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Bose Professional Awows West & North Region Partners with Abhinandan

Multi-city Dealer’s Meet witnesses overwhelming participation and response

Team Bose with the system integrators and dealers at the Jaipur Dealer’s Meet

Pro Audio major Bose Professional, recently reached out to the professional audiovisual community in India by organizing multi-city dealer meets in collaboration with distributors and channel partners. The well-appreciated and well-attended gatherings witnessed overwhelming participation and response and provided Bose Professional’s partners and dealers an important overview of the company’s strategies and products enabling them to meet their business goals, while also facilitating a one-on-one interaction with the company’s key executives. The events also celebrated the successful achievement of several business milestones that the brand had achieved down the years.

Abhinandan Western Region

Official distributors of Bose in the western region - Cubix Microsystems, organized the dealer’s meet in the western region in three cities. The first dealers meet was in Pune, followed by Ahmedabad and finally Mumbai. Bose treated invited guests to demonstrations and product presentations of newly launched products.

The meet, aptly titled Abhinandan (Greetings) was organized as a market connect to greet network and engage with partners comprising of ProAV dealers and Systems Integrators, while also recognizing and rewarding them for their unwavering support and persistent contribution to the Bose brand.

Vibhor Khanna, Country Manager – SAARC, Bose Professional, stated, “Abhinandan has been designed specifically to foster an enhanced progressive business ecosystem between Bose Professional and our business partners. In addition to engaging with dealers and partners on a deeper professional level, Abhinandan has given us the opportunity to celebrate their successful association with Bose Professional products over the last financial year and duly recognise their contribution to the brand’s growth in the region. Through Abhinandan, Bose Professional reaffirms its wholehearted support and dedication to all our partners, and fortifies its vision for long-term growth in India.”

The gathering of dealers and systems integrators demonstrated strength of support for the brand as well as its long-term business allies - Cubix Microsystems, as almost 30-35 industry professionals comprising of professional audiovisual dealers and systems integrators followed the invitation to the full-day meet, in each of the three cities.

(from l-r) Tejas Desai, Vijay Joshi, Vibhor Khanna, Vishal Kotian and Punit Kumar

Vibhor Khanna, Country Manager – SAARC, Bose Professional and Vishal Kotian, Regional Manager- Channel Sales from Bose Corporations’ Mumbai office, were joined by Vijay Joshi, Director, Cubix Microsystems to provide an overview of Bose Professionals’ company and product strategies, along with detailed introduction of specific new products, key messages to the industry, followed by a corporate video and one-to-one interactions.

“The presentations included key messages which we wanted to put across to our dealers, based on their previous year’s performance, and also provide them a window to what’s in store for them in the near future,” said Vishal Kotian. “The idea behind conducting these events is to thank our dealers and systems integrators and to celebrate their business associations with Bose products since the last several years,” he added.

The product introductions and demos in each of the cities culminated with an award ceremony, wherein Bose honoured those who had upheld and reinforced the Bose quality and stature with remarkable installations across the country. The winners were motivated and rewarded with high-quality gifts from the Bose bouquet of products.

“With this award ceremony, we recognized few partners, dealers and wholesale dealers for their exceptional performance and the growth that they had demonstrated,” said Kotian.

Abhinandan Jaipur

Building on the momentum, Bose Professional followed the interactions in the western region with the second leg of Abhinanadan in Jaipur on 18th July, in collaboration with channel partners - Delta Infotel & Hitech Audio Systems Pvt. Ltd., official distribution partners of Bose Professional in India.

The event attended by more than 100 industry professionals, again comprised mainly of Systems Integrators and ProAV dealers, who demonstrated their support for the brand by taking out time to attend the whole-day meet.

The meticulously planned event included informative sessions and discourses on technology, steady rise in market acceptance across application segments, positive business growth in the previous fiscal year, and also key insights into the brand’s vision and strategy for the near future.

Vibhor Khanna, Country Manager – SAARC, Bose Professional addressing dealers during the meet.

The product highlights at this meet included Bose Professional’s full Range of loudspeakers along with live demonstrations of the EdgeMax in-ceiling premium loudspeakers featuring proprietary Bose PhaseGuide technology and the PowerMatch line of professional power amplifiers boasting of concert-quality sound with a high level of scalability and configurability.

Not only did the products impress the audiences in all four cities, but it has also proved to be successful in generating quite the business buzz for the EdgeMax and PowerMatch series products in the region.

In tandem with the award ceremonies organized in the Dealer’s meet in the Western Region, the Jaipur event also recognized key partners who had demonstrated steadfast allegiance by using Bose products in major audio integrations. The gesture, was received by the audience with a great deal of pomp and enthusiasm in every city and proved to be a great shot in the arm for all who were in attendance.

Vibhor Khanna and Vijay Joshi awarding partners during Dealer’s meet

Vijay Joshi, owner of Cubix Microsystems commented, “Abhinandan proved to be a great engagement exercise for Bose Professional as well as all the dealers and SI partners that have been consistently working with Bose Professional products. Not only has the brand conveyed its strong support to the entire dealership and SI partnership network, but by recognizing their works and achievements the brand has also added a feeling of prestige associated with doing great work with Bose Professional products.”

Manik Gupta of Hi-Tech Audio also shared his thoughts on Abhinandan saying, “Bose Professional has undoubtedly made a mark in the past year across application segments, and through Abhinandan, we have felicitated all those partners who have contributed invaluably to the brand’s growth. The fact that Bose has big plans for the future - be it in terms of introducing new technologies, implementing unique business strategies, and more - is a true testimony to the brand’s long-term vision for India, and it is undoubtedly an exciting time for everyone associated with the brand.”