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Articles May-Jun 2022

PALM AV-ICN Exhibitor ListingNew!

Exhibitor Listing

Exhibitors spent three fruitful days at the PALM AV-ICN 2022, showcasing latest products and solutions. Browse through the list of all 2022 PALM AV-ICN exhibitors. Exhibitor information is provided solely for the use of attendees to search for brands /products / services offered by exhibiting companies.... read more

Articles May-Jun 2022


Global Pro Sound & Light Technology

PALM has selected the Top 50 Pro Audio and Lighting Products & Technology, trending in the National and / or international markets. The demand for advanced technology has made the industry competitive with global brands unveiling the latest product technology and new versions of equipment with upgraded ... read more

Articles May-Jun 2022


Glimpse of One of The Plants at Noida, U.P.

This year PALM + AV-ICN is honouring the AHUJA FAMILY for their Leadership of over Eight Decades in the Pro Audio Industry with the Lifetime Contribution to The Pro Audio Industry Award at the PALM Sound & Light awards. This award recognizes over Eighty Years of innovation, quality & reliability of brand AHUJA in meeting the demands of Pro Audio products in India. This award acknowledges their commitment to... read more

Articles May-Jun 2022


Awarded for highest standards in adopting best innovation and vision in AV Architecture This award has been instituted for an AV Architect chosen by AV-ICN platform to be recognized for the quality of his body of work, incorporating the best innovation and vision in AV architecture. In this feature, we highlight one of the most prestigious projects accomplished by Narendra Naidu - The Statue of Unity... read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2022


PALM Expo was launched in 2001, in response to the top music recording engineers in Bombay desiring a dedicated pro audio expo. Bombay was the music recording capital and Bollywood Bombay boasted of the big studios and big sound rental companies and the beginning of the big stage... read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2022

Milind Raorane Sets the Tone at ToyRoom MumbaiNew!

ToyRoom outfitted its second outpost in Mumbai with Electro-Acoustic Design Consultant Milind Raorane to deploy a comprehensive Sound and Audio design that would enhance the unapparelled ambience of the nightclub. PALM +AV-ICN Reports.
Nex Protection Technology

Located in Kalina, Mumbai, Toy-Room Mumbai is established on the premises of the vibrant and stylish Grand Hyatt, one of Mumbai's sophisticated leisure and business... read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2022

Post Pandemic Video Conferencing RiseNew!

Abdul Waheed is the Managing Director at EYTE Technologies. A CTS holder from Avixa, Member of the Certificate Committee of AVIXA, has been in the AV industry for more than two decades, delivering many successful projects across various segments. Abdul gives his overview of the video-conferencing industry and the latest market trends.

ommunication, the human connection is the key to personal and professional success. It is very important to have effective communication... read more

Articles Mar-Apr 2022

The CHORDFATHER Experience New!

Neumann's first Studio Monitor Experience Center in Mumbai
Nex Protection Technology

Recently Neumann in collaboration with well-known music composer, producer, sound engineer, and live engineer, Sunny M.R.'s Chordfather Productions announced the launch of its exclusive Studio Monitor Experience Center for audio professionals... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2022

Understanding the Dynamic Evolution of Projection Technology with NEC New!

Humans have always wanted to bring their imagination to life. Introducing 2K / 4K projectors that deliver superior colors’ and high resolution has made that possible.
Nex Protection Technology

The high detail, true color rendition and cinema-like quality video of projectors are being leveraged by Artists, museums, schools and businesses alike to educate, attract and engage customers or to uplift and inspire people in new and innovative ways...... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2022

Integrated System Design Crafts a Savvy Aural Experience Hot!

HARMAN Professional Solutions & ISD install a comprehensive Aural setup at Pass Code Hospitality newly opened restaurants.
Integrated System Design

When Pass Code Hospitality opened three new bustling restaurants in Lower Parel, Mumbai, they reached out to HARMAN Professional Solutions and Integrated System Design to deploy a comprehensive Aural setup that enhanced each restaurant's theme well....... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2022

Star Dimensions India accomplishes STATE-OF-THE-ART- LIGHTING ARCHITECTURE for the "BANDRA WONDERLAND" project in Mumbai New!

Ashish Mehta & Becket Tundatil Creatively Execute Seamless Architectural Lighting Design at the Iconic Bandra-Worli Sea Link.
Bandra-Worli Sea

Between 24th December 2021 and 2nd January 2022, the project came alive as the sun set on the city - with the entire 1.5 km of the Bandra Reclamation promenade being engulfed in specially themed displays that emphasized the four different seasons of the year, boasting different eye-catching..... read more

Articles Jan-Feb 2022

Understanding the Pro-Audio Market with Sennheiser New!

