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Pursuing the Pro Audio Trail

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New Genelec Experience Centre Opens in Bangalore

Following the remarkable success of the Genelec Experience Centre, which opened in London last summer, the concept of bringing state-of-the-art demonstration facilities direct to Genelec customers has spread to Bangalore, India, where a new Experience Centre has just been unveiled. Situated on the prestigious St Mark’s Road, the downtown showroom has been created in partnership with Genelec by regional AV specialist - The Audio Video People. Inside, visitors can select their own source material and evaluate a wealth of Genelec monitors in stereo, surround and immersive audio configurations.

The opening of this new facility is intended as the latest step in a long-term plan to upgrade existing high-end showrooms worldwide to reach Experience Centre status, and additionally to develop other Experience Centres at brand new locations over the coming months.

“The Experience Centre in London has proven to be a tremendous success, appealing both to existing Genelec customers and those who are yet to install our products in their studios, homes and businesses,” said Genelec’s Clifford Pereira, who worked alongside The Audio Video People during the development of the new Centre. “This new facility in Bangalore continues this comprehensive approach to showcasing Genelec products, and we expect it to generate a lot of interest as both The Audio Video People and Genelec spread the word in the months to come.”

Established in 1987, The Audio Video People is counted among India’s most respected audio providers, with a distinguished track record in supporting Genelec customers. A strong engineering background and service facility means that the company is frequently enlisted to work with architects, interior designers, systems integrators and other stakeholders to help deliver the perfect balance between aesthetics, acoustics and audio delivery. It previously opened a successful Genelec retail showroom, also in Bangalore, in 2013.

In development for more than a year, the new Experience Centre entrance showroom features an extensive selection of Genelec Professional, AV Install and Home Audio products to fulfil both reference and listening requirements. “The aim with this room was to give visitors as broad an overview of the Genelec range as possible in the space available – hence a selection of products that covers a lot of bases within the current line-up of monitors and subwoofers,” explained Farooq Pasha from The Audio Video People. Included within the room are the newly launched ‘The Ones’ family of coaxial point source nearfield monitors, comprising the 8331, 8341 and 8351. In addition, visitors can audition monitors from the 8000 Series, the G Series and the AIW25 in-wall speakers.

A second inner room provides the main hands-on demonstration space – designed to facilitate configurations up to 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos – where the set-up includes three 1238A large-format monitors accompanied by six 8350A compact nearfields and a 7073A subwoofer. This SAM system can be configured and calibrated thanks to the use of Genelec’s powerful GLM software application.

“The wide range of products in this new Experience Centre covers all applications in the latest formats and with the ability to suit any type of ambience or room size,” added Pasha. “We have a distinguished clientele that covers the ‘who’s who’ of South India, and we have provided high-end audio solutions to homes, offices, restaurants, gymnasiums, studios and entertainment facilities. This Experience Centre will be an invaluable asset as we seek to reach even more customers in these and other markets.”

In celebration of the opening of the new Genelec Experience Centre, The Audio Video People are presenting a programme of special events, open days, seminars and more, over the coming months.