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Premium Product Focus -
beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO


BELIEVING IN THE MARKET - Bose Distribution Strategy

What is your perception of the Indian Market? MJ: I was in India in 94 and didn’t quite know what to expect, but it’s been really wonderful to be here. We have a global strategy we are trying to implement across all regions, so that we have a consistent way of building distribution and growing vertical markets.... read more on Page 32

Bose Interview

The FINCH - Live Music and More

Plutusone Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. unlocked a new side to Mumbai’s entertainment scene on June 29th when they launched a chic, elegant restaurant and bar - The Finch..... read more on Page 38

Sennheiser Chronicles: Interview with Vipin Pungalia

In an interview with PALM technology, VIPIN PUNGALIA, Director Professional Segment, Sennheiser India talks about the global launch of the wired XS 1 dynamic in India, his perception of the market for Sennheiser products in India and the growth achieved by Sennheiser in the country..... read more on Page 54


With millions of DJs in the running, reaching the top can be a daunting task. The PALM DJ Championship has been instrumental in building, promoting and nurturing this bank of upcoming DJ Talent since 2011..... read more on Page 68

A journey to discover rebirth of Linear Topology

Part 2 of the article Will The Linear Make A Real Comeback? wherein LT COL JASBIR SINGH KABERWAL, (Retd) SC hints at a futuristic emerging trend which may see a comeback of linear audio with advancements in technology offering sonic quality and advancement in size and energy efficiency to the next level..... read more on Page 36

Articles Sep-Oct 2017


In the last couple of years, jaw-dropping visual experiences at live entertainment events and venues, courtesy 3D projection mapping, motion graphics and augmented reality have made their presence felt in India. Tailor-made three-dimensional projection mappings have altered sound stages, building facades and architecture and even human figures in real time, creating interplay between real and virtual space with the help of cutting-edge technology. The PALM Conference and Seminar 2017 witnessed Technical Evangelist – VIJAY SABHLOK, touch upon the topic of Multi-Imaging using different technologies. Conference delegates got an opportunity to learn about the tools and techniques of creating Multi-Sensational Events and Installations, while also getting insight into new interactive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. PALM technology presents highlights of this session. The PALM Conference & Seminar session can be viewed on the PALM expo YouTube channel.... read more on Page 42

Top end LASERS missing from Rental Portfolios

India has been witness to some astonishing laser light extravaganzas at EDM events in the recent past, however a survey done by PALM technology indicates that as a general rule, lasers are missing in action and top quality brands are not afforded by event and rental companies. Though lasers are missing in action in show business, there is a huge opportunity and potential for renting lasers given that laser use is still in its nascent stage. Smita Rai reports on the ground reality... read more on Page 40

Bringing Life through Lights

Highly experienced lighting designer Roosevelt D’Souza is rarely restricted in his art. Best known for his work on Music Concerts and festivals, Roosevelt is actually a full service special event lighting professional, also specializing in designing & executing light effects for theatre production, brand launches, music concerts & festivals, fashion shows, film shoots, award ceremonies & ambience lighting. In this interview, he talks to PALM technology about his journey to becoming the “Master of Special Event Lighting.”.... read more on Page 66


First proposed in 1958, Class D amplifiers started gaining increased popularity and acceptance in the early 21st century, with this technology ruling since over a decade, overriding the demand for bulky & energy inefficient linear amps. In this article LT COL JASBIR SINGH KABERWAL, (Retd) SC hints at a futuristic emerging trend which may see a comeback of linear audio with advancements in technology offering sonic quality and advancement in size and energy efficiency to the next level... read more on Page 24

Articles Jul-Aug 2017

AV Today’s Trend in Hospitality

As AV sets new standards beyond traditional applications, ICT-AV-Security-Consultant - Mr. A.R. Chandrashekhar, touches on the topic of the latest trends in AV installations for the Hospitality segment with LED screens, displays and interactive video now contributing to the overall interior design of the hotel... read more on Page 84

