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Articles Jan - Feb 2020

Sunburn Rocks with Full Spectrum Sound

One of Asia’s largest music festivals, OPPO Sunburn in association with Percept Live and Klassique Events Goa returned to its birthplace Goa, this December after a hiatus of 3 years. The festival which made a grand homecoming for its 13th edition at Vagator for a three-day showcase ..... read more

11 Questions with Kalle Hvidt Nielsen-CEO, DPA Microphones

Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, CEO at DPA Microphones since September 2016 gained extensive knowledge of developing cutting-edge technologies in audio, in his previous positions as CEO at Bang & Olufsen A/S and Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement..... read more

New Meyer Sound Systems Highlight 50th Anniversary of India’s National Centre for the Performing Arts

Widely heralded as one of India’s leading cultural institutions, The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai recently celebrated 50 years of presenting an extraordinary array of dance, drama and musical performances by Indian and international artists..... read more

Palm Technology - Top 50 Products 2020

The last 12 months have seen a revolution in pro audio, lighting, DJ Gear and installation. With new gear, equipment, and companies bringing in new technology, the industry is opening up to new possibilities ..... read more

Iconic Mahakavi Kalidas Kalamandir Auditorium Upgrades to Bose Professional RoomMatch System

The addition of the Bose Professional RoomMatch system has dramatically improved the overall sound experience here. It has always been our mission to provide the city with a space that allows audiences the chance to immerse themselves into the on-stage..... read more

The Making of U2’s - The Joshua Tree Tour, India

Over 40,000 Indian fans who might have endured over a decade of false rumours about the legendary band U2 touring the country, were finally treated to a dream musical extravaganza by BookMyShow (BMS), India’s leading entertainment destination when they ..... read more

Articles Nov - Dec 2019

Dev Electronics – India’s Most Preferred Pro Audio Technologies partner!

Success can be elusive for many trying to make their presence felt in an increasingly crowded pro audio marketplace of channel partners, distributors, and dealers. This naturally entails embodying a certain boldness of spirit..... read more

DJs Scratching on Favourites

There is no better way than ending 2019 than listing out some of the best DJ gear from some of the best DJs in the country..... read more

SNL Pro Ups the Ante at the OnePlus Music Festival

Curated by OnePlus, the OnePlus Music Festival “merged the wonder of music and the power of technology” to bring an immersive experience at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai on 16th November..... read more

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Top 50 Product

A next generation loudspeaker processor launched at InfoComm 2016, the Galileo Galaxy Is Meyer’s first fully networkable loudspeaker processor harnessing open-source AVB technology to extend a new level of audio control in driving and aligning loudspeaker systems with multiple zones. It provides a powerful toolset for corrective equalization and creative fine-tuning, in a full range of applications from touring to cinema. The Galaxy range includes the Galaxy 816, Galaxy 816-AES3, and Galaxy 408, all of which are designed around a new generation of FPGA devices and utilises 96kHz floating point resolution. The Galaxy 816-AES3 provides 16 matrix outputs on eight AES3 digital outputs. It can be used to drive the standard Galaxy’s AES digital inputs,or any device that accepts 96 kHz AES digital audio. Features new to Galaxy range include a delay matrix, easier integration with Crestron and other third-party controllers, a word clock input on the AES3 version, and improved equalization tools.

Nucleus 2, is a new version of SSL’s award-winning DAW controller, audio interface and studio monitoring hub. Retaining everything that users loved from the original, the Nucleus² aims to bring together customer suggestions and innovations alike. The Nucleus² comes with a host of new additions and features like, a new talkback input with adjustable gain that feeds the headphone output, with an additional TALK button that can trigger a switchable -20dB DIM in the monitor outputs. Also added is a second set of speaker outputs and a ‘MINI’ monitor button for comparing mixes on different systems. Nucleus2 is a unique proposition for the professional project studio with a perfect blend of advanced DAW control, transparent SuperAnalogueTM monitoring with talkback, SSL console grade mic pres, pro quality Dante audio interface and bundled SSL Duende Native plug-ins.

P.AUDIO GST18-1200
The GST18-1500 is an 18 inch (457mm) diameter high performance very low frequency subwoofer transducer. The design utilizes a very large format 5 inch (127mm) nominal voice coil diameter with a very high power copper based coil configured in an inside/outside wind geometry. The large radiating area and deep bass performance insure that the GST18-1500 is capable of very high impact low frequency response. The transducer also offers a double silicone spider design that improves long term mechanical reliability and mechanical linearity. The large format ferrite based magnet structure produces very high conversion efficiency. The ferrite design includes a double stack permanent magnet geometry that increases maximum physical excursion capability. Inside/outside winding geometry assists in coil cooling and improves both transducer power handling and system reliability.

L-Acoustics Kiva II
Kiva II, a ultra-compact modular line source, features L-Acoustics’ Wavefront Sculpture Technology, giving it a long throw capability and delivering even SPL from the front row to the back of the audience; its coplanar transducer arrangement and new K-shaped coplanar transducer configuration reportedly generates a symmetric horizontal coverage of 100 degrees without secondary lobes over the entire frequency range. Weighing 31 pounds (14 kg), it delivers an extra 6 dB, of max SPL versus its predecessor and offers an impressive peak SPL of 137 dB. The product’s elegant lines and flush-fitted rigging allow it to melt into any architecture, making it a natural fit for installations in performing arts centers and special events that demand minimum visual obtrusion, and particularly in L-ISA multi-channel-configuration installations.

