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AV Integrated Systems Expo, Mumbai, India announced for 2019. Co-located with PALM Expo 2019

AV Industry set for Quantum Growth at AV Integrated Systems Expo 2019

AV Integrated Systems Expo will debut in Mumbai from 30 May – 1 June, 2019 at the Nesco trade fair grounds. India is one of the largest audiovisual integration markets in the world. AV Integrated Systems are being deployed across sectors experiencing robust growth, chiefly IT, Corporate, education and hospitality. Investment into AV networking is massive in the corporate sector, fuelled by broadband connectivity, which is redefining the Indian economy as an IT solutions powerhouse.

ITE, publisher of this magazine and organizer of PALM Expo, in association with ABEC is responding to the AV industry demand to create a meaningful platform closely connected with AV product distribution in India.

AV-ISE will be co-located with PALM on all three days in Hall 3. The 23,436 unique industry and trade visitors to PALM, will have opportunity to find AV solutions at AV Integrated Systems Expo in Hall 3. 3900 visitors at PALM 2018 registered their interest as AV Systems Integration. Product of interest included pro audio systems viz intelligent audio, wireless speakers, audio networking on IP, installed PA systems for stadia, auditoria, corporate and institutional paging and announcement. AV Integrated Systems Expo is a highly focused platform to deliver both AV audio and video product and latest technology in audio video integration.

AV-ISE ’19 Mumbai exhibits will feature latest products in Display technology - video screens LCD, OLED, Laser LED, large format screens for home and corporate, smart screens, interactive screens, connected screens, networked screens.

Manish Gandhi, COO, ITE/ABEC affirms, “We are determined to establish AV Integrated Systems Expo which Indian AV industry expressed urgent need for a cost-effective, market driven AV platform, which will deliver business. Our performance is proven with the tremendous contribution of the PALM expo to the pro audio industry. Our commitment and investment to connect AV manufacturers and distributors with Systems Integrators (SI) and AV consultants will establish AV-ISE in 2019 in its first edition.”

Anil Chopra, Director, AV-ISE, points to important factors gaining ground in hosting AV-ISE “ Most important factor is AV-ISE is a neutral, independent, Indian platform without any international nexus compromising participation of Indian AV industry and trade-A cost-effective honest expo that will provide a voice to entire family of AV professionals in a meaningful manner. We are fully committed with a certification program to galvanize professionalism. Certified Audio Video Specialist [CAVS] run by Indian professionals to train on Integration Specs, Techniques, Tools, Technologies, Trends. I call it the IST4 catalyst!!” he exclaims “AV industry is set for quantum growth by virtue of AV-ISE platform” Chopra proclaims “business from hospitality, retail, education, sports, security, corporate, institutions, transportation will connect with manufacturers, trade, distribution and AV rental”

Ramesh Chetwani, Exhibition Director, AV-ISE assures exhibitors and attendees with a great experience “We are putting up a great show with fantastic features, we have AV Integrated Systems Summit, a conference and seminar, workshop, and training opportunities. AV Tech Tour for a first-hand experience of AV integration. Cinema exhibition technology features two demo facilities, one for LED and another for Laser projection. We have all LED exhibitors in this hall with other state-of-the- art display screens for better business. Exhibitors will experience a vibrant hall charged with buyers from trade and projects and high-level of professional discussion on latest technologies. I welcome all exhibitors to participate and benefit from a truly by-industry for-industry expo.”

Golden age of AV

Connecting to broadcast technologies that enhance AV in video creation and delivery is the show’s promise. In capture and control command applications of audiovisual, solutions across the spectrum are sourced at AV tech shows. AV-ISE is aware of these needs by AV Consultants and Project Managers. Latest technologies is what AV-ISE is alive to; new trends such as curved video walls, wireless presentation tools- sharing screen content, integration with Skype, Clickshare, Pano collaboration, or Air Media, tools from major brands are solutions attendees shall look forward to at AV-ISE. Immersive interactive sales presentations, or 3D interactive and immersive product presentations, exciting interactive digital signage or AV over IP connectivity - AV ISE is keyed to deliver the latest technologies in real time on the exhibit floor.

• Broadband – IP, connectivity, video streaming, compression, audio streaming, networking over IP, wireless technologies, wireless networking, mobile audio video connectivity, conferencing.
• Display technology - Video screens LCD, OLED, Laser LED, large format screens for home and corporate, smart screens, interactive screens, connected screens, networked screens.
• Intelligent audio, connected audio, wireless audio technology, Bluetooth technology. Basically all the innovation in audio, video, projection, and capture, connectivity
• Telecom is driving this industry too providing never before delivery in audio video streaming and connectivity for video conferencing.

Above technology factors are driving growth.

On the commercial side of this, what is driving growth of the industry is:

• Hospitality, retail, education, sports, corporate, infrastructure and transportation. All these sectors incorporate AV tech to be upto speed in providing state-of-art experience.
• Hospitality for example, in-room interface, as well as entertainment across the hospitality real estate in every area.
• Retail for information and entertainment.
• Education for smart black boards to white boards to experiential teaching et al.
• Sports for stadium audio and visual, video display
• Corporate for conferencing interactivity as well connectivity, training etc.
• Infrastructure – airports, railway and bus stands all have rather need AV for information and security and communication within the infrastructure.

So growth in all these sectors in India will drive AV growth.

AV Integrated Systems Expo will comprise the CAVS – Certified AV Specialist education, AV tech tour, AV Project Buyer Connect Programme.

AV-ISE will also organize the AV Summit which will comprise of a conference, seminar, workshop and training.

Video integration and communications technologies, networking on IP, laser projection, interactive displays and are among the range of AV equipment that will be showcased by leading brands at the show in 2019. AV Integrated Systems expo is an independent expo in Hall 3 at the Nesco grounds. Highlight Features at the show include LED Cinema Screen and Surround Sound Experience and 3D Projection Mapping.

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