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Pursuing the Pro Audio Trail

In conversation with Caroline Moss and Sue Gould

PT got in touch with the Pro AVL Asia magazine core team of Editor - Caroline Moss and Sales Director - Sue Gould, who between them boast of over three decades of experience in the pro audio industry..... read more

NJSM Marks a Milestone in the Business of Sound

From Rental Company to manufacturer and innovator, Nixon Johnny has guided and grown NJSM from a two-person company to a fifty-person company, continuing to expand into virtual events with NJSM Virtual Studio..... read more

Tech Savvy Environment for T-Systems

Eyte Technologies installs high-tech AV Solution at T-System’s Experience Center facilitating brand value and delivering superior customer experience..... read more

Conversations with SudeepAudio

Sudeep Audio, one of India’s first pro audio web store selling studio software and equipment online commenced its YouTube Channel, ConverSAtions, in 2011 to share the journey of Indian Sound Engineers..... read more

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Lighting Console

Heart & Soul

Avolites Arena

The Avolites Arena is the ideal desk for festivals, theatres and anywhere that a larger control surface is required. It combines the popular interface of the Tiger Touch II with more live control than ever before.

Main features:

• 40 precision playback faders in three pageable groups.
• 20 programmable macro executor buttons.
• 3 metal shaft optical attribute encoders.
• 4 optical playback encoder pots.
• 15.6” vibrant main touch screen with brightness control.
• 7” vibrant secondary touch screen.
• 6 mono LCD screens for digital fader legends.
• Ergonomic trim and carry handles
• Robust stainless and zinc treated steel construction – built for life on the road
• Includes 4-port managed Gigabit network switch
• OpticalCON Stage link output, with an optional second link
• 8 physical 5-pin XLR opto-isolated DMX out, up to 16
• universes over ArtNet or streaming ACN – total of 8192 console channels.
• Compatible with Titan Net – up to 64 universes, total of 32,768 system channels.
• 4 Ethercon Gigabit primary network connection with a battery maintained managed switch supporting Titan Net, ArtNet and streaming ACN.
• 1 Ethercon Gigabit secondary Network connection for Titan Net, ArtNet and streaming ACN.
• 1 standard OpticalCON stage link output, to connect to industry standard network switches with optical support.
• SMPTE Timecode/LTC input 3-pin XLR (transformer isolated).
• Trigger inputs on ¼” jack, suitable for foot switches.
• Audio in on stereo ¼” jack for Audio Triggering.
• Headphone 3.5mm jack conveniently placed on the front panel.
• 4 USB3 ports – 1 front, 3 rear.
• Two 3-pin XLR dimmable lamp connector
• Optional extras: Flight Case, Dimmable Lamp x2, Cover

Technical Specifications:

• Dimensions (mm): 1072 x 428 x 150
• Weights: 23kg 44kg

ChamSys QuickQ Console

QuickQ consoles consist of three different models - QuickQ 10, QuickQ 20 and QuickQ 30. These consoles designed with a quick and easy user interface, 9.7” touch screen, and a comprehensive feature-set that bring simplicity and power to the small console market.

Built-in Wi-Fi allows for remote control from a tablet or phone, which can also serve as a 2nd external monitor. These consoles are ideal for students, volunteers, or part-time operators, and comfortable to use even by professionals on small-scale shows.

Main Features include:

• Design: Simple user interface; Easy navigation; Large touch screen with easy and intuitive graphical interface
• Console Output Capacity: No limit on number of fixtures, only by number of universes supported
• User Interface: Modeled on smart phone icon interface and gesture support; Intuitive interface allowing simple control of all fixture attributes; supports pinching for zooming and scrolling. The remote app is identical to that on the console display
• Playback Faders: Dedicated Grand Master fader; Dedicated Cue Stack Control section; 10 multi-purpose Cue Stack/Chase faders; Playbacks compatible with and aid progression towards MagicQ
• Fixture Faders: Fader for Intensity Control; Flash button; Fixture, Group and Cue modes; RGB LED shows current mode/state; 40 fixture faders
• Networking: QuickQ supports output of DMX over network via ArtNet/sACN/Pathport
• Colour Control: A dedicated “colour control area” with Hue and Saturation encoders, and a pair of additional buttons for colour control
• Ports: 2 USB ports for loading and saving shows, and for optional keyboard and mouse audio input and output; In-built WIFI port for simple connection of tablets and smart phones
• Offline Software: Offline editor available for both Windows and Mac; includes MagicVis visualizer; Replicates entire QuickQ console software excluding output

Tech Specifications:

• Touch Screen: 9.7”
• Universes Supported: 4
• DMX Outputs 5-Pin XLR: 3
• Fixtures Supported: 2048
• Fixture Faders: 40
• Attribute Encoders: 4
• Master Faders: 10 Multiple Function Playbacks
• Cue Stacks: Multiple
• USB: 2
• External Monitor: 1920 x 1080 HDMI
• Supports Moving Lights: LEDs, Dimmers & Movers
• Size (WDH mm): 760 x 350 x 106
• Weight: 6.1 kg

Eaton FLX S48

FLX S48 has double the power with intuitive and hands-on control of up to 96 fixtures, and a touch monitor output to provide quick access to palettes and an overview of the show.