Robe globally launched Spiider last September following an innovative and fun teaser video. This brand new LED Wash luminaire which builds on the extreme success of Robe’s best-selling ‘industry standard’ LEDWash series, with a completely new concept and incredible optic, is set to redefine the parameters of moving LED wash light technology. Using 18x 30 Watt and 1x 60 Watt LEDs and combining it with a very efficient 12:1 zoom optical system ranging from tight 4° Beam to wide 48° Wash, makes the product the one of the most powerful LED fixtures in the market. It is also much more than ‘just’ a wash! It can be used as a beam, and - a first for LED wash light stage luminaires - it has an eye-popping flower effect! The impressive zoom goes from 4 - 48 degrees, while the light output is outstanding, offering more than 50.000 lumens at 5 metres.

With the PX series, Yamaha has designed a flexible lineup of power amplifiers that can reliably deliver superior sound quality at high output levels and adapt to a very wide range of sound reinforcement environments and installation environments. By combining high power output with intelligent signal processing and a lightweight yet durable design, the new models are able to deliver consistent, clear, high-quality sound even at maximum output levels. The PX series: PX10, PX8, PX5, and the PX3, come equipped with both XLR and TRS inputs, and binding post, SpeakON and phone outputs for a flexible range of connectivity. All models are driven by a newly developed Class-D amplifier engine that concentrates all the necessary functions into a single custom LSI chip, offering higher output and improved performance in a more lightweight design.

A groundbreaking feat of engineering design, the KSM8 is the world’s first dual-diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone for revolutionary vocal reproduction and accurate sound-reinforcement and control. The KSM8 extends the Company’s wired microphone line—which includes numerous products of significance and enduring legacy—such as the Unidyne 55 and the SM58 Microphone. Designed for live sound performances where vocal clarity and sound quality are absolutely critical, the KSM8 not only meets the most discerning quality and reliability standards, it also has the versatility to adapt to changing environments without impacting performance. Delivering unmatched vocal reproduction, the KSM8 design virtually eliminates the need for EQ and processing. The ability to virtually eliminate proximity effect and master off-axis rejection is powered by the patented Dualdyne cartridge of the KSM8, which features two ultra-thin diaphragms—one active and one passive—and a groundbreaking inverted airflow system.

Mackie unveiled a bold new solution at NAMM 2016 with the AXIS modular digital mixing system, a powerful live sound solution designed for professional production and install. With full Dante integration, the modular AXIS system combines the power of the 32-channel DL32R digital mixer with the innovative DC16 control surface to deliver a live sound solution that creates a new standard in live sound mixing workflow. The combination of the DL32R digital mixer and DC16 control surface delivers all the benefits of digital and industry-leading wireless mixing designed from the ground up as an integrated system. With 32 remote-controllable Onyx+ mic preamps and 16 outputs paired with massive built-in DSP, the system is ideal for medium and large channel count live sound production and system integration applications. The system relies on Dante for communication between the DL32R mixer and DC16 control surface, enabling additional networking capability for professional applications.

By introducing the Rock series Nx Audio has brought the best attributes of its impeccable linage - MT 1201 and RX3000- into the Public Address Sphere. The amplifiers aim to be game changers by offering premium features like a 2 Ch defeatable Echo with Reverb time and Repeat controls, USB recording,3 -band Equalizer in the master output , XLR/ Jack Balanced Combo mic inputs and lots more. The Digital Player features outstanding wide spectrum sound quality, combined with highly useful features like LCD display, timer remote control, and facilities for Repeat, Pause, Volume UP / DOWN etc. It can read USB drives & SD cards besides the unique USB recording feature. Launched by Nx Audio under the sub Brand Audio Proton it has initially launched 2 models, the Rock500-EUR and Rock300-EUR ,the EUR standing for Echo, USB and Recording. The Rock- EUR series are designed for tough Indian conditions by Indian engineers and can take the rigors of the Road.

The EON ONE all-in-one linear-array P.A. system combines the superior sound quality of a professional system with the convenience and streamlined look of a compact, column-style solution. Featuring Bluetooth audio, a six-channel mixer and a unique design that can be carried with one hand, EON ONE is ideal for gigging musicians and DJs, coffee houses, fitness studios, corporate environments and more. With a maximum SPL of 118 dB, the EON ONE provides detailed, distortion-free audio. An unobstructed 10” bass-reflex subwoofer delivers tight, accurate low-frequency response that is ideal for DJs and playing back recorded music. The high-frequency section features JBL’s patent-pending Directivity Control Geometry, which optimizes the spacing and angles of the six two-inch high-frequency drivers. This creates extraordinarily even front-to-back coverage, ensuring that everyone in the listening area hears the sound accurately and consistently.

