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Articles Jan-Feb 2021

TAG Basics

A view from within

TAG is a modern day audio institute in India’s fast evolving audio education segment. State-of-the-art technology in all three studio suites at the institute is ensuring that TAG is emerging as a front runner..... read more

Sonic Boom - In Conversation with Farhad K. DadyBurjor

PT spoke to Farhad DadyBurjor, one of the most respected and sought after sound engineers in the country today. In a career spanning over 3 decades, Farhad has built an impressive..... read more

Studio Showcase

Recording & Mixing studios are behind the success of any great record and in a country like India where music is an important part of everyday life musicians have a host of options they can choose..... read more

New Edge Studios Transforms into an Immersive Mix Room

Founded in 2015 by sought-after sound engineer Shadab Rayeen, New Edge Studios has been a preferred destination for many acclaimed Indian music directors, producers and artistes. In order to remain on the cutting-edge of audio production..... read more

Top 30 Products 2021 – PALM Technology

Global Pro Sound & Light Technology

The year 2020 has taken all of us on a topsy-turvy ride. The COVID-19 pandemic completely shut down the world impacting every industry. The unexpected turn of events left the pro-audio, installation, lighting and DJ industry..... read more

Acoustic and Audio Systemdesign for Small Rooms - Part 5

In the previous part, the article discussed frequency responses of speakers and how they relate to the listening experience. That discussion is the perfect overture to this next topic of interest..... read more


Established in 2011, CELTO Acoustique is a premium manufacturer of professional audio systems for rentals and installation industry.

Founder, owner and CEO - Arthur Felix first displayed his entrepreneurial skills at the age of 14 when he built his first loudspeakers with his father in their garage..... read more

Show More Becomes the First Owner of Sennheiser G4 System in India, one of the foremost sound rental companies in India recently became the first buyer of Sennheiser’s G4 System in India.

Sennheiser launched its Evolution Wireless G4 portable systems at the PALM Expo 2018 in Mumbai. This new G4 series is fully compatible with all previous evolution wireless generations thus, safeguarding any earlier purchases.

Warren D’souza, founder of commented, “What can I say about the new G4 system, I was doing just fine with the G3. This is the best thing about Sennheiser they update their RF technology even when you are not expecting one. The bump-up to 50mW, the body-packs even more resistant to humidity/moisture & the syncing too is a breeze.”

Vipin Pungalia, Director, Professional Segment, Sennheiser India said, “It’s great to know that our newest innovation the evolution Wireless G4 systems has seen first buyer. Thank you, and Warren D’souza, for joining us in our evolution journey. We are truly humbled to know each time our creations and innovations benefit the audience and consumers they have been created for. At Sennheiser, our constant endeavour is to evolve with the needs and passions of people and keeping exactly that in mind were the G4 systems created. What can be better than knowing that our products are being adopted and fulfilling their purpose by meeting the needs of the people, and enabling us to enhance the music experience for one and all.

We believe we still have a long way to go, and we’re honoured to have people like Warren and companies like SOUND.COM as partners in this journey who don’t just understand our vision, but also help us bring it to life in a much better way. We hope that our creations continue to get more and more people to join our wireless revolution.”