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Ansata hosts Loudness Seminar with Avid, Dolby, and Netflix

On 11th October 2019, some of the most prominent audio industry professionals gathered in Mumbai for the Loudness Seminar hosted by Ansata..... read more

Articles Sept - Oct 2019

Modern Stage Service Projects Delivers awe Inspiring Light & Sound Show at Jyotisar Tirth

Jyotisar, situated about 12 kms away from Kurukshetra on Kurukshetra-Pehowa road in Haryana, is a part of a 48 km parikrama with temples. This venerated place is known as the land where Lord Krishna ..... read more

LBT Lights up RAAS CLUB, Pattaya

Pattaya, a major tourist hotspot, situated on Thailand’s Eastern Gulf coast, recently welcomed a new and modern destination for partygoers – The Raas Club..... read more

PALM Expo 3rd Lighting Design Showcase 2019...

In 2019, PALM expo upped the ante at the Lighting Design Showcase with a one of its kind remarkable and ingenious Spider lighting rig. The feature was created to provide a platform to lighting designers from across India to showcase their talent..... read more

Naveen Deshpande - Lighting Designer Of The Year

Any live event is obviously redundant without the lighting and visual imagery. Lighting plays a crucial role in any show adding excitement, dynamism and emotion to a performance and it is the art and science of the Lighting Designer that adds zing to any concert..... read more

Osram Clay Paky : Sharpy Plus - Outstanding Lighting Product Innovation

The PALM Sound & Light awards honoured Osram Clay Paky SHARPY PLUS with the award for Outstanding Lighting Product Innovation of the Year at the 2019 awards ceremony. Clay Paky has always been a market leader in entertainment..... read more

Sound Emporium - Lighting Integration

The PALM Sound & Light Awards honoured Sound Emporium – one of India’s premier lighting company, recognized for delivering quality technology at affordable prices..... read more

"Apart From Education and Giving People Access to Professional Training, It's also about Bringing the Community Together and that's a Really Important Aspect in a Growing Industry"

Mumbai’s AV Consultants and Integrators congregated at CEDIA's Training & Tech Summit Event held from 7th to 9th August at the MCA Club in Bandra, Mumbai. AV-ICNx caught up with CEDIA..... read more

OHM at India’s Greatest New Landmark – Digha Convention Centre

Digha is West Bengal’s most popular sea resort. It is located 187 km South West of Kolkata. Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee had earlier laid down the blueprint for the creation of a unique Convention Centre to promote..... read more

Monitor Mixing Summit 2019

With an aim to fill up a huge vacuum in the industry for knowledge and audio education in the Live sound realm, EvenTech Academy, an initiative by organized a full-day summit..... read more

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Indoor Line Array

Indoor Stars

The purpose of this section of the magazine is to provide helpful information about choosing a product to fit and cover specific needs. This being the install issue PALM Technology has surveyed and brings you six new Indoor Line Array systems launched in 2017-2018

Audiocenter K-LA212-DSP Series

The K-LA212-DSP is an active DSP-controlled line array speaker with more compact and lighter weight. It designed especially for the medium-sized venues, can be mainly used for the fixed installation and medium sized touring performance such as stadium, exhibition hall, multi-function hall, banquet, concert hall, and high-end entertainment venues.

Main Features include:

• Customized driver from BEYMA
• PTV HF horn ensures even coverage and optimized for smooth frequency response
• Dual phase plug design for an extremely precise dispersion
• Hi-end digital controller on board (DSP) with 96KHz signal sampling frequency, 56bit precision
• Standby mode automatically if without signal input for 15mins
• Class D amplifier from PASCAL
• Advanced cooling system in the driver
• Optimized and compact elegant premium design cabinet
• Rock solid humidity free birch plywood CNC made cabinet
• Touring grade emery spraying
• Comprehensive accessories suitable for different applications.

