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Articles March-April 2021

Step Inside the All New Mondosonic Studio

The all new Mondosonic Studio, located in Ottapalam, Kerela, is a custom Music Production Facility and Studio. With Recording Equipment, Workflows..... read more

Bishwadeep Conceptualizes Sound Design in the Box

Having spent most of his career in Song and Music Recording, Bishwadeep Dipak Chatterjee was constantly toying with the idea of getting involved in designing sound for films..... read more

Celto Acoustique

Established in 2011, CELTO Acoustique is a premium manufacturer of professional audio products for the events and install industry. Founder, owner and CEO - Arthur Felix first displayed his entrepreneurial skills at the age of 14 when he built..... read more

Acoustically OdBle

With Vijay Benegal and Mujeeb Dadarkar

Vijay Benegal and Mujeeb Dadarkar have between them more than 4 decades of extensive experience in the audio industry in India. They have done it all, from recording and mixing for ad films, to doing live sound for renowned artistes..... read more

All About Music, the Marantz Story

In conversation with Joel Sietsem and Alankara Santhana

Marantz has established a strong foundation in the industry with their High fidelity audio systems since the 1970s. Marantz designs products that have intricate detail..... read more

Acoustic and Audio System Design for Small Rooms - PART 6

By - Rahul Sarma, CEO, Menura Acoustic Labs in collaboration with Sound Wizard

We started this series with the definition of a small room, and went on to discuss wave interactions. We continued onto sound isolation, absorption and diffusion in parts 2 and 3. Parts 4 and 5 covered system design goals and finally how to optimize a system..... read more

Studio Showcase

If you had a sign above every Studio door saying ‘This studio is a Musical Instrument’ it would make such a different approach to recording.” - Brian Eno..... read more

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Orange Mint Choses Mackie and Dynatech for New Outlet

The Orange Mint Lounge has opened a new outlet in Powai, Mumbai after a grand launch on December 12th with audio systems from Mackie and Dynatech.

Installed by Mumbai based solution providers SoS Audio, the pro audio setup consists of multiple units of the Mackie SRM650 powered loudspeakers hung from the ceiling as the primary audio system, with the Dynatech HP-15A+ active loudspeakers for close-up DJ monitoring.

“Having previously installed Mackie Thump15A at their Vashi location, the management of Orange Mint wanted to abide with Mackie for their new branch as well. We suggested the SRM650 powered loudspeakers owing to its impactful delivery, unparalleled coverage and amazing headroom. As for the Dynatech HP-15A+ they offer great clarity, are extremely versatile and super easy to move around. We could tell that the patrons were absolutely loving the high energy ambience and thoroughly enjoying the music experience at the launch party. The management is thrilled with the response garnered and so are we,” says Prashant Salvi of SoS Audio.