Designed for ENG, outdoor recording and other specialised uses, the hypercardioid, electret-condenser SGM-14 provides the narrow acceptance angle required for these applications and comes with both low cut and pad facilities included. Its extreme directivity enables it to reject or cancel unwanted signals, making it ideal for long distance miking at sport venues, for front-of-stage use for picking up audience reaction and ambience and similar distance applications. A 78dB signal to noise ratio means the JTS SGM-14 keeps background noise at a very low level, while a full 20-20,000Hz frequency response guarantees audio fidelity. Operating on 9-48 VDC phantom power, the 366.7mm long SGM-14 is built to the usual rugged JTS professional standard and comes complete with a windscreen and mic holder.

This addition to the popular Rogue series opens up an array of creative possibilities for clubs, tours and a variety of other applications. It has five individually-controlled pixel mappable 15-watt RGBW LEDs, strikingly fast movements, and infinitely variable pan and tilt options, enabling it to create an endless variety of high impact look. The compact fixture can also deliver crisp well-defined aerial effects because of its 7° beam angle. It has an illuminance of 5,361 lux at 5m, and is packed with a plethora of performance features, which include 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer, as well as individual colors for smooth control of fades. Built-in color macros add even more options to the lighting designer’s creative toolbox. For even greater creative possibilities in pixel mapping, the fixture can be used in a dual mode allowing the pixels to be operated by a separate controller from the rest of the functions.

The Qu-SB ultra-compact intelligent mixer / interface is designed as a Stage Box solution with all the features offered in the Qu series but purely designed for tablet control, freeing the user to mix from anywhere in the venue. A freestanding or rackmount surface-less mixer, Qu-SB has 16 XLR mic inputs, 2 line inputs and 14 outputs but thanks to the powerful Qu-32 core inside, it can be expanded up to 32 mic input channels and 24 outputs, enabling the mixer to connect over a single Cat5 digital snake to AB168, AR84 and AR2412 remote audio racks. The built-in 18-channel Qu-Drive can record and playback multitrack and stereo audio .wav files to a USB key or drive. This gives the convenience of computer-free recording in live and field applications. In addition, Qu-SB offers two solutions for personal monitoring: via the Qu-You iPhone app or using ME-1 personal mixers. Other standout features include Automatic Mic Mixing, footswitch controls and the acclaimed iLive FX suite.

The DPA260P is a cost-effective 2-IN/6-OUT digital speaker management system. Designed to be catered for any crossover configuration, it provides the suitable processing and control for live application use. It offers 2 analog inputs, and 6 analog outputs, managed by a powerful DSP Engine, in addition to 24 Bit AD/DA Converters. Each input channel provides a choice of EQ with a 11-band Parametric EQ, gain control, noise gate function, RMS Compressor, Internal White/Pink Noise Generator and configurable delay. Each output offers up to 5-band of parametric equalization into the crossover filters which themselves provide slopes from 6dB/Octave up to 48dB/Octave. Each output path also features peak limiter and driver alignment delay. The DPA260P supports a full matrix mixing mode where inputs may be routed/mixed in any ratio to any output. For remote configuration and control the DPA260P can be connected via USB or RS485 connections.

Comprising three full-range models and two subwoofers, the CDD-LIVE! series launched at the 2016 ProLight + Sound Expo in Frankfurt is intended to suit an exceedingly wide range of professional stand-alone and distributed applications — from sound reinforcement and monitoring for live bands, DJ’s and corporate events to installations in dance clubs, ballrooms, theaters and performing arts centers. At the heart of the new CDD-LIVE! series is Martin Audio’s patented Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology. Combining the point-source benefits of coaxial designs with the consistent coverage of Differential Dispersion, the CDD-LIVE! full-range systems project sound evenly front-to-back while exhibiting wide horizontal coverage close to the speaker to place full-bandwidth fidelity and impact to all corners of the venue. With a peak output capability of 128dB at 1 metre, it is the ideal solution for a multitude of premium stand-alone and distributed sound reinforcement requirements

This modular microphone capsule is part of the flexible d:facto Handheld Microphone series. Equally at home in sound reinforcement and recording applications, the d:facto Linear Vocal Microphone is a high-quality stage vocal microphone with an extremely linear frequency response, extraordinary natural sound, high separation from distant sound sources and extreme sound level handling. The MMC4018VL Supercardioid Capsule features an isolation-optimized supercardioid polar pattern. It is specifically designed to augment the human vocal range. The mic uses directional characteristics from the best of two worlds – both cardioid and supercardioid patterns. The capsule’s directional pattern and definition gives high separation and true sound color onstage. It is ideal for PA amplification and recording. Frequency response and phase, both on- and off-axis, is extremely linear.

Satan - Milano 10R
Satan MILANO10R builds on the popular MILANO series. The Milano s are bright using premium components including YILONG 3-Lens HQ optical kit (same supplier as famous European manufactures), high grade Taiwan color filters, Large LCD display, Original NEUTRIK power plug in/out connectors, highly precise stepper Pan & Tilt motors. They feature the revolutionary Osram 10R & 7R discharge lamp technology for an extra powerful output - more powerful than HMI1200/575 fixtures. It also offers a flat, even spot field and even more saturation of colors. The Milano series moving heads are much lighter and more compact than other moving heads in its class. It´s very tight, super thin 5 degree beam with extreme output makes it ideal for applications where a sharp beam is necessary.