Main Features include:

• 97 playbacks
• 96 groups, 4 x 96 palettes (Colour, Beamshape, Position, Effect)
• DVI-D output for optional external touch screen (1024 x 768)
• Multi-touch interfaces for Colour & Moving Lights
• Free mobile apps for wireless control of your ZerOS console on iOS and Android devices
• Multi-lingual step-by-step touch screen guidance
• 7” multi-touch screen
• Colour picking, mixing & image capture
• Mood Boards by LEE Filters
• Additive, subtractive and HSV control
• Store single or multiple cues on each of the playbacks

• Two XLR Outputs (1 x 5 pin + 1 x 3 pin)

Technical Specification:

• Hardware
 48 Multifunctional Faders (channels or playbacks, with select or go buttons)
 4 embedded encoder wheels with select buttons
 1 5-pin XLR connector for DMX and RDM
 1 3-pin XLR connector for DMX and RDM
 1 Universe (upgradable to 2) over Ethernet using Art-Net 4 or sACN
 2 multipurpose USB ports

• Software - capacity

 96 Fixture Controls (using single or multiple DMX channels)
 97 Playbacks (equivalent of Cue Stacks, Submasters or Chases)
 10,000 cues • 4 x 96 Palettes (Colour, Beamshape, Position, Effect)
 96 groups

• Electrical

 Supply voltage range: 100 - 240V AC; MAX 2A
 Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
 Operating temperature: +5 to +40°C

Work Pro LightShark

The LightShark range comprises of LS-Core and the LS-1 console with built-in LightShark engine software.

The LS-1 brings together the best features from the world of innovative software-only lighting control and marries them to an intuitive, ergonomic hardware control surface. The LS-Core omits the LS-1’s hardware control surface but offers exactly the same lighting control software, processing power, and smartphone/tablet-based software control interface.

Main Features include:

• Designed for fast programming, avoiding repetitive tasks.
• Supports DMX-512, Art-Net, ACN, MIDI, UDP, OSC & HTTP.
• Multi-touch UI
• 8 DMX universes: 4096 channels to manage a complete show.
• Supports OSC control software or a MIDI console connection.
• 10 main playback faders.
• 20 virtual playbacks: manage 30 playbacks in total.
• Manual crossfade
• Cross-platform
• Extended Cue memory: Up to 1200 cues.
• Fanning function: Quick access to fanning.
• Built-in FX engine
• Submaster FX size & speed
• RGB & CMY Color Picker

Technical Specifications of LS-1:

• Connectors: 2x DMX output (XLR 3-pin and 5-pin); Ethernet port (TCP/IP, ArtNet, sACN); 2x USB ports; Connection for desk lamp: XLR 3-pin
• Weight & Dimensions: 3.7 kg & 430 x 330 x 100 mm
• Power & Current: Integrated power supply
• Operating voltage: 90-250V, 50/60Hz

Jands Vista T2 Console

The T2 is the most popular all-in-one lighting package of Jands Vista. It provides all the features that make the Vista such a great live desk.

Main features:

• Control panel (Pen Tablet)

 Wacom 15″ Pen-Tablet LCD (1024 x 768)
 12 user configurable function buttons
 2 sets Blue, Green, Yellow, Red modifier buttons
 2 Pen modifier buttons
 Power and Help buttons
 4 Wacom tablet control / configuration buttons
 Grand Master (rotary) fader and DBO button

• Playback Controls

 15 Playbacks, 10 with faders and flash buttons, 5 without
 Split mode allows control of up to 40 Clips
 Playbacks can be configured for control of Groups, Presets and more
 Page Up / Down buttons

• Super Playback Controls

 Playback with 2 faders and buttons
 Go, Pause, Back, Skip Forward, Skip Reverse, Skip to Start, Skip to End but- tons
 Utilises LCD and Encoder wheels for display and real time control of play back and other advanced functions.

• Programming Controls

 3 Encoder Wheels with associated Blue / White LCD
 Next / Previous buttons
 12 context sensitive function buttons

• DMX Output

 8192 Channels (16 Universes)

• Input and Output Connections

 4 DMX outputs
 1 Ethernet / Network port (compatible with Art-Net and Pathport)
 3 USB2 connectors
 Linear Time code input
 MIDI in/thru/out
 RS232 COM port
 2 External Monitor Outputs
 2 Desk lamp outlets
 Audio mic, line in and line out sockets
 Trigger input / output †
 2 VGA Monitor Outputs (with support for Wacom pen-displays and selected ELO touchscreens)

Technical Specifications:

• Connectors: 2x DMX output (

• Technical Specifications

 Dimensions (w d h): 861mm x 638mm x 210mm
 Weight: Net 38kg Shipping 55kg
 Technical Specifications
 Processor – Pentium® M 1.8GHz
 Memory – 1 GByte
 Hard Drive – 120GB Ultra ATA Hard drive
 Optical Drive – CD-RW Drive (52/24/52X)
 Keyboard – 88 button compact key board
 Trackpad – Cirque 2 button GlidePoint® trackpad