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Rivera International Manifests A Captivating Aural Environment At Playboy Beer Garden, Pune

Rivera Internationals installed multiple numbers of the Maxline M5 loudspeakers along with the E218 subwoofers coming together to form the formidable and impactful FOH system, while multiple numbers of the VISIO VS 12 MKII loudspeakers, KD12 loudspeakers, and the IC12A loudspeakers forms the surround system.

For the beautiful people of the ever-magnetic city of Pune that’s always bustling, there’s a new nightlife destination in town that’s already creating quite the buzz.

Sporting a lush space complete with luxurious seating, a smacking bar area, and a tucked away DJ booth that feeds the music frenzy; Playboy Beer Garden offers the best in chill and beer that anyone could ask for.

One of the official Playboy cafes in India, this place is all about great craft beer, mean concoctions and hard liquor. The venue features its own in-house brewery and some of their creations are a must try! And another key highlight there is the slew of exotic beer cocktails that they offer. That apart, the venue also provides sumptuous bite - from lip-smacking peri-peri chicken to light chocolate flans to nachos topped with garbanzo beans to feta and pomegranate, and balti spice chicken skewers with homemade aioli. Fun never happens on an empty stomach at Playboy Beer Garden.

The concept of enchanting confluences is continued in the kind of amazing music experience that’s on offer at Playboy Beer Garden. When the music takes over, Playboy Beer Garden turns into an even more attractive delight. Not only does the music entice people to, but it also ensures that they’d never want to leave once they’re in. The venue sports an exhaustive schedule featuring music acts from across the spectrum – from home grown artists to those from other cities – from live acts to DJs – making Playboy Beer Garden a playground for all of them! This is probably why Playboy Beer Garden lives up to the hype as one of Pune’s few ‘truly music destination.

But what makes the music at Playboy Beer Garden even more stunning is the quality of the sound experience due to the venue’s comprehensive audio scheme which involves a carefully designed system comprising install specific products from niche brands like NOVA, Symetrix, ToneArt, and Pioneer DJ; all of which have been chosen specifically to meet the venue’s aural requirements that were derived from commissioning a detailed acoustical analysis of the space.

Designed and integrated by reputed Mumbai-based audio solutions expert Rivera International (who are also the official distribution partners for NOVA and ToneArt products in India), the all NOVA loudspeaker scheme at Playboy Beer Garden has multiple numbers of the Maxline M5 loudspeakers along with the E218 subwoofers coming together to form the formidable and impactful FOH system, while multiple numbers of the VISIO VS 12 MKII loudspeakers, KD12 loudspeakers, and the IC12A loudspeakers forms the surround system. The individual elements of the surround system have been distributed evenly across the entire venue including the main dining space and common areas which ensures pristine quality audio playback with impactful low frequency fidelity provided through the powerful VISIO VS18 subwoofers. The loudspeaker setup has been designed keeping in mind the physical attributes and dimensions of the space; with the system being powered through a fortified amplification system comprising the powerful and efficient R series power amplifiers from ToneArt, while a unit of the Jupiter8 DSP control unit from Symterix shoulders the complete loudspeaker processing and management gamut. Additionally, the Rivera International team have also equipped the DJ console area with Pioneer DJ’s world-class Nexus 2 system to ensure a smooth deck experience for resident DJ’s and guest artists alike.

Rajesh Sadarangani of Rivera International delves into details of the audio scheme at the venue, sharing “When we first met with the owners and management of Playboy Beer Garden, the first thing they mentioned to us was the need for an absolutely adept sound system; cost not-withstanding. The idea was to have a system that would deliver optimum performance and do justice to the wide range of music that the venue planned to host. Considering the physical dimensions of the space, the most critical aspect for us to ensure that we have a system with loudspeakers that were not just aesthetically pleasing, but also delivered power with optimum dispersion in a manner that would cover the entire venue. The owners had a vast portfolio of brands and products to choose from, but eventually unanimously agreed on the system we proposed comprising loudspeakers from NOVA driven by amplification from ToneArt, as this was the only system that perfectly met the acoustic requirements of the venue and the quality and performance parameters set by the owners and management. Precise positioning of the speakers allows us to cover the entire space, and, also effectively solve any challenges that were envisaged earlier. This comprehensive system has created a lasting positive impact that’s left the venue’s patrons enthralled and the management extremely pleased We are proud to have played our role in ensuring Playboy Beer Garden stands out as a destination for premium music experience. We’re grateful to the management at Playboy for investing their faith in our brand; and we thank them for their kind words of appreciation for the work we’ve done.

A member of the managing committee of Playboy Beer Garden talks about the venue asserting its mark in Pune as the city’s ultimate chill-out experience, saying “Playboy Beer Garden is all about the experience, and I’m proud to say that’s exactly what we deliver. Our in-house service team have done a fantastic job of delivering the best relaxed dining experience in the city, and they continue to do so every single day. The music and sound aren’t outdone – as the experience at Playboy Beer Garden is gets you absolutely in the feels! The place sounds brilliant with our new sound system – it’s almost like a ‘goosebumpy experience’!! We’re overjoyed to have compliments pouring in from our patrons about how lively the place sounds and feels, and we extend our commendation to the Rivera International team who have worked on this project have done a fantastic job. The place is always busy, and our patrons are always having a great time! What more could we ask for!”