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Pursuing the Pro Audio Trail

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Conversations with SudeepAudio

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18 Bodyguard Rooftop & Skybar Equipped with British Acoustics

Mayvilas is one of Dehradun’s finest luxurious boutique hotels, wonderfully located in the valley. Its elegance can be seen in its harmonious architecture, panoramic front and warm hospitality. 18 Bodyguard is chistened on the rooftop of this hotel, aiming to add a dash of entertainment to these luxurious stays.

18 Bodyguard is a newly opened Rooftop & Skybar within the luxury boutique hotel that promises a luxurious view of the city in the company of good food and great music. At the heart of the music, is the British Acoustics 6 Series system, coupled with the VS systems as fills installed by Systems Integrator Audio Technik, New Delhi.

“Mayvilas approached us looking for a great sounding system that can sustain high SPL clubbing but must be aesthetically appealing all the same” said Roshan Nair, Director, Audio Technik.

British Acoustics PW 615 installed as the main PA system

The brief was to deliver a High Energy Bar where guests can unwind over a drink after a long day. The system should also be capable of handling a private or corporate event. The real challenge however was in the fact that all of this had to be done without disturbing the guests in the rooms. The place wasn’t acoustically treated to isolate the bar completely and this amped up the challenge of reducing the sound from travelling into the other areas of the hotel.

“The owners were extremely passionate about the project and every little detail was monitored by them. We immediately chose British Acoustics as the correct fit for the installation as it perfectly fit the bill” added Ashish Khanna, Sales Lead at Audio Technik.

“British Acoustics & Audio Technik are both well-known brands in the acoustic industry. Just on viewing their proposal, we were impressed by the level of detail with which they understood our requirement. We almost instantly finalised the order, and boy are we happy with that!” said Mr. Yogi Chauhan, Owner, Mayvilas Dehradun.

The system comprises a set of multiple PW 615’s as the main PA system, complemented by the LF extension of the high-performance Delta 818 subwoofer. A host of the mini yet powerful, VS Series systems fill the remainder of the club as well as the rooftop. The system is powered by the TK series, Class-H amplifiers that are exceedingly reliable and tonally brilliant. The entire system is tied in with the Delta Series Speaker Management System.

The club and the rooftop equipped with VS Series systems

“We chose British Acoustics as we were sure of the quality, performance and support. We have had an excellent relation with their team and their products adhere to extremely high standards,” added Roshan.

“We received the layouts from Audio Technik and designed the system based on their inputs. We focused on even distribution and multiple layering of speakers rather than a single FOH set-up as this would help in containing the sound within the club. Individual Amplification channels meant we had better DSP control over the speakers and we could ensure tonal balance and safety at the venue,” said Anurag Khanna, DGM-North, VMT Enterprise.

“We have been working with the team at Audio Technik closely and they are as professional as they are warm. Once a site is taken over by their team, there is very little assistance required. Their team is both qualified and motivated to provide not only the best solutions, but also services. It was this combination that outlines the success at 18 Bodyguard” concluded Anurag.

The system was installed and commissioned during the Lockdown.