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Articles Nov-Dec 2021

Jamdub SoundLabs Installs Dolby 7.1.4 Speaker Setup

ProMusicals deploys an immersive solution to the Chennai-based Jamdub SoundLabs with a comprehensive Dolby 7.1.4 setup.

Located in the quiet suburbs of Thoraipakkam, Chennai, Jamdub SoundLabs provides end-to-end post-production solutions to artists from the music and film industry with a unique experience. Established in..... read more

Seamless Solutions for Evolving Workplace

NEC WD551 Windows Collaboration Display Product Review by Abdul Waheed, Managing Director, EYTE

NEC WD551 Windows Collaboration Display Post pandemic, workspace designs are evolving very fast. Various manufactures are trying to come up with one or other innovative ideas, meeting the current requirements for collaborative..... read more

L&T’s Corporate office gets a Digitally Savvy Tech Makeover

Eyte Technologies Crafts a Versatile AV and Acoustic Setup at L&T’s AM Naik Tower, Powai, Mumbai

L&T group envisioned a Tech-savvy Corporate office for their Powai Office that would enhance the synergy and boost the corporate functions. This feature explores..... read more


Nikhil Mehta, Founder, Sudeep Studio 1935-2021

Much-Respected and self-taught sound engineer, the founder of Sudeep Studio and games, Nikhil Mehta, passed away..... read more

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Cas-Ant Entertainers premiers Goa’s first d&b Audiotechnik V-Series loudspeaker system at Viva Carnival

Cas-Ant Entertainer, one of Goa’s leading live event rental solutions company delivered high quality festivity experience at the Viva Carnival 2017, through their recently acquired state-of-the-art V Series line array system from International niche audio manufacturers d&b Audiotechnik.

Viva Carnival 2017 or Goa Carnival as it is popularly known proved to be a special edition, as the four day celebration witnessed a staggering turnout, many of whom were enamoured by all the wonderful performances that took place across the span of the event.

Cassiano and Anthony Fernandes of Cas-Ant Entertainers exclaimed, “The audiences and the organizers were absolutely blown away with the quality of sound. We’d set up the rig at the Panjim Samba Square, and the atmosphere was absolutely electric. With crystal clear sound being experienced by the crowds across the entire landscape of the arena, the artists had an absolutely rocking time on stage since they could see for themselves how much the audiences were enjoying the performances. By the end of the show, we had several of the artists complimenting us on the great quality of sound that we’d put together, and these positive sentiments were echoed by the events producers as well. All thanks to the brilliance and perfection of our new d&b Audiotechnik V-Series rig!”

In a move that does complete justice to its reputation, Cas-Ant Entertainers reinforced its existing inventory with a truly comprehensive d&b Audiotechnik rig that encompassed a total of eight units of the V8 and four units of the V12 line array elements, along with six units of the B22 subwoofers, and a total of three units of the D80 amplifiers to power the loudspeakers and subs. The purchase was facilitated through Ansata, who are the official distribution partners for d&b Audiotechnik in India.

Leslie Lean, director of Ansata, shared “Goa finally has its first d&b Audiotechnik rig and we couldn’t be more pleased or excited! We’re stoked to welcome Cas-Ant Entertainers into the ever growing family of happy d&b Audiotechnik users in India. It is heartening that highly respected industry professionals like Anthony and his team have partnered with d&b Audiotechnik – a brand that is recognized the world over for its unbeatable quality of products, and with the purchase of their new V-series system, I believe Cas-Ant Entertainers have introduced the market in Goa to a new breed of superior quality world class sound. In my mind, that have asserted their presence as an undisputed leader in delivering niche live audio solutions, and our best wishes are with Anthony and his entire team. We look forward to working with them in the future too.”

Cas-Ant Entertainers purchased their new d&b Audiotechnik V-Series rig along with a complete set of VDC cabling solutions from Ansata on 26th January 2017, which was followed by a comprehensive training in the workflow of the system, Arraycalc system design software and R1 remote control software conducted by Neil Lean from team Ansata on 31 January 2017. Anthony shared that this extensive exercise of training sessions is what helped prepare the sound engineers of Cas-Ant Entertainers to explore deeper working potential of the V-Series and improved the team’s efficiency and productivity.

Anthony commented, “Neil’s style of training and approach to the technology is so precise and flawless that all our team members at Cas-Ant Entertainers have taken to the system easier and smoother than we ever expected. The Viva Carnival is proof of this, wherein our team experienced first-hand, how simple it was to rig the system and align + tune it, and the eventual outcome was nothing less than spectacular sonic brilliance. A great big word of appreciation to Neil for his presence and support towards team Cas-Ant.”

Speaking about the factors that prompted him to purchase the d&b Audiotechnik V-Series rig, Anthony shared, “We wanted a system that was a regular name on all tech-riders especially on the tech riders of those several international artists who visit the city ever so often. At the same time, we did not want to choose a brand that was wide-spread and available in abundance. Our focus was superior quality engineering and superior quality performance and we found that in the d&b Audiotechnik V-Series. The system is simply world-class be it the sound quality or the build quality of the products, or even if you were to consider the system in terms of logistics. Everything about the system was just perfect. That apart, doing business with Ansata, who are the official distribution partners for d&b Audiotechnik in India, was just such a simple and pleasant experience. No hassles whatsoever; absolutely smooth and clear. Leslie, Neil and the entire team at Ansata were fabulous as usual, leaving no stone unturned in helping us finalize on the V-Series rig; and even after we confirmed the purchase, they continued to extend top quality support to us, be it in terms of ensuring that the delivery was absolutely spot on and in time, or the fact that Neil personally came over to extend a vital and thorough training session on the new system which actually did a world of good for our entire team of engineers and technicians. Plus, Jacob Payyapilli from Ansata was also present at the Viva Carnival 2017 to assist our team with crucial on-site support that helped us pull off an extremely successful event on the whole. That’s the hallmark of great customer service really and we’re so happy to have had the opportunity to experience this.”