Tech Specifications:

Type: Active DSP-controlled full range loudspeaker
Application: 3 cabinets minimum, 16 cabinets maximum per array
Frequency Response (-6dB anechoic chamber): 55Hz-20KHz:
Maximum Calculated SPL/1M: 135dB
LF/MF Driver: Customized BEYMA ferrite driver, 3” voice coil
HF Driver: Customized BEYMA Neodymium driver, 1.4” exit, 2.84” voice coil
K-A212-DSP90 Horizontal Coverage Angle (Symmetrical): 90°
K-A212-DSP60 Horizontal Coverage Angle (Symmetrical): 60°
Vertical Coverage Angle (Symmetrical): Depend on the amount of the speaker and curvature of the line array
Amplifier Circuitry: Class D
Amplifier Power (RMS standards):1600W
Frequency Response (1W 8Ω 2ch): 20Hz-20KHz(±0.5dB)
Intermodulation Distortion: <0.05%
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05%
DSP Processor: 96KHz signal sampling frequency, 56bit precision
Presets: Fixed system presets
Crossover: Controlled by DSP
Cabinet Material: Russian birch plywood CNC made
Dimension(W×H×D): 899×344.5×647.5mm
Net Weight: 59.0Kg

Beta3 SLA10H

The Beta 3 SLA-10H Series is a high SPL line array speaker used in applications including sound reinforcement for Houses of Worship, Events, Indoor Stadiums, Theme Parks, Multifunctional Auditoriums, Schools, and Transit Terminals etc.

The SLA Series line array loudspeaker delivers extraordinary performance where high SPL, high speech intelligibility and natural sounding music is required at unmatched value.

Main Features include:

• High SPL output and sensitivity
• 2×8” high power LF transducers
• 2×1.75” compression HF drivers
• 1×10” high power MF transducer
• 2×NL4 connectors
• Cabinet design for FOH use
• Computer aided design to optimise frequency and phase response
• Standard SLA flying frame and SLF1 flying frame combined together allows maximum 16pcs SLA10H array together vertically
• Apply Water proof, Anti-collision and Durable polyurethane paint
• Suitable for use as a main system with or without sub speaker augmentation
• Rigging allows adjustment from 0°- 5°
• The speaker cabinet include all the flying hardware’s
• Can be arrayed with SLA212B
• Optional SLF1 flying frame

Tech Specifications:

Construction: 15mm Birch Plywood
Transducer: 2 x 1.75” HF +2 x 8” LF + 1 x 10” MF
Frequency Response(-3db): 50Hz-20kHz
Rated Power: 160W (LF), 200W (MF), 140W (HF)
Sensitivity (1W @ 1m): 110dB
Maximum SPL (1m) LF: 110dB/116dB(PEAK) HF:121dB/127dB(PEAK)
Rated Impedance:
Connector: NL8×2 (LF:1+ 1-; MF:2+ 2-; HF:3+ 3-; MF/HF:4+ 4-)
Dimension(WXHXD): 685mm x 471mm x 283mm
Packaging Dimensions (1 piece/pack): 750mm x 570mm x 385mm
Net Weight: 29.1kg
Gross Weight: 32.1kg

Harman Professional VLA Compact Series

The Variable Line Array (VLA) Compact Series is a line array loudspeaker solution. It is designed to fill the needs of system designers for installations requiring the long-throw capabilities of the VLA in a more compact line array solution. The modular design concept of the VLA Compact Series offers additional flexibility to vary the horizontal pattern within a vertical array by incorporating different modules with wider or narrower coverage patterns while still maintaining the vertical directivity.

The full-range speakers include dual 2261 10” Differential Drive 3” voice coil low frequency drivers, with 65° and 100° horizontal coverage options available. The VLA-C125S subwoofer has dual 2267H 15” Differential Drive woofers. Enclosures feature multi-layer reinforced fiberglass and steel end-panels. Grilles are zinc plated, powder coated 14-gauge perforated steel with acoustically transparent black grill cloth backing and a hydrophobic mesh underlayer, waterproof rail system.

Main Features (VLA-C2100) include:

• Line array module designed for permanent outdoor install applications
• Standard version featuring 3 HF drivers and 2 LF drivers featuring patented Differential Drive® technology
• Patent-pending horn design maintains very tight coverage pattern
• Mix and match coverage patterns with other VLA Compact Series line array modules
• Horn-loaded for great directional performance.