Sennheiser is a leading manufacturer of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones, and wireless transmission systems and has been creating unique sound experiences for customers. PALM+ AV-ICN got in touch with Vipin Pungalia, Director, Sales - Pro Audio & Country Manager, Sennheiser - India, to learn more about the company's plans for the Indian market.
Vipin Pungalia Pro Audio Country Manager Sennheiser

The live music industry had seen a boom before the third wave of COVID stuck. What are the current industry sentiments, and do you think that the industry is poised to see a boom again? India has always been a music-loving country, for global as well as local artists..... read more

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11 Questions with Joe Pham ------------- May June 2018 Issue!

As QSC celebrates a significant milestone of 50 glorious in the pro audiovisual industry, PALM technology caught up with President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Pham to find out more about the company’s entry into the digital mixer market as well as the company’s short and long-term goals for the Indian market.

1. QSC story is one of constant innovation and forward transformation, what according to you are the five main milestones in terms of product development in the 50-year history of QSC?

We’re delighted and very proud to have introduced quite a few groundbreaking products in our 50th year history, several of which have
President and Chief Executive Officer, QSC LLC

redefined a product category or become a top selling brand. As far as product development milestones, I’ll focus on more recent innovations - since many of these products are still going strong in installations and applications around the world:
• 1995: Introduction of PowerLight amplifiers which ushered in a new era of lightweight amplifier technology
• 2003: Introduction of our DCS loudspeaker line for Cinema market, formally bringing the QSC brand into Cinema
• 2009: Launch of the K Series line of powered loudspeakers, establishing a new industry standard for design and performance and quickly becoming the number one brand in the category
• 2014: Entry into the digital mixer market with the TouchMix™ series of Digital mixers, redefining the category
• 2015: Expanding the lineup of our Q-SYS™ portfolio with the Core 110f processor, providing a revolutionary software-based processing solution for using single room projects up to large Enterprise scale deployments.

2. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of QSC; what can we expect to see from QSC this year?

We are marking this significant milestone in our company history throughout with our year-long “QSC 50 years and forward” celebration. More than a 50th anniversary, we’re very excited about the possibilities for QSC in the future. To say it another way, although we’ve been around for 50 years – we are just getting started! As we continue to experience strong growth across our businesses, QSC will keep to its heritage of technology and product innovation; always listening to the needs of our customers, using what we hear and learn to focus on seeking opportunities to expand our portfolio, expand our business, delight our customers, and provide our employees with a great place to work and grow. In 2018, our customers will see an expanded global presence for QSC including new in-region facilities, additional in-region staff and increased service and support capabilities. For product and solutions: we will continue to innovate in our core categories delivering new products and solutions that serve the needs of our customers around the globe; expanding into some new technology and application areas; and we will continue to increase the capabilities and functionality of our of Q-SYS™ integrated audio, video and control platform for both our Systems and Cinema businesses.

3. QSC has recently entered the digital mixer business. What is the reason for that and how do you expect to succeed in that business, given all the competition?

Quite often, live sound system owners including musicians, bands, AV production professionals find themselves having to choose between great sounding, fully-featured big mixers with more input and output channels and their need for small mixers that have the right channel count and affordability. Our TouchMix™ resolves this problem with a series of right-size mixers with “big console” features and sound. Our TouchMix™ digital mixer has capabilities that rival many of the world’s largest and most prestigious large-format consoles. At the same time, its graphic display and touch-and-turn operation make it compact, intuitive and affordable. We believe TouchMix™ is quite simply the most powerful, small-format digital mixer series ever created. From the highly compact TouchMix-8 to the flagship TouchMix-30 Pro, the TouchMix™ series offers the unique features, capabilities and sound quality of the world’s most esteemed large-format consoles in a refined and portable package that’s small enough to be carry-on luggage. TouchMix™ really goes “Beyond Mixing” by also offering Wizards, Presets and other beneficial tools that help both seasoned audio professionals and novices alike get great results quickly and easily.

4. QSC is known the world-over for making great power amps. Today, there are too many amplifier manufacturers to count. How will QSC remain relevant in the amplifier business going forward?

In our 50 years, QSC has become the clear leader and brand of choice in power amplifier products and technology with unmatched reliability and quality. In the coming years, we are focusing our strategy around technology innovation, and portfolio extensions that carry forward our legacy in amplifiers. We will continue to deliver the most robust, powerful, flexible, and reliable power amplifier solutions available for applications in live sound, cinema and installed sound.