Lab Gruppen expanded its D Series advanced install-dedicated amplifier platform with the introduction of three slimline models, the D 40:4L, D 20:4L and D 10:4L. The D Series now consists of six power levels which offers integrators ‘genuine open interoperability’ providing seamless integration with a wide range of digital audio and control protocols. The new slimline, four channel, small format 1 U rack space power amplifiers (4000 W, 2000 W and 1000 W total power output) offer extreme power density which is rivaled to alternative 8 channel amplifiers, but in a scalable form factor. Each is available with LAKE Processing power and also herald Lab Gruppen’s Rational Power Management (RPM) technology which made its debut with the flagship D Series release in 2014. RPM allows flexible allocation across all channels, ensuring efficient and rational use of amplifier inventory without the need to reduce channel count or total power. The new models also introduce Lab Gruppen’s exclusive IDEEA (IntelliDrive Energy Efficient Amplifier) output stage

Using single-lens RGBW COB LEDs for an extremely homogenized field of light and offering a wide palette of colors, the Fuze Series of dynamic LED wash luminaires are ideal lighting solutions anywhere a wash of high-quality colored light is required. All Fuze Series fixtures offer useful design features including a wide zoom angle range for more precise beam control, full 100% electronic dimming, variable dimming curves and high-speed strobe. The Fuze PAR’s feature an optional gel frame / barn door / snoot holder as well. The Fuze Wash Z350™ is a single source PAR moving head luminaire featuring a 350W quad color RGBW COB LED, 10° to 55° motorized zoom and moving head yoke for easy and flexible positioning.

The Artist Elite AE2300 dynamic cardioid instrument microphone incorporates the company’s proprietary double-dome diaphragm construction to enhance high-frequency and transient response. With rugged, brass metal construction and low-profile design (able to be placed unobtrusively in a variety of applications) and the ability to handle high SPLs, the AE2300 is versatile, able to capture sound from guitar amps, brass and woodwinds, drums and percussion instruments with clarity and precision. The double-dome diaphragm construction allows the AE2300 to maintain directionality across the entire frequency range, with little off-axis coloration (frequency response is nearly identical at 0, 90 and 180 degrees) for excellent phase cohesion in multiple-mic setups. The microphone is also equipped with a switchable low-pass filter that cuts out harsh, high-frequency noise, such as hiss from a guitar amp or high-hat bleed, without negatively affecting the overall tone of an instrument.

Promising great sound in every seat the new, compact and versatile ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers from Bose features DeltaQ next-generation array technology, offering the ability to build traditional (J-Array or Constant Curvature) and DeltaQ array configurations, allowing both portable/rental and installed applications to deploy selectable coverage control. ShowMatch arrays are capable of generating a maximum SPL of up to 145 dB (peak), or when SPL is less critical, they offer the ability to achieve full coverage with fewer modules for significant weight, height and cost savings. DeltaQ originates from the ability to change directivity or “Q” for each array module. When combined in an array, acoustic energy is highly focused and can be matched to audience areas more accurately. In general the one single component that most responsible for vocal clarity in the new ShowMatch, would be the Delta Q array technology, enabling adjustment of the directivity of the array in the form of custom shaped array to best meet the need of the applications.

Harman’s JBL Professional VTX M Series, line of stage monitoring products utilizes JBL’s Neodymium Differential Drive woofers and D2 Dual Diaphragm high-frequency drivers, along with a new high-frequency Image Control Waveguide for a high degree of control and gain before feedback. The new waveguide is based on JBL’s Image Control Waveguide, a technology originally developed for the M2 Master Reference studio monitor. Coupled with the D2 Driver, it delivers a coverage pattern that is spatially consistent. The new line which is the first dedicated tour sound stage monitoring line in JBL’s VTX family of products is comprised of two models – the VTX M20 and VTX M22. The M Series high-frequency section utilizes the D2430 dual 3-inch compression driver, which is also found in JBL’s large-format VTX V25-II line array system.

Audio-Technica announced in2016, the E Series range of three new pro in-ear monitors with three different driver designs - the push-pull ATH-E40, the single-armature ATH-E50, and the triple-armature ATH-E70. Making it to the top 50 is the ATH-E70. The ATH-E70 has pretty much the same appointments as the other two models, but comes with a more supple clear cable and a set of Comply closed-cell foam eartips in addition to the four silicone sets. Specs include 20 Hz–19 kHz frequency response, a whopping 109 dB/mW sensitivity, and a 39O impedance that matches well with pretty much any headphone amp.

RADIUS couples unique and intelligent features, including OptiLogic, with EAW’s signature acoustical design to deliver solutions for rental firms and system integrators. Radius, an intelligent and sophisticated family of loudspeakers for both portable and permanent installation applications, brings EAW’s signature acoustical design prowess and technologies like EAW Focusing and DynO to a new powered and processed platform that integrates Dante networking and iOS-based prediction, control and monitoring along with a number of useful and unique features. The RADIUS Series includes point source, line source, stage monitor and subwoofer loudspeakers. At the heart of the entire RADIUS family lies the EAWmosaic iOS-based application. This completely integrated and intuitive platform provides for prediction, control and monitoring at any location in the venue wirelessly. The complete range consists of 8-in and 12-in 2-way point source loudspeakers that are available in 2 horn patterns, a double 8-in articulated line array, single 12-in and 18-in subwoofer models

AKG K182
The foldable, closed-back K182 professional monitor headphones provide sonic clarity, comfort and portability for musicians and engineers. The K182 drivers ensure high output while the 10 Hz – 28 kHz frequency range provides a truly balanced mix. The K182’s high-sensitivity 50mm transducers ensure professional-quality sound even with mobile devices. In addition, the closed-back, over-ear design provides great performance for every instrumentalist, and comfort during long sessions. Providing long-lasting durability, the K182 is built to endure the inevitable drops and bumps that happen during use and transport. The convenient 3D-axis professional folding mechanism makes it easy to pack the K182 into compact spaces.