Playboy Delhi gets a taste of TW Audio

After a high magnitude success with its first superclub in Mumbai, the city of glamour, the Playboy club is now rocking the country’s capital, New Delhi. The city’s party animals got a major reason to rejoice with the opening.... read more on Page 88

Sumi Baptist Church integration scales heights

Painted in blue and white, the Sumi Baptist Church - Zuneheboto is situated in Nagaland, bordering onto China, and is 212km from Dimapur Airport. Situated on the highest point more on Page 30

The Big Stage by AKhil Varma – Project Head, PALM Expo

More than 50% of India’s population is below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. It is more on Page 84

Articles May-Jun 2017

Justin Bieber Sound Reinforcement

The Justin Bieber Concert motivated our editorial team to learn, how it is going to be done. The sheer capacity of deployment and state of the art delivery would mean the audio system engineering would have been ingenious and display of the classic Indian Jugaad, which in this instance would need to be disapproved. PALM technology met Warren D’Souza who presented with complete confidence planning, design, technique and expertise in setting up a world-class professional turnkey audio system. This issue being a LIVE Issue and stage sound being all about alignments and calibration, Warren’s role as a Systems Engineer, for the show has been highlighted. His acumen together with Co-Systems Engineer Sunil Karanjikar’s expertise has ensured smooth execution of the massive project. Somya Kedia more on Page 36


The Event Management industry has grown exponentially over the last decade with a host of varied events encompassing festivals, concerts, conference, corporate events and even marathons. This issue being the “Live” issue, we highlight the top 10 Event companies conceptualizing and executing the biggest live entertainment shows in the country. We have left out some of the bigger event companies whose focus is more into corporate or sports events and have highliighted only the ones organising the live entertainment and music more on Page 50

The Fountainhead of superlative experiences

In a career spanning nearly 22 years, the quality of Neale’s wins have been exceptional. With the vision of building brands he creates delightful experiences with events. In an exclusive with PALM technology, Neale talks about his journey and work and truly believes that the core essence lies in valuing the right talent! Smita Rai and Somya Kedia report. read more on Page 60

Top 35 Rental Companies

PALM Technology has done a crucial exercise of surveying the market for identifying these top 35 audio/video/lighting rental companies who are investing into product and inventory and offering the latest technology thereby driving the market and rental business with sizable inventory. This is not an audited list and is intended as a guide. read more on Page 76

People at PALM

PALM 2017 engages expertise of eminent personalities who have accomplished knowledge in their field of activity. Their valuable involvement in PALM, act as a driving force towards PALM’s intellect and dynamism which leads Indian entertainment professional landscape to a higher paradigm. read more on Page 88

Articles Jan-Feb 2017

Top FOH Engineers in India

There are the mixing masters behind the audio console who strengthen the core essence of live performances. Showcasing aptitude to blend instruments with vocals and attain a flawlessly balance sound, Front of House engineers are effective and confident technical experts who know every inch of the gear. read more on Page 46...

Going Live with Sunil Karanjikar

Sunil Karanjikar has worn many a hats in his career as a Live Sound FOH engineer. He reveals his aces and talks about the secrets and tricks to his success, his journey, along with the key challenges he faces during the course. “Live sound does not have an ‘Undo’ Button” he shares in his insights with PALM Technology more on Page 54...

Live Bands - Musical Escape

Commercial music in India has been mostly synonymous with film soundtracks. The fact however is that the music scene in India is constantly evolving and is only going to get bigger with more and more stage acts from independent music bands energizing the business, and by Indian music we also mean languages other than Hindi. In this feature we catch the action on stage from 10 Top live bands who have managed to post a huge-win. The bands have gained a lot of stage attention giving impetus to the entire business in India. read more on Page 64

Articles Nov-Dec 2016


The Playboy Club founded by media baron Hugh Hefner, first opened its doors in the 1960s in downtown Chicago and instantly became successful as a read more on Page 22

DJs Scratching on Favourites

2017 is set to be another fun-filled action-packed year in clubland! Somya Kedia tracks the trend and highlights the toolkit of some of the top DJs in the more on Page 32

