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Articles May-June 2021

Pursuing the Pro Audio Trail

In conversation with Caroline Moss and Sue Gould

PT got in touch with the Pro AVL Asia magazine core team of Editor - Caroline Moss and Sales Director - Sue Gould, who between them boast of over three decades of experience in the pro audio industry..... read more

NJSM Marks a Milestone in the Business of Sound

From Rental Company to manufacturer and innovator, Nixon Johnny has guided and grown NJSM from a two-person company to a fifty-person company, continuing to expand into virtual events with NJSM Virtual Studio..... read more

Tech Savvy Environment for T-Systems

Eyte Technologies installs high-tech AV Solution at T-System’s Experience Center facilitating brand value and delivering superior customer experience..... read more

Conversations with SudeepAudio

Sudeep Audio, one of India’s first pro audio web store selling studio software and equipment online commenced its YouTube Channel, ConverSAtions, in 2011 to share the journey of Indian Sound Engineers..... read more

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RCF Expands Business Music Range with New Products

RCF adds new products to Business Music Range highlighting new amplifiers, DSP, microphones and speakers

The RCF catalog significantly expands the installation range, assisting the architect and installer with application-focused series installation products conceived for both background and foreground music. The line-up marks a new standard for all applications that require high-quality music reinforcement with a scalable and flexible architecture. Business Music range is the perfect solution for small to large installations, distributing several audio feeds in multiple environments, each with specific volume and equalization needs. The target application range is extensive and varies from retail stores to bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, education or public facilities, and in general, to any A/V application. The line includes amplifiers, DSP, microphones, and speakers, combining uncompromised sound quality, full processing features, and easy configuration.

Amplifiers feature incredibly compact size (1/2 rack unit width and 1-rack unit height), making them ideal for both desktop or rack installation with the optional accessory. Their accurate design represents a crossover point between professional and consumer markets with contemporary style and environmental robustness (IP 30 protection grade and high-efficiency thermal dissipation). There are two Digital Mixer Amplifiers models, the DMA 82 (2 x 80W) and DMA 162 (2 x 160W), combining a powerful Matrix/DSP platform with recallable speaker presets. The OLED front panel makes the setup extremely user friendly. Configuration can also be performed via the RCF universal RDNet software, using the optional board. At the same time, it’s also possible to control some of the device features from third-party systems via serial protocol. DMA can distribute four audio channels to satellite DMA-P units, allowing easy installation and scalable architecture.

With on-board digital signal processing, the DMA 162P (2 x 160W) amplifier increases the installed power in a multi-room architecture. One analog stereo input and four-channel Bus (via CAT5 cables) can be routed to power outputs via DIP switches. DSP configuration and presets only via RDNet. Each unit can receive four mono or dual stereo channels from the 4-channel audio Bus, with a local stereo input as an alternative. Line output for the subwoofer is also available.

Expanding the features further are the RC 401 Remote Control and the BM 404 Paging Console. They work in conjunction with the DMA units. RC 401 offers Volume Control and Source Select; BM 404 Microphone base can manage up to four zones, with up to four paging consoles connected in a daisy-chain fashion, interlocked.

Speakers for Business Music applications offer an acoustic performance inspired by RCF’s top-of-the-line professional products with high-value industrial design features. MF 33EN is a discreet ceiling speaker designed for recess installation in false ceilings or panels, with a 100°x160° coverage angle for both 8 ohms and constant voltage lines. For horizontal or vertical wall-mount installation, the WMF 33EN speaker is available. The self-extinguishing EN54-24 certified enclosure and the highly intelligible voice reproduction make it also perfect for voice-alarm and evac messages. Surface mount Monitor speakers - the MR 40T and MR 50T (in either white or black self-extinguishing plastic cabinet) - are 2-way bass reflex speakers for high-quality background music reinforcement, available with or without line transformer.