TOA MX-6224D
The number of mosques around the world is rapidly increasing and TOA has come out with the MX-6224D, an affordable digital mixer amplifier, specifically to cater for medium and small mosques. The MX-6224D is a reliable and simple system, needing very little technical knowledge to operate, yet still maintains exceptional sound quality. Some of the features that make up this system include: 2 x 240Watt Digital Amplifier, allowing internal and external zones; The 3 band EQ, available on all six mic inputs allows users to easily find preferable sound quality without the technical experience other EQ bands require; Three microphone inputs with increased sensitivity to 6dB allowing the speaker freedom to move around the mic; Built in dual digital amplifiers and Digital Mixer with DSP; A built in speaker EQ, optimized for TOA’s BS-1030 & TC-631M, reduces acoustic feedback and ensures more intelligible sound.

Roland’s first ever DJ controller - the 4-channel DJ-808 was co-developed with Serato, who contributed on the software, leaving the hardware to Roland. The mixer runs with Serato DJ features: built-in DVS support (with the purchase of a Serato DVS license), dedicated loop control buttons, controls for Serato Flip, hot cue, FX and key sync. The DJ-808 features a number of other unique built-in features: the infamous TR drum machine is included, complete with the bass drum, snare drum, hi-hats and clap from the TR-808, TR-909, TR-707, and TR-606 models, allowing for on the fly customisation of beats. A 16-step TR-S sequencer triggers the 8-slot Serato sampler. There is also a built-in microphone input, plus VT voice transformer—a dedicated vocal processor. Finally, two USB ports are included in the controller, permitting connection to AIRA-family Roland synths.

The new CDi DriveCore Series leverages HARMAN’s innovative, multi-patented DriveCore technology to offer a balance of robust functionality and reasonable cost. The amplifiers offer the power and capabilities of Crown’s popular DriveCore Install (DCi) Series amplifiers with a streamlined set of options targeted to deliver optimal value to small and medium-sized installations. Like the flagship DCi Series amplifiers, the new CDi DriveCore amplifiers offer cutting-edge DriveCore technology for energy-efficient power handling. The amplifiers are available in two or four channel versions at 300W or 600W per channel. They provide the capability for low impedance (4/8 Ohms) amplification as well as constant voltage amplification with no transformers required, with both 70V and 100V options for installations worldwide. Each model is also available in a version with BLU link, HARMAN’s proprietary high-bandwidth, low-latency and fault tolerant digital audio bus. For optimal sound, the CDi DriveCore includes Digital Signal Processing to achieve precise speaker tuning.

Native Instruments has announced Maschine JAM, described as the modern production and performance system created for fluid, intuitive track sketching. Maschine JAM offers versatile workflow design to swiftly capture and develop creative ideas using tactile step sequencing and touch-sensitive performance controls for the latest Maschine 2 software. Advancing the same seamless hardware-software integration of Maschine, Maschine JAM enhances music production with existing Maschine hardware, and also with DAWs, NKS-ready plug-ins, and the KOMPLETE range of software and hardware. Maschine JAM’s workflow centers on an 8x8 multicolor click-pad matrix where producers and performers can experiment with arrangement possibilities using patterns and scenes. In Step Mode, the matrix becomes a powerful multi-track step-sequencer for one, four, or eight sounds simultaneously. In Pad Mode, sounds are entered in real time, while Piano Roll Mode makes step-sequencing melodies in a wide variety of available scales possible.

Dynatech V Series power Amplifiers deliver from 500Wattss to 6800 Watts of power in two to three rack spaces. High current transistors combined with low noise input amplifiers enable the V series to deliver exceptional power. Built around robust and advanced toroidal transformers, they deliver clean power on demand. The advanced protection circuitry guards against short circuit and open circuit, and also protects against ultrasonic and RF interference. A high current power supply increases reliability and performance. Other features include center-dented gain controls, input peak limiter, and fast recovery to ensure low distortion. The variable speed Fans effectively cool the amp and protect against overheating. Input is through XLR connectors, while you can use Speakontype or binding post connectors for output. The V Series power amps have sub-woofer outputs with a selectable low pass filter at variable frequency upto 200Hz. Dynatech V Power Amplifiers are specially designed for professionals who value high power, audio clarity, reliability and lasting performance.