5.QSC, like many other brands, is now a global manufacturer. QSC quality is well-understood across the world but how do you maintain that quality using manufacturing locations located outside of the US?

We are very proud of the quality reputation we have earned over many years. Quality is a fundamental guiding principle for many aspects of our business, including our manufacturing strategy and operations around the world. We hold ourselves to a very high standard as we continue to invest in people, processes and systems across our global manufacturing footprint, always keeping our business partners, suppliers and customers very close to ensure we maintain our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

6. What is your perception of the global market for pro-audio products?

We continue to be very positive on the pro-audio market, and while it is not an industry experiencing high growth in aggregate, we believe there are segments, geographies, and applications within the pro-audio market that offer great opportunities for QSC given our brand strength, reputation for quality and legacy of innovation. The introduction and positive market acceptance of our TouchMix™ series of mixers and E Series loudspeakers is an example of product innovation driving new business opportunities for QSC. When we entered the powered loudspeaker market several years ago, many people felt it was an over-crowded category offering limited business potential. Yet here we are several years later with QSC as a leading brand in the powered loudspeaker category, and still experiencing great potential and increasing market share with the recent launch of our new K.2 series.

7. Which product is QSC pushing most aggressively in the pro audio market and why?

Our primary focus continues to be in our loudspeaker and digital mixer categories: in operational excellence, customer service and support, and highly targeted product innovation and portfolio expansion. In these categories we are building on the strengths of our core technologies and brand, and strong business partner relationships to pursue product and market adjacencies where we believe we can be successful. Of course, we will continue to ensure we maintain our leading positing in our power amplifier business, but to your question of where we’re placing most of our focus and investments, the primary focus is QSC loudspeakers along with digital mixers in the pro audio space.

8. How do you think the live-sound and install industry has changed globally in the past decade? And how do you think India fits into this global scenario?

There has been many changes in these industries over the past decade. While the live sound industry has seen its share of technology advancements, this trend is very apparent in the install market. The AV/IT convergence trend has brought about a wave of technology innovations to create more lasting, IT-friendly technologies, especially in the corporate market segment. The needs of the end users in this segment are changing rapidly to have scalable, software-based solutions with streamlined support and flexibility of deployment. The voice of the IT end user is becoming more prevalent in AV. QSC’s Q-SYS™ Integrated Audio, Video and Control platform in the most flexible and scalable solution in the market today, serving the needs of today’s technology influencers and buyers in the installed space.

India is on our top list of economies to watch and invest in in the coming years. According to AVIXA reports, India is one of the fastest growing AV markets in the world, having expanded 18-20% annually in the last few years. While the live-sound industry is not a growth market globally, there is ample growth and potential in the Indian live sound market as well. We have opened QSC India a year ago, and we are committed to bringing our technologies, brand, and market support to help bring pro audio and AV to the Indian customers.

9. What are your short and long-term goals for the India market?

To invest in India and bring direct market presence and operations was a strategic decision on our part. We see a big opportunity for QSC in India for all our businesses, and we believe our technologies and brand will be very successful in the Indian market. In the last year, we have built a great team, headed by our newly hired Rajesh Mittal, Director of Sales and Marketing for India and Deepak Gracias, Director of Operations in for the region. Having a strong team in place enables us to focus on building brand awareness and recognition with the Indian customer base, as well as deep relationships with channel partners and key end users. We are also investing in our support infrastructure in India to be able to provide the great level of service that is a hallmark of our brand. I am personally very excited about the growth of India, and QSC’s presence here. I believe that our technologies will delight Indian customers and deliver exceptional live sound experience along with leading edge, state-of-the-art AV technologies and solutions that meet their needs today, and providing peace of mind as a long-term platform investment designed to grow and as needs evolve and change.

10.What is your vision for QSC as a company for the next five years?

Throughout its 50 years, QSC has always been a technology company with a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. Our vision entails building upon our legacy with new product categories serving new market applications, and expanding our reach around the world through a network of value added partners. We will combine this investments to build scalable best-in-class customer experience capabilities that support the needs of customers today and in the future. More specifically, here is how we will address each market we focus on: - In the live sound market, our vision is to strengthen our market position as a globally recognized premium brand serving the M.I. retail and rental production markets with locally competitive solutions. - The install market is “ripe” for innovation, and its HW-centric business models will inevitably undergo transformation. Our vision is to continue our technology leadership built around our Q-SYS™ AVC platform and take a leading role in the next wave of transformation in the AV industry. - In the cinema market, we have acquired USL Inc., a leading media block provider last year, which extends our offerings into video content delivery. Our vision for cinema in the coming years to be the leading supplier of D-Cinema video and audio content delivery solutions globally.

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