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Articles Jan-Feb 2021

TAG Basics

A view from within

TAG is a modern day audio institute in India’s fast evolving audio education segment. State-of-the-art technology in all three studio suites at the institute is ensuring that TAG is emerging as a front runner..... read more

Sonic Boom - In Conversation with Farhad K. DadyBurjor

PT spoke to Farhad DadyBurjor, one of the most respected and sought after sound engineers in the country today. In a career spanning over 3 decades, Farhad has built an impressive..... read more

Studio Showcase

Recording & Mixing studios are behind the success of any great record and in a country like India where music is an important part of everyday life musicians have a host of options they can choose..... read more

New Edge Studios Transforms into an Immersive Mix Room

Founded in 2015 by sought-after sound engineer Shadab Rayeen, New Edge Studios has been a preferred destination for many acclaimed Indian music directors, producers and artistes. In order to remain on the cutting-edge of audio production..... read more

Top 30 Products 2021 – PALM Technology

Global Pro Sound & Light Technology

The year 2020 has taken all of us on a topsy-turvy ride. The COVID-19 pandemic completely shut down the world impacting every industry. The unexpected turn of events left the pro-audio, installation, lighting and DJ industry..... read more

Acoustic and Audio Systemdesign for Small Rooms - Part 5

In the previous part, the article discussed frequency responses of speakers and how they relate to the listening experience. That discussion is the perfect overture to this next topic of interest..... read more


Established in 2011, CELTO Acoustique is a premium manufacturer of professional audio systems for rentals and installation industry.

Founder, owner and CEO - Arthur Felix first displayed his entrepreneurial skills at the age of 14 when he built his first loudspeakers with his father in their garage..... read more

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Digiland Invests in Adamson S-Series

L to R: Sachin Agarwal, Karan Nagpal, Manish Jindal, Nitesh Narayan, Eshdeep Bhasin

Based in New Delhi, Digiland is a reputed sound reinforcement solutions company for events in and around the area. Now, with the addition of the Adamson S-Series system to its inventory, the company is well-positioned to continue their mission with a wider scope and reach.

Their new system consists of 12 S10 two-way, full range array enclosures complemented by 8 S119 subwoofers, all powered by Lab.gruppen PLM20K44 amplifiers. Digiland’s staff and technicians also received Adamson’s globally-standardized training with Nitesh Narayan and Karan Nagpal, Director of Sonotone.

Manish Jindal, director of Digiland shares, “I am really impressed with Adamson’s S-Series, they boast a magnificent quality of sound and effortlessly adapt in any environment owing to their compact size and easy rigging. We needed a system that can provide excellent sound reinforcement for a number of different productions, and the S-Series completely fits the bill. Another major selling point is Adamson’s Blueprint AV software - it’s straightforward to use, and the result is crystal clear sound that translates seamlessly to the real world.”