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Articles May-June 2021

Pursuing the Pro Audio Trail

In conversation with Caroline Moss and Sue Gould

PT got in touch with the Pro AVL Asia magazine core team of Editor - Caroline Moss and Sales Director - Sue Gould, who between them boast of over three decades of experience in the pro audio industry..... read more

NJSM Marks a Milestone in the Business of Sound

From Rental Company to manufacturer and innovator, Nixon Johnny has guided and grown NJSM from a two-person company to a fifty-person company, continuing to expand into virtual events with NJSM Virtual Studio..... read more

Tech Savvy Environment for T-Systems

Eyte Technologies installs high-tech AV Solution at T-System’s Experience Center facilitating brand value and delivering superior customer experience..... read more

Conversations with SudeepAudio

Sudeep Audio, one of India’s first pro audio web store selling studio software and equipment online commenced its YouTube Channel, ConverSAtions, in 2011 to share the journey of Indian Sound Engineers..... read more

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Serato releases Serato DJ 1.9.6

Serato has released Serato DJ 1.9.6 which is an update that includes DVS-specific tweaks like Smart Sync, improved Sticker Lock and the new Anti-Drift feature. The latter calculates a track’s overall average tempo and displays it.

With Serato DJ 1.9.6 comes additions and improvements for DVS users. DJ’s who spin on turntables will find at least one or all of the below feature updates very beneficial.

DVS Improvements

Serato DJ 1.9.6 includes a number of improvements for DVS hardware users- the option to enable Smart Sync and the new Anti-Drift feature to help stabilize BPM. All these features can be found in the setup menu.

Using turntables gives a lot of platter control to the user, but it doesn’t come without a cost. Wow/Flutter is a common nuisance that you’ll experience when playing vinyl, caused by variables of the turntable or vinyl itself, resulting in unexpected BPM fluctuations.

The introduction of Anti-Drift combats wow/flutter by calculating the rotational speed of the vinyl and ignoring every abnormal rotation by applying an average. After a few rotations, your deck’s BPM will be sitting at a stable number, resulting in a much more reliable beat-mixing experience.

Performance Enhancements

This update includes Pitch Play mappings for select hardware, Favorite FX Banks and an enable/disable Hot Cues option in the setup menu.

There’s an option from Scratch Live to enable and disable setting Hot Cues. Turning off this feature will stop the frustration of accidentally setting cues on unwanted spaces for those that thrash performance pads. The user can toggle this setting in the DJ Preferences tab of the SETUP screen.

When Hot Cues are disabled, Cue Points can only be set by pressing control + numbers 1-0 on the user computer’s keyboard. Cue Points will not be set with the press of a single button/key on your hardware or keyboard.

The user can have two entirely different FX Banks saved, available to load whenever needed.

Each bank when saved will remember the FX loaded with each parameter that was set. This is useful when wanting to switch between two configurations.

Stability Enhancements and Improvements

This update includes a significant number of stability enhancements and further improvements including a fix for Drop to ABS & Sticker Lock sensitivity, Smart Crate key notation, improvements to Loops and looping functionality, audio + memory optimizations and much more.

All Free Trials Reset and Hardware Support

All Serato DJ trials have been reset and any user with supported Serato DJ Intro or Serato DJ hardware can now trial the full Serato DJ Suite, which includes Serato DJ and all the Expansion Packs.

It enables support for the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2, Club Kit support for the Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 mixer and official Serato Accessory support for the Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2.