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Step Inside the All New Mondosonic Studio

The all new Mondosonic Studio, located in Ottapalam, Kerela, is a custom Music Production Facility and Studio. With Recording Equipment, Workflows..... read more

Bishwadeep Conceptualizes Sound Design in the Box

Having spent most of his career in Song and Music Recording, Bishwadeep Dipak Chatterjee was constantly toying with the idea of getting involved in designing sound for films..... read more

Celto Acoustique

Established in 2011, CELTO Acoustique is a premium manufacturer of professional audio products for the events and install industry. Founder, owner and CEO - Arthur Felix first displayed his entrepreneurial skills at the age of 14 when he built..... read more

Acoustically OdBle

With Vijay Benegal and Mujeeb Dadarkar

Vijay Benegal and Mujeeb Dadarkar have between them more than 4 decades of extensive experience in the audio industry in India. They have done it all, from recording and mixing for ad films, to doing live sound for renowned artistes..... read more

All About Music, the Marantz Story

In conversation with Joel Sietsem and Alankara Santhana

Marantz has established a strong foundation in the industry with their High fidelity audio systems since the 1970s. Marantz designs products that have intricate detail..... read more

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms - PART 6

By - Rahul Sarma, CEO, Menura Acoustic Labs in collaboration with Sound Wizard

We started this series with the definition of a small room, and went on to discuss wave interactions. We continued onto sound isolation, absorption and diffusion in parts 2 and 3. Parts 4 and 5 covered system design goals and finally how to optimize a system..... read more

Studio Showcase

If you had a sign above every Studio door saying ‘This studio is a Musical Instrument’ it would make such a different approach to recording.” - Brian Eno..... read more

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Sun Infonet Launches AudioFocus at Bengaluru and Goa

Sun Infonet, Delhi based distributors of Pro Audio and Pro AV has initiated campaign for promoting its latest brand acquisition Audio Focus. The Company recently made a big splash in the audio industry with the actual launch of the products at a specially devised programme in Bengaluru & Goa.

Since the day, Sun Infonet added Audio Focus the Belgian audio maker to its portfolio in mid Indian summer this year – the announcement coming from the Show Floor of PALM Expo, that the company had been mapping the growth strategy for the premium audio brand.

Venues Detail

In line with the strategy, Sun Infonet had chosen Bengaluru as a launch pad for the ambitious programme, organized in association with Sun Infonet’s South India channel partner Reynolds Inc. at the White Petals Hall on the premises of Palace Grounds. The system set-up here comprised two sets of seven each ARES 8 line arrays hung from a vertical truss on either side of a central stack comprising eight MT218 MKII subwoofers, and topped by a pair of FRX 12 enclosures.

As expected, Goa acknowledged as the musically charged city, chosen by Sun Infonet as their next destination of ‘Audio Focus’. This programme was organized in a scenic, luxury resort near Porvorim the tourist-potential capital of Goa, to a gathering of potential musical channel partners.

Here, the set-up comprised a pair of four-each ARES 8 line arrays on either side, centred with a pair of two-each unit of Mtsub218, topped by a pair of FR-X15 units. In addition, also roped in a pair of CM 15 two-way stage monitor that is more or less similar specs as FR-X.

“It comprised all those musical buffs that make and matter to musical entertainment not only Goa, and Western Ghats, but beyond,” ratifies Rohit Reddy, Manager Projects, Sun Infonet.

“We were sure, anyway, of the Goa & enthusiasm,” explains Rohit, “yet, we wanted to test how these robust systems would be taken; and we stand endorsed,” he says about the impact the event generated among music circles of the region.

“We do intend to take the impact further, to other regions of the country, with a careful planning,” clarifies Neeraj. “We plan it in accordance with the flexibilities of regional partners,” he explains. “There is a tremendous enthusiasm about the brand; we want to make sure it stays, and true.”

The ARES 8, MTsub218 & FR-X12 Features

The ARES 8 line arrays, said to bring all those benefits of real line arrays complying to the WST (Wavefront Sculpture Technology) criteria, suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications from small scale concerts to large theatrical performances.

The system’s Dual 8’’ Faital Pro handles low-mid frequency range while at the same time its 1,4’’ exit compression driver coupled to a waveguide does a smooth top end address. Compatible with Bi-amp and Powersoft, these systems come with plug ‘n’ play versions too where it is made with preset, DSPs and Amps from both of them.

“It’s very compact, lightweight and equal to large conventional LAs; a single operator can set up the full system of eight elements in about ten minutes,” says Felix Remedios, Managing Director of Reynolds Inc. “That’s just one beauty of the system; there are more.”

The MTsub218 MKII units, similarly, are powerful state-of-the-art subwoofers designed for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications from outdoor events and concert halls to theatrical venues where high-end sound quality and return on investment are crucial.

Again, the unit’s Dual 18’’ Faital Pro brings in the efficiency of 106dBspl 1W/1m 2pisr and a wide bandwidth 40-110Hz @-3dBspl. Power handling of the unit bass is 1400Wrms while its active version can reach up to 2000 Wrms- based on the high quality Powersoft Digital amplifier, tagged to it.

The agnostic nature of the MTsub2018 MKII enables it work seamlessly with systems like Lake, XTA and Q-Sys, besides the preferred Powersoft amps that come with custom presets.

Audio Focus’ Asia Business Director Nicolas Kirsch – who was on site to monitor the system specs and performance parameters – explained the set-up nuances while interacting with the programme participants on the ‘experience’ they were through.

The FR-X12, a very compact, 2-way self-powered enclosure featuring 12’’ neodymium speaker in a bass-reflex enclosure and one 1,4’’ ferrite compression driver coupled to a versatile AF horn. The unit operates over the nominal frequency range of 55Hz to 20 kHz. Its AF versatile horn generates 80°x30° asymmetric directivity pattern and is easy to rotate in a few seconds.

The FR-X rigging system allows assembling a horizontal or vertical array with constant curvature. That the unit’s cabinet is made of first grade Baltic birch plywood, it stays sturdy and robust even in most challenging outdoor environments.

“We wanted to test it, as a first measure, in front of our target buyers- which is why we chose this outdoor venue,” reasons Felix on the choice of the location for the occasion. “The systems are powerful, and more reasonably priced; we are glad we have a brand now, equal to systems of larger size and stacks, but low on price.”

“Audio Focus is a brand renowned for premium performance,” explains Neeraj Chandra, Director of Sun Infonet, who was on site to ensure the first splash made the right impact.

Visibly glad with the enthusiasm shown from the musical buffs around, the Sun Infonet Director said that they have planned for a series of similar programmes across the country for the aggressive promotion the brand.