The BRT-26 Dual 6” + 1” 8 OHMS Premium Install Speaker, is an ultra-compact passive two way loudspeaker for natural, open and well controlled sound from an unobtrusive wooden enclosure. When more bass is required the low frequency range can easily be extended, for example, with the BS-15 subwoofer giving more full range performance and improved clarity with more punch. Using dedicated Ohm mounting hardware allows quick and easy installation with an aesthetically pleasing result. BRT-26 utilises two custom designed 6? drivers comprising of 4 layer sandwich 35 mm voice coils with true piston cone for the low frequency reproduction. The internal phase aligned crossover network incorporates an impedance correction circuit which stabalises the crossover functions to minimise distortion. The two 6 inch low frequency drivers are mounted in this D’appolito configuration (MTM) to improve the vertical dispersion control compared to BRT-6.

The P-1 is an IP65-rated battery-driven RGBW LED wash/blind/strobe light with a small footprint and high output, designed for multiple applications, including applications where wireless operation is essential. This portable, lightweight fixture eliminates the hassle of cabling and ensures a quick and easy setup. For a small fixture the P-1 is extremely versatile. Via a patented technology, its standard 10° beam angle and round beam can be manipulated in various ways. Shape the beam and achieve different beam angles with an optional set of three magnetic holographic filter frames (19°, 45°, 63°/12° elliptical plus an empty color frame). Running for up to 12 hours in standard operation mode, the P-1 can be configured to provide an even output over longer periods of time. It offers smooth dimming and color mixing as well as wireless control and configuration.

The high-performance X2-212/120 is a 120-degree version of the already released 90-degree X-LINE models, and significantly expands the flexibility of the new X-Line Advance family. It is a two-way vertical line-array loudspeaker element for use in a wide variety of applications where wide bandwidth, vertical and horizontal directivity control, and high efficiency are required in a compact, cost-effective package. The high-performance X2-212/120 is ideal for use as a wide-coverage system for live sound using all-120-degree elements, or as the near-field element in a combined line array positioned below 90-degree elements, bi-amplified only. Other key features include: Integrated Rigging System – (IRS); Mid-Band Hydra Line Source Technology – (MBH); Wavefront-shaping Circular Hydra on X1 – (WCH); Pin Diffraction Hydra on X2 – (PDH); Proprietary Electro-Voice FIR-Drive settings

With Smart Active Monitoring (SAM), Genelec created an advanced and adaptable monitoring system and now, with the 8430A IP monitor, Genelec has opened the door to audio-over-IP (AoIP) workflows. A world first, the 8430A IP is the culmination of many years of intense research and development into AoIP by Genelec and is based on the Ravenna IP protocol, with full AES67 support for ultimate compatibility. It is also a fully-fledged member of the SAM family, working with Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) 2.0 to allow for the fine adjustment of all monitor settings, while AutoCal compensates for detrimental room influences to perfectly calibrate your IP-based monitoring set-up for your listening environment. Perhaps most importantly, the 8430A IP is instantly recognisable as a Genelec monitor, with features including the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) for colour-free accuracy, a flow optimised reflex port, and the Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) for on- and off-axis precision. A pioneering product for a fast-evolving audio world, the 8430A blends ground-breaking connectivity with adaptability and performance that music studios, post-production houses, digital edit suites, radio, TV and outside broadcasting applications can rely on.

At PL&S 2016, Sennheiser unveiled the new digital version of its MK 4. With high-quality Apogee A/D conversion and mic preamp technology, MK 4 digital connects directly to iOS devices, Mac and PC computers. The large-diaphragm MK 4 digital is ideal for any mobile recording task requiring great sound quality with the warmth and detail of a true condenser microphone. The MK 4 digital combines the best of Sennheiser and Apogee technology to offer customers from across the audio and video production spectrum an incredible tool for mobile recording. It is delivered complete with a USB cable and a Lightning iOS cable for connecting to iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as well as a microphone clamp and a pouch. The microphone can be used with common media production programs such as Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools or Ableton Live and a few iOS recording apps.

The Ai R Series is Avolites’ most powerful range of media servers to date, and comprises the Ai Infinity R4, Ai Infinity R8, Ai Infinity Rx4 and Ai Infinity Rx8. The full range of servers features the increased speed and power of the latest processors and motherboards generation supporting PCI-Express Generation 3.0, solid-state drives, AMD Gen 3 graphics cards and an Intel PCIe SSD module with 1.2TB capacity of media. With optional 4 or 8 DVI outputs providing smooth playback up to 8K media, DVI/VGA and HD/SDI capture card inputs the multi-award winning Ai Infinity server is ideal for your most demanding video projects (3D Mapping, Multiple Projectors edge blending and LED screens creative video mapping).

Bringing a totally new perspective on truss assembly, the verto is based on a new principle of truss connection, where the sections are joined by a rotating coupler system. The name Verto is derived from Latin, meaning ‘to turn’ or ‘to turn around’ and that’s exactly how this coupler type works. A simple flick of the wrist will manage connecting the truss. Tested general assembly times are reportedly up to 3 times faster than those for truss with conical coupling systems and 7 times faster than any bolted. The Verto truss can be assembled by a simple rotating locking system, securing the truss in seconds, without the need for tools. The truss is based on an H30V truss and has a similar loading capacity, making it compact and strong, while the thicker wall dimensions make it robust; fit for a touring environment.

