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Effectron Reinforces Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam College Auditorium with Adamson Sound, Barco Projection and Effectron Lights and Furnishing

The 2000-seat multipurpose auditorium at the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Government College in Daman, in August 2020 was installed with an impressive audio architecture from Adamson..... read more

Soundframe Gives LOTD an Exclusive Harman Professional Audio System Finesse

SoundFrame recently outfitted Lord of the Drinks’ Kolkata location with a complete Harman Professional Audio System to provide exceptional audio quality and coverage for its patrons..... read more

Neumann Home Studio Academy India Edition - In Conversation with Meghdeep Bose

Meghdeep Bose is a noted arranger, composer and music producer. In this exclusive interview with PT, Meghdeep talks about his collaboration with Sennheiser and Neumann for the Indian edition..... read more

Acoustics In Auditorium Design - by Vijay Purandare

How a room sounds and feels depends heavily on the specific acoustic properties of the materials in the room. For example, the acoustics of a concert hall are designed..... read more

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms- Part 4 - by Rahul Sarma

In Part 3 of the series, Rahul spoke about the science behind absorption and diffusion..... read more

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Trade Fairs, Courses, Tests & Measurements

The best thing about doing trainings is the fact that the market is growing and manufacturers are looking at you seriously, this also means good things for the guys who wish to get some formal education or certification. Few have travelled across globally to derive such knowledge and many have happened locally.

But my observation, which actually is true, is that if you read the fine text, which in many cases is in ‘BOLD’, is that it was a certificate of participation or completion but not a certificate of competency. Now this according to me is the most important aspect of audio training, workshops & certification courses. It is not an exam of technical competency & attending them doesn’t make you an expert because someone embossed a name on a course certificate.

I have personally attended a few (honestly very few) because unless I do not see value in the exercise or what it can do for me or vet the course in itself, my bum isn’t going to be on that chair. And sometimes I have been humbled going for one with a, ‘know it all’ attitude to show up at the course discovering how much I don’t know. Which leads me to my best teachings at workshops that provide certification.

#1 please come with an open mind. You do not know everything.

#2 you are the student not the sir

#3 you will never learn about everything you needed to know by just attendance

#4 you learn how things get done, not how to do it (think about this)

#5 you do not qualify on competency by just by having the certificate.

I just attended the course offered by a leading manufacturer and my experience was nothing short of amazing. Firstly the course was conducted in a venue that was already simulated for the course. The entire venue was mapped in order for the readings & simulations to represent what we were being taught.

We had four instructors instead of one, two blokes taught theory & two blokes gave the practical’s the nice thing is that the theory guys attended the practical’s & the practical instructors attended the theory. To be in sync with whatever each one was teaching.

Our questions & problems were put on the dartboard even before the course kicked off, so they probably knew what topics to highlight upon based on our questions. Not taking much out of the learning experience or maybe for the sake of secrecy I will not further elaborate on the same as that would be too much of a give away. But my learning’s were good and after all these years setting up PA systems, I was glad I did it as it gave me immense knowledge about a few key points I absorbed from the course.

Now this leads me to thinking why would you attend the same even if you would barely learn a thing or two. I think THAT separates the men from the boys, it’s sometimes barely the one crucial thing you take home and do good with would make the course really worth it.

Now talking about trade fairs, they are the reason why so much of training & workshops do happen because instructors and students are always around this neck of the woods.

A lot of people ask me at the exhibitions the one stupid question I cant get to answer. ‘So what are you buying” and this leads me to the thought that is so close to my heart and that goes without saying is that it is never, never ever about the product. It never was and it will never be. (With the odd exception of accidentally stumbling across a brand/product you never knew about).

But its always about the people, I look forward to meeting people discussing things that no books, internet or hearsay can teach you. This journey has been long and I can say I have met the most amazing audio designers, business mavericks, audio gurus, sales wizzes and the one thing is that the best are the most humble and the learning’s they impart to you will last you a lifetime.

Some of them I make it a point to meet them every year and some are reserved but after two drinks at the bar there are no borders and the information superhighways get translated into friendships.

That’s what I love about trade fairs; we meet either knowlegable or interesting people or both. Off course we do meet the ones we should also keep away from but that its an exhibit of also whose side we take in our life’s journey.

I am looking forward to PALM 2017 this year too; our show is better than no other. It’s vibrant, its not snooty, and its no quiet either. Its fun and serious in nice synergy and if there are any manufacturers reading this who are not participating a small advise from someone who has been around. “Be There Or Be Left Out” and hey we have our own industry awards too!!!