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Riding the LED growth wave

In conversation with Ronald S D’Souza

While fellow lighting manufacturers and distributors in India consistently grab the headlines, Ronald S D’Souza – CEO, Leksa Lighting Technologies Pvt Ltd., calmly goes about his business. Not the oldest brand on the block, Leksa was founded a little over a year ago in 2017. Since then the company has executed stage lighting for 3600 seater state-of-the-art auditorium in Cochin, executed the architectural lighting design for the Bhubaneshwar Hockey World Cup Stadium and the company’s clientele today includes reputed organizations like ISRO, Infosys, Zee TV group, DDK, Godrej, TV18 group, TV Today, Star TV, Sony TV and many more. PT caught up with Ronald D’Souza to find out more.

Leksa was founded in 2017 by which time the lighting industry in India was already well populated with brands, both national and international. Brand Leksa originated with support from its group of companies to serve and add value to the specialized lighting segment. The vision was to give the best experience to customers by starting a new era of smart lighting products and solutions. “There is a big gap in the Indian Industry between what a customer wants and what is available. I have a wide experience in the lighting field, which I developed on my own interest and involvement. Having that experience along with sound professional background, which is required for any industry, this is where I thought we can do much better value addition compared to the other players in the specialized lights manufacturing industry for the customers in terms of technology and professional service to the industry,” says D’souza.

Leksa Lighting majorly manufactuers specialized Lighting systems for TV studio, Auditorium stage, Film and fiction shoot, Video conferencing, Stadium and Architectural façade lighting segments.

LED tech at Leksa

Adoption of LED technology, though still in its nascent stage in India is definitely on an evolution path moving rapidly from traditional lighting technologies to LED and this segment is where Leksa envisions its growth. “LED technology in specialized lighting has a bright future and our core strength is LED and we are proud to say that we are very strong in LED technology. Our motto is to convert all the old technology lights like halogen, Florescent, HMI to LED equivalent with much better results and benefits. The customer will benefit in a big way in terms of performance, flexibility, better reproduction clarity, low operating cost, long life.”

D’souza stresses on intense energy savings and other major cost benefits of adopting or converting to LED. Citing benefits in the auditorium segment he says, “as of today, most of the auditoriums are equipped with the old technology i.e. halogen or CFL. With these type of lights, they are already paying huge money for electricity bills as energy consumption is more. Secondly, these lights are emitting lot of heat, then you need more air-conditioning. With halogen lights, the maintenance is very high as you must change the lamps now and then and now even these lamps are vanishing from the market. In case of LEDs, once it is fixed, 10 to 15 years it will work without any problem. India has a varied cultural background that is why opportunities are wide. New auditoriums are opening up. It is bigger than the broadcast industry. “

Leksa lights are specifically designed, developed and customized for Auditoriums and Entertainment venues, as also the Studio, Film, Fiction, Broadcast and Entertainment industries. “We have over 35 series of lights with more than 200 models in it. We have multi-purpose CCT Tunable 30W/60W ENG kit, CCT Tunable Panels, excellent chroma key panels, Titus series replacing HMI lights, Admire Series, in this you can boost the light to double and get the 6KW brightness of HMI light in just 1KW, LEK-Sun Series LED Pars have 10 models, then LED Fresnel lights with 50W/100W/200W/300W/400W and many more varieties. Apart from this we have few variants for Architectural and Video conference application as well. “

Lights for Video Conferencing

Elaborating on lights for video conferencing, D’souza says, “Many people have approached us for developing a good lighting system for video conferencing, which is not there in the Indian market till now. Customers have given us a good opportunity to do something new in this area and that has motivated us to make a specialized lighting for video conferencing. So we developed an excellent Video Conference light called Conex = Excellence in Conference. This is a 50W remote/Bluetooth based CCT tunable light with high purity. It can be easily mounted on a 1x1 or 2x2 false ceiling. Our customers were happy when they used our VC light in the conference as they see the re-production clarity is superb without having any shadow based ghost image in the video out quality. Corporates are spending so much money in other areas in conference room, whereas negligible budget is required for getting a good image re-production through our video conference lighting.”

For the film industry, Leksa manufactures LED lights for used with high-end cameras. “The key point here is that we have some CCT tunable LED lights for the industry having CRI, TLCI values are above 97.5 ~ 98 throughout. Green tone is completely removed, flicker free, can shoot up to 10,000 Frames Per second, compatible with 4K & 8K. We have approached some of the big cinematographers in India and have given them our lights to use. These minimum budget highly pure lights can do a pretty good job and we have already got a huge acceptance in the market,” he says. “Today more than 10 fictions shoots are happening completely in LED through LEKSA lights,” he adds.

R&D at Leksa

When it comes to developing products, Dsouza informs that there is constant R&D with engineers designing and working on products that the customers want. “We give top most priority to build and quality. We have a talented in-house R&D and Quality Team with highly skilled Technicians in production. Major components we are using in our lights are rated as per international quality and most of them are customized, and thoroughly checked during Proto-type stage and before dispatch from our factory. We are using the best drivers/Power supplies in the world for better reliability.”

Leksa has Regional offices, service centers and dealers all over India. Customers can approach the regional Offices for any support. Besides this, Leksa vendors in Mumbai maintain an exhaustive inventory for films and serials.

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