Global Citizen Festival India

Looked up to as a beacon of hope, Global Citizen Festival India held in Mumbai on 19 November, 2016 proved to be a monumental day as India asserted its solidarity with the world in fighting extreme poverty. read more on Page 44

Electric Daisy Carnival debuts in India

Originating in Las Vegas Nevada, the Electric Daisy Carnival over the years has asserted itself as a hub for EDM fans across the globe, as a result of its fantastic on-stage music programming, enchanting stage designs, read more on Page 46

Product Specialists Driven by Passion

A professionally qualified sound engineer from SAE in Chennai, Tuhin is also a sought after DJ who has immense experience of playing at various clubs. A sharp understanding of the technical aspects behind sound production and immense knowledge of equipment, gained him the position of a product specialist for Pioneer DJ India and his areas of expertise lies in club equipment, samplers and remix stations. read more on Page 48

“Indian DJs are tech savvy” - Reji, Director, PALM DJ Championship

Growing DJ Industry

DJ industry is expanding exponentially and the growth rate has been phenomenal. Talking about the industry expansion, Reji observes that as the industry continues to evolve, the demands for technology, equipments, expertise and specific services have also witnessed a

read more on Page 60

Articles Jul-Aug 2016

I-Kandy gets K-Rigged

I-Kandy nightclub at Le Meridian hotel in Gurgaon was recently in need of an upgrade for its indoor sound system. Located at the Sector 26, Le Meridian Gurgaon, I-Kandy oozes sophistication. The luxurious pool club and European styled designed lounge boasts 2 bars across a sparkling 85 feet swimming pool...

read more on Page 32

Sound Design for Night Clubs and RestoBars

The focus of Milind’s presentation was ‘Sound Design for Nightclubs and Restobars: A field view’, wherein he spoke about the technicalities of sound engineering to formulate a great night club or a restaurant bar. Milind who is an Electronics Engineer from the CCSRR-Mumbai University, has invested years into sound engineering, setting up different clubs and bars. He has to his credit venues such as Triology - Mumbai, F Bar Mumbai & Chennai, Privy @ Le Meridian Delhi, Club Nyex, Goa, The Good Wife – Mumbai and many more...

read more on Page 58

AG Acoustics strikes the right chord with KV2 Audio’s ES Series

Conveniently located in the Outer Circle, near KG Marg, New Delhi is a new café in town - FLYP@MTV. Viacom18 Consumer Products - the consumer products arm of Viacom18 has extended Viacom’s flagship property “MTV”, to an on-ground experience by introducing this unique ‘MTV-style’ hangout in association with Funbars Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

read more on Page 62


Painting Light Canvases

Lineup of products from six major lighting console brands, lighting up events & venues across the globe

Avolites Arena

The Arena is the perfect desk for festivals and theatres. It combines the popular interface of the Tiger Touch II with more live control than ever before.

Main Features include:

• 40 precision playback faders in three pageable groups.
• 20 programmable macro executor buttons.
• 3 metal shaft optical attribute encoders.
• 4 optical playback encoder pots.
• 15.6” vibrant main touch screen with brightness control.
• 7” vibrant secondary touch screen.
• 6 mono LCD screens for digital fader legends.
• UPS battery back-up
• New six-position articulation stand
• Ergonomic trim and carry handles
• Robust stainless and zinc treated steel construction – built for life on the road
• Includes 4-port managed Gigabit network switch
• OpticalCON Stage link output, with an optional second link
• 8 physical 5-pin XLR opto-isolated DMX out, up to 16 universes over ArtNet or streaming ACN – total of 8192 console channels.
• Compatible with Titan Net – up to 64 universes, total of 32,768 system channels.
• 4 Ethercon Gigabit primary network connection with a battery maintained managed switch supporting Titan Net, ArtNet and streaming ACN.
• 1 Ethercon Gigabit secondary Network connection for Titan Net, ArtNet and streaming ACN.
• 1 standard OpticalCON stage link output, to connect to industry standard network switches with optical support.
• SMPTE Timecode/LTC input 3-pin XLR (transformer isolated).
• Trigger inputs on ¼” jack, suitable for foot switches.
• Audio in on stereo ¼” jack for Audio Triggering.
• Headphone 3.5mm jack conveniently placed on the front panel.
• 4 USB3 ports – 1 front, 3 rear.
• DVI-D for external display.
• Two 3-pin XLR dimmable lamp connector
• MIDI in, out and thru.
• Compatible with Titan Remote (Wi-Fi access point required)
• Optional extras: Flight Case, Dimmable Lamp x2, Cover

