and the scene is going to change, change is always for the better - the only constant that allows the future not to be the past.


September October Issue!

A Note from the Editor -----------------July August 2016 Issue!

PALM tree of growth

PALM tree of growth

PALM over 16 years has become the fulcrum on which revolves the pro sound and light trade and investment on an annual cycle. The show acts as a catalyst to upgrading every rental company’s arsenal of new sound and new light tech, new stagery, fresh expertise, innovative techniques and more, that is, more motivation and mojo from the energy at the PALM show. It’s the enthusiasm that makes the mare go, not the money, honey. Bringing new product and tech to the PALM each year is what excites us and it’s what we chase, the excitement at any show is what is new. New product exhibited at PALM by first time exhibitors accounting for 22% of 205 exhibitors across three exhibit halls and two Qubes. Over 350 new products brought on the floor by 183 exhibitors is the dynamic factor. There are always new brands appearing at PALM each year which today boasts of 500+ brands.

Doing this mag gets us high to see new horizons and new beauty. If some of you are reading us, I trust you share, frequently, our vision of all that is new in the industry, in our dynamic news content.

PALM redefined

PALM was redefined for future scape and future scope instituting parallel exhibit halls for sound and light. Light and sound technology focus exhibits leads to greater efficiency for visitors to review display, brand, product and pricing, leads to greater business for exhibitor allowing the show to deliver more to well informed and knowledgeable delegates. Kudos to the industry who as one man voiced their strong opinion on filtering attendee with a ticket to enter; we listened as we should and this year was a first for filtering visitors in such manner. The result was extra ordinary and gratifying in that almost every participating company expressed satisfaction with the man in the aisle being meaningful.


Over 16 years of consecutive and successive exposition the convention as said is the fulcrum on which revolves trade and industry, all professionals ‘block the dates’ travelling to attend PALM for their annual cycle of upgrade and new tech, thus visitor profile represented major buyers from more 845 cities, 29 states, from all regions in India.

Learning the market

International manufacturing brands interact with this diverse professional base of highly refined actual users and learn more on innovation that the market needs and launch new product at PALM which is established as a new product tech launch node addressing one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Engineers “speak out”

Indian engineers as a rule are voluble and “speak out”, even argue and aren’t intimidated by ‘big names’ this makes for very interesting conference sessions and panels where oftentimes the engagement can get embarrassing as each side voices their point and defence. This is the best part of organising an industry conference! PALM Conference engages major industry bodies and is the platform for the entire professional fraternity, be they from rental, or distribution or the creative forces of sound, music, FOH, lighting designers and engineers. [check out the PALM Special section post show review starting , with photos of all the live action. Including the coveted Awards, and other features]

Theme is Install

Theme of this issue is Install. System Integration is increasingly becoming a challenge, in that, design and implementation standards are vaulting with each new pub, club, lounge, bar. Best talent in design is employed and afforded by marquee projects which actually invite customers as much on the place done up tech savvy, as on the booze prices. This issue reviews three Installs. One dance bar and two lounge bars. Axys Integrated, AG Acoustics, Pink Noise and FX technologies- four active design companies showcased.

Our very own Electro Acoustic Design Consultant – Milind Rao Rane’s discloses the very essence of sound design which article will indeed help all AV consultants as reference notes when they handle the client and architect. I am told leading Studio designers are now designing install spaces.

Talent sets the stage

Viraf Pocha our columnist with the Bright Spark is rightfully anguished on the lack of Indian talent at our big events. intelligent songwriters who can perform their compositions and command a huge following is the stuff stars are made of and like the missing sports winners Pocha feels the vacuum on stage. Biddu of disco diwane fame once told me in London - India doesn’t have talent, it’s a farce where girls who can’t sing are made into a band, and singers who can aren’t intelligent to create lyric and song, forget about performing, nobody is fit enough. I hear the echoes again from Viraf.

Rest of the juice is in the news pages and product focus with the spot on Install equipment and technology.

11 Questions

11 Questions to redoubtable Roger Drego whom I consider the pioneer of stage sound and light is heartening. It speaks a lot for change in that today concerts isn’t primary for him, its Install and production of pro audio equipment. Hear it from the man himself .

Change is the only constant, as we witness the surge in the event business and growth in rental, the new horizon seems to be AV Install, where distribution majors have also entered install and integrate projects. Theme of the next issue is Lighting.


July August Issue!

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