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Zoodio Pro boosts the audio experience at Miss T

The humble bylanes of Mumbai’s, Mandlik Road, Colaba, popular with visiting tourists, has welcomed a new and lively restaurant called Miss T. Occupying the two-storied bungalow, which formerly housed the Busaba restaurant, the restaurant is the brainchild of the Colaba Cartel team comprising restaurateurs Gauri Devidayal and Jay Yousuf of The Table and Magazine Street Kitchen fame and Sumit Gambhir, Pankil Shah and Abhishek Honawar, promoters of Woodside Inn, The Pantry and Bombay Vintage

Miss T, which is operational since August, is a South East Asian restaurant and cocktail lounge with chic interiors and an impressive menu. Designed by Zubin and Krupa Zainuddin, the restaurant has plenty of booth-style tables in deep blue, leading up to a T shaped bar. The food of the restaurant has borrowed from Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle - Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, with an addition of Vietnamese cuisine. To recreate these flavors Miss T has brought two consulting chefs - Bawmra Jap of Bomra’s, Goa and Vietnam’s Duc Tran who are responsible to ensure the food is consistently good.

The otherwise tranquil music which is a little bit louder at the Bar is courtesy an audio system deployed by Dylan Hilton of Mumbai based sound installation and Consultancy Company Zoodio Pro. Zoodio Pro consultancy, which has designed the audio for a number of projects including the Warehouse Lounge (featured in the Sept-Oct issue of PALM technology) and the recently opened Rude lounge in Ulhasnagar, has been in the sound industry since more than a decade and has a team comprising of skilled sound engineers, acoustic consultants, and professional sound installers. The audio for the Warehouse lounge, Thane was completely designed and installed by Zoodio Pro and the company is responsible for after sales service, which includes maintenance and servicing of the Audio at the venue.

Explaining the brief provided by the client, project manager and coordinator, Dylan Hilton says, “For the client, it was of utmost importance to have the best possible audio coverage with a punchy vibe for the night and which can still be functional as a smooth and elegant restaurant during the day. However, without compromising with the graceful interiors of the restaurants. After taking the client’s perspective under consideration, we thought and planned to deploy six Niles DS7mp in-ceiling speakers in the seating area.”

The bar area is sound reinforced with two Nova Acoustic KIRA 5 supported by 1-12inch subwoofer. “For the bar area, we felt that the best-suited speakers would be the NOVA Acoustics KIRA 5 due it’s size and dynamics which is supported by the 12-inch sub. For the sound quality to be evenly distributed the speaker power & system alignment is managed by crown amplification while the sectioning is accomplished by a pair of Drive Rack Venue 360 crossovers.”

In addition to this, Zoodio Pro has deployed the EViD3.2 compact full-range loudspeaker at the reception area and the private section. The EVID 3.2 is an ideal loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor applications requiring high-quality sound. Its shape and size make it nearly invisible for use in background/foreground music systems for restaurants, bars, patios, retail, and other applications.

For those in quest of a restaurant cum lounge, boasting of great menu accompanied by a sexy interior and great sounding music, Miss T may well be the most impressive openings this year.