Tech Specifications:

• Dimensions (mm): 1072 x 428 x 150
• Weights: 23kg

HedgeHog 4E

The HedgeHog4E is a professional lighting controller with ArtNet and CITP capabilities, designed for small to mid-level shows like theaters, nightclubs, corporate events, medium scale rental jobs or churches.

Main Features include:

• Robust Hog 4 Operating Software
• With Newest V3.0 Software including Pixel Mapper and Plot View
• Unlimited Number of Simultaneous Crossfades
• MIDI Input and Output, MIDI Show Control and MIDI Time Code via Optional External Widget
• Supports USB Playback and Master Wings
• Dust cover Included
• Optional Custom Road Case

Technical Specification:

• Length: 20.74” (526.8mm)
• Width: 21.83” (554.37mm)
• Height: 3.97” (100.78mm)
• Weight: 17 lbs. (7.7 kg)
• ELECTRICAL / THERMAL: AC 90-250V - 50/60Hz

Martin Lighting M6

The M6 is a lighting console that functions as a highly advanced visual control surface. It can control everything from conventional and moving lights to the most advanced media server for multimedia shows.

Main Features include:

• 2 x positionable BriteTouch widescreens (sunlight readable, multi-touch)
• 2 x external DisplayPort touchscreens up to 1920x1080 per output
• FastTouch 3.5” touchscreens
• 1 x LiveBlender split T-Bar with 8 x FastBlend™ RGB buttons
• 4 x FastTrack linear encoders
• 12 x FastDial rotary encoders
• 1 x dedicated dimmer wheel
• 10 x motorized playbacks with LCD displays and 4 x customizable buttons
• 10 x PlayPairs buttons with LCD displays
• 12 x Sub Playback faders and 12 x Sub Playback buttons
• 2 x Main Go sections
• 12 x F-Keys and 5 x FastKeys
• Low-profile housing with adaptable module layout
• Show-ready boot up in under a minute
• 64 DMX universes directly from the console network ports

Technical Specification:

• Length: 668 mm (26.3 in.)
• Width: 1058 mm (41.7 in.)
• Height: 204 mm (8.1 in.)
• Weight: 37.5 kg (82.7 lbs.)
• Shipping weight (in flightcase): TBA
• 4 x DMX universe outputs: 5-pin locking XLR
• 1 x DMX input: 5-pin locking XLR
• DisplayPort: 2 x external touchscreen (both up to 1920x1080)
• Art-Net (up to 64 universes): Gigabit Ethercon RJ-45
• MaxNet controller link: Gigabit Ethercon RJ-45
• Peripherals and USB memory devices: 2 x USB 3.0, 8 x USB 2.0
• SMPTE In/Out: 3-pin locking XLR
• VITC In/Out: BNC MIDI in/out/thru
• (MIDI show control, MIDI notes, MIDI timecode): 5-pin DIN
• Stereo audio In/Out: 3-pin locking XLR
• Microphone: 3-pin locking XLR
• 2 x desk lamps (optional accessories): 3-pin locking XLR
• AC power input: Neutrik PowerCon

MA Lighting grandMA2

The GrandMA2 is equipped with up-to-date technology and special features, suppling intuitive and fast control of all connected fixtures and channels.

