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Articles Jan-Feb 2021

TAG Basics

A view from within

TAG is a modern day audio institute in India’s fast evolving audio education segment. State-of-the-art technology in all three studio suites at the institute is ensuring that TAG is emerging as a front runner..... read more

Sonic Boom - In Conversation with Farhad K. DadyBurjor

PT spoke to Farhad DadyBurjor, one of the most respected and sought after sound engineers in the country today. In a career spanning over 3 decades, Farhad has built an impressive..... read more

Studio Showcase

Recording & Mixing studios are behind the success of any great record and in a country like India where music is an important part of everyday life musicians have a host of options they can choose..... read more

New Edge Studios Transforms into an Immersive Mix Room

Founded in 2015 by sought-after sound engineer Shadab Rayeen, New Edge Studios has been a preferred destination for many acclaimed Indian music directors, producers and artistes. In order to remain on the cutting-edge of audio production..... read more

Top 30 Products 2021 – PALM Technology

Global Pro Sound & Light Technology

The year 2020 has taken all of us on a topsy-turvy ride. The COVID-19 pandemic completely shut down the world impacting every industry. The unexpected turn of events left the pro-audio, installation, lighting and DJ industry..... read more

Acoustic and Audio Systemdesign for Small Rooms - Part 5

In the previous part, the article discussed frequency responses of speakers and how they relate to the listening experience. That discussion is the perfect overture to this next topic of interest..... read more


Established in 2011, CELTO Acoustique is a premium manufacturer of professional audio systems for rentals and installation industry.

Founder, owner and CEO - Arthur Felix first displayed his entrepreneurial skills at the age of 14 when he built his first loudspeakers with his father in their garage..... read more

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LD Systems Expands Portfolio for Permanent Installation Sector

At last year’s Integrated Systems Europe show, Adam Hall Group announced a variety of new LD Systems audio products for audio-visual integration. The diverse range of professional installation solutions are now ready for release. In addition to the MAUI i1 – the first MAUI specially designed for use in permanent installations – and DQOR loudspeakers, which are also available in 70/100 V versions, the IMA and IPA amplifier series offer maximum flexibility as central signal modules functioning in the background. The steadily growing portfolio of LD Systems installation products is completed by the new ZONE X 1208 DSP matrix processors, which operate with configurable user layouts, app integration, and optional Dante network connection in the interface between integrator and end user.

“The goal of Integrated Systems is to always provide solutions,” explains Gabriel Alonso Calvillo, Product Manager, Integrated Systems, and plays a major role in developing our new installation series. “That’s why we initially focused on product solutions which are required for daily planning and installation operations. Creating relevant technical platforms will allow us to offer specialized solutions in the future too. In this way, we want to continually increase our market share in the AV fixed installation sector, while also simultaneously respecting the values that have always represented Adam Hall and its brands: reliability, performance, user orientation, design, and innovation. We are also expanding our project support at the same time. In the future, we will increasingly act as the point of contact for our partners and customers, both in-house and on site."

An Overview of the New LD Systems Installation Solutions:

MAUI i1 – Indoor / Outdoor Passive Installation Column Loudspeaker

The MAUI i1 has nine 3-inch full-range woofers and two 1-inch neodymium tweeters, including a two-way frequency range, and supplies 120 watts (RMS) at 8 ohms. The BEM-optimized high-frequency waveguide makes it possible to precisely control the vertical dispersion and ensure the balanced distribution of sound throughout a space – even in difficult acoustic environments. The MAUI i1 is also equipped with an 8 ohm/70 V/100 V control switch with tap connections for 60, 30, 15, and 7.5 watts for smooth integration into constant-voltage loudspeaker systems. A special U-shaped mounting bracket for flexible wall mounting is included in the scope of delivery. The MAUI i1 installation column loudspeaker is now available in either black or white.

DQOR Series – Outdoor and Indoor Installation Loudspeakers

The new DQOR series’ installation loudspeakers are suitable for both outdoor and indoor projects. The two-way systems are available in 3'' (DQOR 3), 5.25'' (DQOR 5), and 8'' (DQOR 8) sizes and come in low- and high-impedance (T) versions with 8 and 16 ohms respectively. The DQOR models can also be integrated into 70/100 V environments using a control switch for variable power tapping. The product housing is outfitted with a built-in wall mounting bracket as well as a handy slide/lock mechanism for flexible use in many different indoor and outdoor applications.  The new DQOR series is available in black and white.

IMA 30 and IMA 60 – Mixing Amplifier with Four Priority Levels and 70/100 V Tap

The IMA 30 (30 W @ 4 ohms) and IMA 60 (60 W @ 4 ohms) models are the first products to be released by LD Systems in the new IMA series. The wide range of input and output options, including Bluetooth for the wireless connection of music sources and a multistage priority circuit, means the mixing amplifiers in the compact 9.5-inch housing can be freely integrated into commercial and industrial applications. Both IMA models offer four priority levels for emergency calls, microphone/line inputs, connected music sources, and an optional automatic standby mode.

IPA 424 T/IPA 412 T – DSP-Based Four-Channel Power Amplifiers

The LD Systems portfolio now also includes DSP-based installation power amplifiers due to the introduction of the IPA series. The four-channel IPA 412 T (120 W) and IPA 424 T (240 W) models have built-in transformers for each channel, a 100 V/70 V tap, and a low-impedance output up to 4 ohms. Both models feature an expansion card slot that allows IPA amplifiers (including all DSP parameters) to be controlled via Ethernet and seamlessly integrated into larger installation networks via Dante (AoIP). The IPA series can also be operated with LD Systems remote control units and paging microphones by using a CAN-based (controller area network) REMOTE bus (in/out).

ZONE X 1208/ZONE X 1208 D

ZONE X 1208 – a 19-inch hybrid DSP matrix processor with diverse remote control options, lets users load DSP templates for a variety of installation requirements. In combination with the integrated Event Scheduler (planner), calendar-specific workflows can be created to automatically change presets. The ZONE X 1208 also features a REMOTE bus for seamless integration of LD Systems wall panels and paging microphones. As a flexible signal matrix, ZONE X 1208 offers 12 balanced microphone/line inputs with high-quality microphone preamps and 48 V phantom power for each channel, eight balanced line outputs, and eight GPI and eight GPO logic ports. In addition to ZONE X 1208, the matrix processor is available as ZONE X 1208 D with an integrated Ethernet + Dante card with 64 × 64 Dante AoIP channels.

Depending on the installation project’s size and complexity, LD Systems AV solutions can be flexibly combined with Adam Hall’s wide-ranging product portfolio of brands, including Cameo (lighting technology), Palmer (signal distribution), Gravity (stands and accessories), Defender (cable protectors), AH Hardware (cases and racks), and many more.