Tech Specifications (VLA-C2100):

Frequency Range: 75 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB)
Horizontal Coverage: 100°

Outline Superfly

Outline’s new Superfly is a concept line-array speaker, which has hugely influence butterfly design. Superfly has been created using a truly integrated system approach. Designed from the outset to use our state-of-the-art X8-series DS equipped amplification, a Superfly rig is simplicity itself to deploy in any situation, relying on minimal crew and requiring very modest floor space to transport and store.

Main features include:

• Three-way, quad-amplified line array element
• 90° horizontal coverage
• Components: 2 x 10″ LF | 2 x 8″ MF | 1 x 3″ HF
• Enormous SPL (155 dB peak @ 1 mt, four boxes) in spite of its small form factor
• Ultra-low weight (38 kg / 83.8 lb)
• Real punch down to 50Hz
• Full compatibility with Outline Mantas 28
• Equipped with the patented Outline’s DPRWG Dual Parabolic Waveguide and the V-Power Seamless Baffle Concept
• Unique structural design made possible by advanced manufacturing techniques in our new, state-of-the-art woodshop.
• S.A.R.T. – Side and Rear Rejection Technology | Superfly can be also used as a powerful side-fill system for offstage audience coverage, seamlessly matched with the GTO Series
• Ideal for arena tours, stadia, theatres, indoor sports venues and more.

Tech Specifications:

Frequency Response: -10 dB: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Horizontal Dispersion: 90°
Vertical Dispersion: Array design dependent
Splay Angles available (Degrees): from 0° to 7.5° in 0.5° step with additional 0.25° position
Operating configuration: Quad-amplified
Impedance Low (Nom/Min): 2 x 16 Ω / 2 x 14.4 Ω
Impedance Midrange (Nom/Min): 16 Ω / 12.6 Ω
Impedance High (Nom/Min): 16 Ω / 15.9 Ω
Watt AES Low (Continuous/Peak): 2 x 450 W / 2 x 1800 W
Watt AES Midrange (Continuous/Peak): 400 W / 1600 W
Watt AES High (Continuous/Peak): 120 W / 480 W
Maximum SPL Output, one box *: 143 dB SPL
Maximum SPL Output, four boxes *: 155 dB SPL


Component Low: 2 x 10” NdFeB double reflex band-pass loaded woofer
Component Midrange: 2 x 8” NdFeB partially horn loaded mid woofer
Component High: 1 x 3” diaphragm NdFeB compression driver, DPRWG loaded
Connectors: 2 x LKI8 in parallel (8-pin, military grade)
Cabinet Material: Baltic birch plywood
Cabinet Finish: Black polyurea coating
Grill: Epoxy powder coated
Rigging: Integrated high-load aluminium hardware
Height: 239 mm – 9 3/8”
Height (rigging included): 278 mm – 11”
Width: 909 mm – 35 3/4”
Depth: 636 mm – 25”
Weight: 38 kg – 83.8 lb

Salt Acoustics TL15N90

The TL15N90 was designed keeping speech clarity and low-mid transient response in mind. The response is smooth and natural even at high spl. Extended Bandwidth high frequency transducer can handle down to 400hz. Proprietary wave guide was developed to have ultra-liner time alignment between two vertical endpoints of the box. The response is consistent right from the nearest point to furthest point in the crowd.

Main Features include:

• Less distortion in HF reduces ear fatigue when exposed to prolonged periods of program material. Dual 15” neodymium low frequency drivers work hand on hand with the HF section.
• Designed to match the natural response of a leather instrument.
• The result of a complete TL15N90 provides ultra linear coherent natural dynamic response over defined area.

Tech Specifications:

• Low: 2 x 15” Neodymium LF Driver
• High: 1 x 2” Ferrite HF
• Coverage: 110°(H) x 10° (V) • Power: “LF(1600 AES/3200 Prg.) Nominal Impedance 4 ohm. HF(190 AES/400 Prg.) Nominal Impedance 8 ohm.”
• Max Spl: 138dB
• Input: Bi-amp - Neutrik NL4 Speakon
• Frequency Response: 53 Hz.-20.000 Hz.
• Crossover: 700hz recommended with Eq
• Size H x W x D: 450 x 1160 x 532 mm WLA-25

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