With the F132, Funktion-One and Powersoft have combined for new level of bass performance. The powerful horn-loaded bass enclosure combines each company’s expertise to great effect. Funktion-One’s F132, features Powersoft‘s M-Force 10kW linear transducer, suppling a huge amount of power and reliability, while Funktion-One’s specially designed cone and enclosure technology results in deep, powerful low-bass frequencies. The F132 features a single 32in driver, which gives a frequency response of 24Hz to 65Hz. Its physical size and the fact it is horn-loaded means levels of directivity that are not typically possible at these low frequencies; a feat that is achieved naturally without any cardioid processing. Powersoft’s M-Force is an innovative transducer that is based on a patented moving magnet linear motor structure. It is capable of high levels of power handling, electromagnetic conversion, reliability and SPL

Emerging from the R&D Department and following an extensive engineering work, NEXT-proaudio’s new single point source line – KUBIX - is intended to provide high performance and fidelity as well as a coverage consistency to the venues. Designed to be included within fixed installations this single point source series were released to create a uniform wave front without hot spots combining high fidelity, transparency, highly accurate and neutral sounding with a compact format to deliver the best sound to every members of the audience. The family currently consists on 6 models of two-way coaxial loudspeakers: K5 (5”, extended LF, passive), K5+ (5”, High sensitivity, passive), K8 (8”, passive), K8A (8”, active 2-way with DSP), K12 (12”, passive) and K12A (12”, active 2-way with DSP). With KUBIX is possible to cover practically all install applications including nightclubs, bars, restaurants, convention centres, hotels, museums and houses of worship.

The introduction of the far field noise immission modelling software, d&b NoizCalc takes the d&b promise of predictable, precise performance another step further. NoizCalc models the sound propagation of coherently emitting complex sources such as line arrays and subwoofer arrays from multiple stages in the regions outside of the audience listening area and applies the results onto a 3D terrain map. This PC based software predicts the calculated far field impact of a d&b loudspeaker setup in the open air, by applying the ISO 9613-2 and Nord 2000 standards. Using meteorological and geographical data, NoizCalc is the result of the collaborative efforts of d&b audiotechnik and noise consulting and software development experts SoundPLAN GmbH. SoundPLANnoise applies an extended range of accredited worldwide standards along comprehensive reporting tools to satisfy the need for an official noise immission statement. The next version the software is able to import d&b system setups from ArrayCalc.

The Fresnel adds to the Kreios range and is ideal for concert, theater, and event lighting. The Kreios Fresnel boasts high light output and the spotlights are particularly suitable for small to medium-sized stages. The spotlights allow flicker free dimming via the DMX512 protocol or manually. Kreios Fresnel comes with high-performance optics. The Fresnel delivers up to 7,146 lux (Fresnel Warm White) or 3,863 lux (Fresnel RGBW). The 40,000 hour lifetime and its compact size enables this Kreios Fresnel spotlight to be used continuously in small theaters and allows easy transport between venues. The white version of the luminaire has a color rendering index (CRI) of more than 92, so everything can be shown in natural colors. Users can vary the color temperature of the RGBW version of the Fresnel spotlight between 2,800 and 6,500 Kelvin for different atmospheric lighting effects.

The XR 250 Beam II houses a Philips MSD Platinum 11R 250W lamp to produce a laser-like parallel beam and are designed to meet the requirements of small and medium installation applications. Rich in features, they are compact and easy to maintain and install. Features include: color wheel with 13 colors; fixed gobo wheel with 16 gobos and rotating gobo wheel with 12 gobos (three prisms and frost wheel. The fixture also contains: electronic strobe (0.3-20 fps); Dimmer (0-100%, linearly adjustable); Motorized linear Focus and Zoom. The Head movement offers 540° (pan) and 270° (tilt), with auto position correction, and light angle of 3°. Functions of the control include adjustable pan and tilt speed; fixture and lamp usage time display with DMX wireless options.

The Pope Professional GL-215 is a Four-way Line Array speaker system designed for large venues and live concert. The Line Array speaker consist of two 15” Neodymium woofer that is circuited parallel, mounted in separate bass reflex enclosure and four high efficiency power handling 8” Neodymium high mid-range transducers are mounted in a V-shaped configuration combined with four 36 mm exit throat Neodymium compression drivers coupled to individual Waveguides those are vertically aligned. The Line Source Former Horn produces wave front similar to ribbon driver. Advanced European transducers provide high power-to-weight ratio. The POPE Professional® GL-215 Line Array Speaker utilizes patented Line Source Former Technology Horn, High power maximum SPL 132dB continuous, 140dB peak, Wide bandwidth 76Hz - 20kHz, ±3dB, True 90°(-6dB) horizontal mid and HF pattern control, Fast integral rigging system with variable splay angles from 0°to 10°, 1°step. The GL-215 systems are designed to be powered by POPE Professional power amplifiers.