Main features:

• Real-time control for up to 65,536 parameters per session in connection with MA NPU (equivalent to 256 DMX universes)
• 8,192 HTP/LTP parameters
• 3 internal TFT wide mode touchscreens (15.4” WXGA)
• 2 external TFT screens can be connected (UXGA, touchscreens accepted)
• 1 internal command screen – multi-touch (9” SVGA)
• 30 motorized executor faders
• Integrated keyboard drawer
• Built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
• 2 etherCON connectors, 5 USB 2.0 connectors
• Motorized monitor wing
• 2 motorized A/B fader 100mm

Tech Specifications:

• Operating voltage/ Supply voltage: 120V/230V, 50/60Hz (automatic detection)
• Dimensions: 1,284 x 204 x 661mm / 50.6 x 8 x 26inch
• Net weight: 46kg / 101lbs
• Output connectors: 6 x XLR 5pin (DMX), 2 x DVI (external monitor), 2 x etherCON, 1 x MA Link (grandMA2 fader wing), 5 x USB, 1 x DIN (MIDI), 2 x XLR 4pin (desklight)
• Input connectors: 1 x XLR 5pin (DMX), 1 x XLR 3pin (Sound), 1 x XLR 3pin (SMPTE), 1 x DIN (MIDI), 1 x Sub-D 25pol (Analogue Remote), 1 x powerCON

ETC Cobalt 10

The Cobalt 10 is a compact solution suitable for touring or smaller control rooms.

Main features include:

• Two 12” articulating, multi-touch displays
• Backlit command keypad
• 20 Master playbacks, consisting of 10 motorized faders and 10 backlit, color-coded endless pots with full-color touch displays
• Solid-state hard drive
• Supports three external DisplayPort monitors starting at 1280x1024 resolution with optional touchscreen control
• Dual PoE Ethernet ports
• 4,096 or 16,384 outputs/parameters
• 5,000 control channels (nameable to 9999)

Technical Specification:

• 16,384 Outputs/parameters
• 5,000 Control Channels
• 9,999,999 Presets
• 4 x 999 Palettes (Focus, Color, Beam, All)
• 999 Groups, Macros, Sequences, Master Pages
• 99 Effect Playbacks
• Supports three external DisplayPort monitors starting at 1280x1024 resolution with optional touchscreen control
• Seven USB 2.0 ports for USB flashdrive, pointing devices, keyboards
• AC input (100 - 240V at 50/60 Hz)
• Maximum power consumption (excluding external monitors) approximately 2A 120/240V
• Height: 12.5 inches
• Width: 31.9 inches
• Depth: 23.5 inches

Chamsys MagicQ MQ80

The MagicQ MQ80 is a small but powerful console with a large central touch screen, which provides easy access to all MagicQ features and display and selection from full lighting plots.

Main features include:

• Advanced Media Server Support
• Fixture Morphing & Cloning
• LED Pixel Mapping
• Fixture Plot View including Target Focus
• Powerful PC/Mac Show Editor
• Fixture, FX and Gel Library
• In-built Fixture Editor
• Fixture morphing and cloning
• Tracking / non-tracking option
• Rainbow colour picker (CMY, RGB, HSI)
• Individual fade times on any channel
• Easy fanning of parameters and times
• Configurable faders - HTP, LTP, speed, size, masters
• Theatre mark cues, split fades and inhibit masters
• Client/Server network architecture
• Multiple console playback tracking
• Multiple console programming
• In-built Web Server
• Remote console control
• Visualizer support (including patch transfer)
• Architectural Zoning and Day/Date support
• In-built UPS (~5 minutes)

Technical Specification:

• Universes: 24
• Channels: 12288
• Number of fixtures: Up to 12288
• Cues: 5000
• Cue stacks: 2000
• Palettes: 4096
• Groups: 5000
• Media server support: 50
• Faders: 13
• Direct DMX ports & Network Ports: 4
• External monitor: Up to 1920x1200
• Internal monitor resolution: 1280x800
• USB ports: 6
• Audio input (1 channel, 7 band)
• Inbuilt UPS
• Power input: 110 to 240 VAC
• Width: 570mm (22.5”)
• Depth: 405mm (15.9”)
• Height: 110mm (4.3”)
• Weight: 8kg (17.5lb)

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