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Articles July-August 2020

Bay Owl Studios – Not Just Music by the Bay

Launched in February 2020, Bay Owl Studios was founded by Varun Parikh who is an audio engineer and had no significant musical influence while growing up. His first exposure to music came when he was in high school..... read more

Harman all the Way

India’s First Domestic Hotel Chain – the Luxurious MAYFAIR Lake Resort – hires Qubix Technologies to provide state-of-the-art, end-to-end Integration with HARMAN Professional Solutions. PT reports..... read more

ANGRIYA Cruises the Seas with Bose

Latest cruise ships are teaming with audiovisual technology designed to keep passengers awed and coming back for more. In this feature PT reports on the audio installation of one such cruise ship - The Angriya Luxury Cruise Liner..... read more

Sennheiser 75-year Milestone

June 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of the foundation of Sennheiser, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones and wireless transmission systems. Through these 75 years, Sennheiser..... read more

Adiyogi Divya Darshanam Continues to Raise Standards

Since it’s unveiling in 2019 by the President of India Shri Ram NathKovind, the Adiyogi Divya Darshanam has enthralled spectators from across the globe. In May this year, this one of its kind projection mapping..... read more

Shankar & Siddharth Mahadevan’s Lambodara Studios

In the March-June 2020 issue of PALM Technology, PT did a cover story on Shankar and Siddharth Mahadevan’s new studio Lambodara. Here are some more images of the new studio..... read more

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms- Part 2

In part 1 of this series we defined a small room, introduced the concept of sound waves as they relate to phase shift and comb filtering, and even touched on the Haas (precedence) effect. In this article, we will talk..... read more

IRAA 2020 Goes Virtual

PALM expo’s concern to ensure safety from ongoing pandemic mandated cancelation of the 2020 edition of PALM expo and in the best interest of the industry and business, decided not to move forward with the expo in 2020, carrying forward the show to May 2021..... read more

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An enlightening aural experience captivates AIIMS Jodhpur with an all Bose Pro audio architecture

Students, staff and teaching faculty at the AIIMS Jodhpur are in awe of their very own enchanting 942-seater multi-purpose auditorium, which entails sights of aesthetic regale and a phenomenal aural experience that enthrals, thanks to an avant-garde professional audio architecture comprising RoomMatch® loudspeakers and PowerMatch® amplifiers from the world’s leading brand in innovative pro audio technology – Bose Professional.

AIIMS Jodhpur is one of the SIX NEW AIIMS established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, Institute of National Importance (INI) under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna (PMSSY) has for long been the fore-runner excellence institution in the field of medicine and medical studies. And the AIIMS institute in Jodhpur is no exception to this norm – offering curricular and extra-curricular infrastructure that’s designed to foster holistic development of their students in every aspect of life. A key highlight of the facilities and infrastructure is the sprawling auditorium; which undoubtedly makes for a visually stunning space, in addition to the fact of it playing host to the wide variety of applications like Conferences and Seminars, Drama and Theatre, Classical Dance and Music Performances, College Festivals and Cultural Programs, Movie playback in 5.1 Cinema Surround, and VIP functions, to name a few.

During the commissioning stages of the auditorium though, it was found that the space posed several acoustical challenges due to the sheer expanse and the physical dimensions, in addition to the extensive use of certain materials which obviously increased cosmetic appeal but impugned acoustic intelligibility. It is at this point that AIIMS Jodhpur’s Engineer-In-Charge, Shri RK Joshi, SE-AIIMS Jodhpur, along with his team, recognised the auditorium’s need for a special solution that could offer a high degree of intelligibility and, at the same time, be aesthetically appealing to maintain the facility’s appealing visuals. Hi-Tech Audio – the official partners for Bose Professional Systems in North India – presented the perfect solution.

Manik Gupta of Hi-Tech Audio shares, “We proposed a tech solution after commissioning a thorough analysis of the venue, which involved a comprehensive acoustic modelling of the space. Based on the results derived from the analysis, and working diligently on Engineer-In-Charge, Shri RK Joshi, SE-AIIMS Jodhpur directive of ensuring an immersive sound experience, our team at Hi-tech Audio team in conjunction with Bose Professional India’s technical design team devised an audio architecture comprising the Bose RoomMatch® line array system with the revolutionary Delta-Q progressive directivity technology as the primary FOH system; along with Bose RoomMatch® Utility series loudspeakers strewn across the flanks and ends of the auditorium space to act as the surround sound loudspeaker system. The Bose Modeler® design software helped us identify a lot of reverberation and peculiar reflection patterns, which in-turn helped in narrowing down on the precise combination of RoomMatch loudspeakers, PowerMatch amplifiers and Control Space processors to deliver a soundscape coverage that would thoroughly cover every nook and corner of the seating area. This was the kind of high-quality engineered solution that the management had desired; And we are extremely happy to know of the management’s approval and satisfaction with the performance of the system”.

The auditorium’s system consists of Left-Center-Right RoomMatch® arrays, RoomMatch® RM12020, RM9020 and RM7020 modules being deployed in each array. These modules are highly steerable, thereby allowing the engineers to direct audio to a great degree of concentration to maximizing intelligibility, and, also deliver appropriate SPL with right tonal balance needed for the wide variety of applications. Two units of dual 15” RoomMatch® subwoofers are included in each of the main Left and Right arrays, while the middle array which is primarily intended for centre channel content during cinema applications is shorter and devoid of any subwoofers. The surround system includes Bose RoomMatch® Utility RM108 multi-utility loudspeakers, which uses the same compression drivers as the main array speakers, strategically placed across the venue to ensure crystal clear audio delivery at every seat. The stage monitors are multi-position Bose Panaray® Series loudspeakers which can cater to individual or group foldback needs. The entire system is driven by six units of highly configurable PowerMatch® amplifiers providing up to 2400W of power; while processing and overall management takes place through a modular ControlSpace® Engineered Sound Processor with 12 inputs and 16 outputs; with instant control of sound system operating modes and other critical parameters available through a programmable dedicated surface mount DSP controller.

“The entire loudspeaker system at the auditorium sounds so beautiful – it’s like a truly immersive surround sound experience. The system functions so wonderfully, and the quality of sound is really crisp and clear. We are so happy we chose to partner with Bose!” stated a senior member of the AIIMS Jodhpur management. And speaking about the audience’s response, Engineer-In-Charge, Shri RK Joshi, SE-AIIMS Jodhpur stated, “Everybody absolutely loves the sound – they love the atmosphere that it provides in here, and it is so heartening to witness how deeply involved and engaged the audience gets into whatever’s happening on-stage. Kudos to the entire audio team, and great commendation to Bose Professional for offering such wonderful products.”

Vibhor Khanna, Country Manager, Bose Professional India, shares, “To be associated with a prestigious name like AIIMS Jodhpur is absolutely amazing. First off, we’d like to thank the entire management at AIIMS Jodhpur for trusting Bose to deliver the kind of world class sound experience that their magnificent auditorium truly deserves. Commendation to the Hi-Tech Audio team, who worked closely with our team of expert technical design engineers, to deliver a system architecture that’s absolutely stunning in every sense of the word. I believe the auditorium at AIIMS Jodhpur is a shining example of a truly adept and efficient performance space; and it is a matter of great pride for everyone involved with this project, that the eventual result is nothing less than spectacular sound.”