With 32 mixing channels and 16 outputs, the TouchMix-30 Pro offers professional-grade signal management flexibility for a wide range of applications. Designed for production professionals, musicians and bands as well as live performance venues, TouchMix-30 Pro features an intuitive workflow intended to deliver great results, quickly and easily, to users at every level of experience. Beyond offering a higher channel count than its predecessors, a host of additional, new “Pro” features that sets TouchMix-30 Pro apart include: • Large (10-inch) multi-touch touchscreen • Anti-feedback and room tuning wizards simplify complex equalization tasks • Two real-time analyzers (RTA) provide instantaneous analysis of channel tonal balance and room response • Touch-and-route patch matrix for easy “mult’ing” and rearrangement of inputs • Eight sub-groups with six-band full parametric EQ, variable high-pass and low-pass filters and limiter may be linked for stereo • 32-Channel DAW interface with Apple computers allows for bidirectional I/O with popular workstation software

MCX8000 DJ controller with its exclusive and revolutionary Engine software is one of the first true DJ hardware/software controller that offers total command of both Serato DJ and Denon DJ Engine technology in the same instrument. The DJ can use the MCX8000 with its USB drives by opting to use Denon DJ Engine—without a computer connected! Engine enables the DJ to directly import from Serato DJ crates with all hot cues—as well as create their own—with Denon DJ’s Engine software. With MCX8000 DJs looking for a complete, high-performance set-up with flexible operation and freedom from computer-related restrictions will find an MCX8000 with Engine system fulfils all their requirements: 4-deck Serato control and Engine-provided freedom from a computer, plus the ability to switch to local USB dives when using either Serato or Engine. With the MCX8000 two DJs can seamlessly hand off from one to another combining Engine and Serato DJ. Metal construction and high quality op amps ensure rugged and high-quality performance.

The latest piece of project studio hardware from Presonus is the FaderPort 8, a USB control surface designed for DAW control. Expanding on the functionality of the original, compact Presonus FaderPort, the FaderPort 8 features dedicated transport controls, eight touchsensitive motorised 100mm faders with digital ‘scribble strip’ display screens, and a total of 57 backlit buttons. These buttons cover 78 different functions, providing instant access to a range of useful shortcuts, from zooming in and out to adjusting click track tempo, modifying plugin parameters or managing aux mixes. Above the transport controls, the FaderPort 8’s Session Navigator section features cursor buttons and a scroll wheel to swiftly traverse your DAW project without recourse to the mouse, plus eight function buttons covering some of the most frequently used commands. Four user-programmable buttons allow some personalisation and the FaderPort 8, which connects via USB 2.0, supports the Mackie Control and HUI protocols, allowing more or less instant control of most popular DAWs. Integration with Presonus’ own Studio One software is naturally particularly tight and the company promise big gains in terms of workflow speed for Studio One users. For example, engaging the Control Link feature means that the pan/parameter encoder at the top left corner of the control surface will adjust whatever control or parameter value your mouse pointer is currently hovering over on screen.

The HDL6-A is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and a fast and easy setup a must. A 1400 W 2-channel digital amplifier powers the system. A powerful DSP processes the sound including crossover, phase correction, limiting and protection. The system features state-of-the-art RCF transducers – two powerful 6.5” woofers for a solid bass reproduction plus a high powered 1.7” voice coil compression driver mounted on a precise 100° x 10° waveguide delivers vocal clarity with high definition and an incredible dynamic. YAMAHA CL/QL Version

YAMAHA CL/QL Version 4.0
The V4.0 update takes another leap forward with new EQ algorithms, a new Premium Rack device, and other features that raise live sound support to an even higher level. The StageMix application for iPad and related software will be updated at the same time. This update will further expand the range of applications for which the YAMAHA CL and QL consoles are suited, with enhanced creative freedom and operability. Some key new features in CL/QL V4.0 include: New “Precise,” “Aggressive,” and “Smooth” Channel EQ Algorithms; New “MBC4” Premium Rack Device; Second Cue Bus; MonitorMix iPhone Application Support; Scrollable DCA Roll-Out (CL only); GEQ Control from Touch & Turn Knobs; CL/QL Editor Reads and Writes CSV Files; Tio1608-D Head Amp Control.

The self-powered MJF-208 stage monitor incorporates the performance and reliability of the MJF-212A and the MJF-210 into a smaller, lightweight package. Each MJF-208 measures less than 13 inches high and weighs 45 pounds. The monitor delivers impressive power-to-size ratio and very low distortion in a small-footprint, lightweight option for applications that do not demand the extreme output levels of the MJF-210 or the MJF-212A. Portability and ease of use for the MJF-208 are enhanced by the convenient and reliable MDM-832 distribution module, which can route up to eight channels of AC power, balanced audio, and RMS monitoring data to multiple stage monitors.

The VEGAS Series of loudspeakers are designed for contemporary installation and sound reinforcement vertical markets. VEGAS Series from Outline features an application specific, super-compact, wide dispersion under balcony loudspeaker and three compatible, custom coaxial loaded loudspeakers. The innovative VEGAS 24, 8 CX, 12 CX and 15 CX models feature high quality Italian made components and are designed, sourced and manufactured to the same stringent quality standards applied to all Outline high-end touring audio products. Common characteristics are high Common Intelligibility Scale (CIS) ratings, extraordinary audio fidelity, attractive price points and excellent power-to-size ratios. Versatility, attractive pricing and first-class power handling make the VEGAS 8 CX, 12 CX and 15 CX full-range, 2-way bass reflex models extremely appealing. With an asymmetric cabinet design any VEGAS CX model can be used as a floor monitor or stage front fill if required

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