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DEV Electronics strengthens audio quotient at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai

The Yoga Institute was founded on 25th December, 1918 by Shri Yogendrajiat ‘The Sands’, the residence of Dadabhai Naoroji in Versova, where he cured many people from various ailments through therapeutic yoga. Following this, the Yoga Institute found a permanent base in Santacruz, Mumbai, in 1948, where it has stood proud ever since.

Spread over one acre of land amidst nature, with three buildings dedicated to Yogic activities, this non-profit organization has been running the Yoga institute on its own strength for 9 decades now, where approximately 1000 people visit the Institute every day for training, health benefits and consultations.

With the expanse of the Yoga Institute housing dedicated facilities for each of the yoga activities, the management sought a precise audio infrastructure to help enhance the experience of practicing and imbibing yoga. And through the course of their search, they connected with Mumbai based comprehensive audio solutions provider Dev Electronics, who worked on a precise audio plan for the facility.

Being the sole distributor for world class powerhouse audio brand PowerX; authorized regional distributor for market leader brands like JBL and Yamaha; and premier stockist of industry favorite brands like Dynatech, JTS and Shure; the Dev Electronics team drew up a decisive audio plan that featured the use of definitive products from each of the above mentioned brands, in a manner that provided the perfect audio solution for each of the individual areas of the facility.

The audio infrastructure at the Yoga Institute features a total of 8 units of the PF8 compact high definition loudspeakers, along with 4 units of the Control 28 compact loudspeakers from global leaders JBL, and 6 units of the industry favourite HP8A compact active loudspeakers from market leaders Dynatech. All of the above products have been spread across various sections of the Yoga Institute, thereby delivering crisp and precise audio reproduction at each of the desired sections. A total of 4 units of the Yamaha MG10XU compact mixing console form the backbone of the audio signal chain at each of the desired venue sections, whereas multiple units of the TK Series performance microphones from JTS and the Beta series microphones from Shure together form the adept microphone solution that adorns the YOGA Institute.

A member of the inner management at the Yoga Institute shared his comment on the quality of the audio system and design integrated at the facility, saying “We were looking for a highly adaptable and accurate audio solution that would be high on performance and easy on costs and maintenance, and that’s exactly what we got, thanks to the efforts of the Dev Electronics team. We’re extremely impressed with the dedication they’ve shown and also with the high quality work that they’ve commissioned. The entire place sounds really good, and everyone here is extremely pleased with it. Cheers to Dev Electronics for a job well done!”

At a Glance:
• Venue: Yoga Institute
• Opened: October
• Integrator: Dev Electronics
• Key Components: PowerX PF8, JBL Control 28 compact speakers, Yamaha MG10XU compact mixing console, Dynatech HP8A compact active loudspeakers, JTS TK Series performance microphones, Shure Beta series microphones