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Pursuing the Pro Audio Trail

In conversation with Caroline Moss and Sue Gould

PT got in touch with the Pro AVL Asia magazine core team of Editor - Caroline Moss and Sales Director - Sue Gould, who between them boast of over three decades of experience in the pro audio industry..... read more

NJSM Marks a Milestone in the Business of Sound

From Rental Company to manufacturer and innovator, Nixon Johnny has guided and grown NJSM from a two-person company to a fifty-person company, continuing to expand into virtual events with NJSM Virtual Studio..... read more

Tech Savvy Environment for T-Systems

Eyte Technologies installs high-tech AV Solution at T-System’s Experience Center facilitating brand value and delivering superior customer experience..... read more

Conversations with SudeepAudio

Sudeep Audio, one of India’s first pro audio web store selling studio software and equipment online commenced its YouTube Channel, ConverSAtions, in 2011 to share the journey of Indian Sound Engineers..... read more

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Reloop Mixon4 a new 4-channel hybrid DJ controller

In close collaboration with Serato and Algoriddim, Reloop proudly presents the first hybrid Performance controller RELOOP MIXON4 that fuses the two acclaimed DJ softwares with a multi-platform concept.

With Algoriddim djay PRO, the music is at your fingertips, with popular streaming service Spotify, giving you instant access to more than 30 million tracks in a powerful and award-winning app.

It has 16 RGB, velocity-sensitive drum pads you can trigger powerful modes as Hot Cue, Loop Roll, Sampler, Slicer, Flip and Cue & Slicer Loop modes. It improves your finger drumming skills in the touch-sensitive Sampler mode, which determines the volume by how hard you trigger a pad.

The multi-coloured, backlit LED pads give you instant feedback about the active mode and reflects the colour-coded cue points in the software. The all-new Pitch Play mode allows for playful and creative live remixing of cue points at different tones and pitches.

The SLIP mode activated the playing track that can be manipulated with loops or scratches without interrupting the flow of the music. The track position continues in the background, jumping to its current position once the manipulation is over. You can also set perfect auto loops with the push of a button in the dedicated LOOP section. The new LOOP length LED bar conveniently shows the current beat length which can be easily selected via an encoder.

To that Gerald Barbyer, Product Manager Reloop said, “We are thrilled to present our newest Performance Hybrid Controller that offers an unparalleled experience to the World of Digital DJing, comments Gerald Barbyer, Product Manager of Reloop. MIXON 4 was developed together with two of the leading DJ software companies in their field, forging this unique concept that enables mixing across all platforms: DJs can unlock the full potential of Serato DJ and be more creative with the newest expansion packs and forward-thinking controls. NextGen users will love the freedom and advanced integration with Algoriddim’s djay PRO, especially when experiencing the raw power with an iPAD PRO placed beautifully into the docking station.”

Karim Morsey, CEO Algoriddim, “Mixon is an incredibly versatile and powerful solution for any type of DJ and we are very excited to have partnered with Reloop on this new hardware,” said Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. “It’s the first controller designed specifically to integrate with iPad Pro and djay Pro and it takes the experience of using our apps to a whole new level, across desktop and mobile devices alike.”

Martin Cains, Serato Product Planner “We have closely collaborated with Reloop to develop the Mixon 4, their latest 4-channel controller for Serato DJ to ensure tight integration between hardware and software features. This controller is another great device for DJs wanting the flexibility of an all-in-one setup.”

Top Features

- Industry first Hybrid Design to work plug ‘n’ play with djay PRO and SeratoDJ (enabled)
- Multi-Platform support for iOS/Android/PC/Mac
- First, integrated docking station that holds up to an iPad PRO (12.9”)
- 8 colour-coded performance modes including brand new Pitch Play
- Unique Macro FX Mode: Combine any Effect with the Sound Filter on each Channel