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Phawa Audio Installs Presbyterian Church with P.Audio, Dynatech, JTS and Mackie

The prestigious Presbyterian Church at Moodamai, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, recently saw the installation of a new comprehensive sound system in the last week of October by Phawa audio and video entertainment.

Phawa audio and video entertainment, Shillong, Meghalaya have done numerous church and auditorium installations in Meghalaya and many other Northeastern regions of India. They have majorly used the brands from Sonotone (Mumbai) because of their easy availability all the year round and with very reliable and affordable pricing, backup and spare parts from the Distributor (Sonotone).

Having a moderately big area of 3600 sq. ft. and a height of 23 ft. inside the church, the committee decided to switch from the previous old system and install a more professional one.

Mr. R.P.Phawa, the owner of ‘Phawa Audio and Video Entertainment’ and the dealer of Sonotone Electronics products in Meghalaya and other Northeastern states, was contacted by the committee to survey and design the whole church system in tandem with the acoustic treatment with the experienced Mr. Wanbor assisting him on the project.

Mr. Phawa and Mr. Wanbor did both, the sound installation and the acoustic consulting for the church.

Mr. Phawa chose to install the brands by Sonotone Electronics, because of his association with Sonotone being more than 20 years and him being the main dealer and promoter in Meghalaya and Northeast regions for the brands like, Dynatech, JTS Mics, Mariani, Mackie etc., hence ensuring more reliability, easy parts availability and affordable prices. This also ensures prompt and hassle-free servicing of the products.

With some amount of work needed to be put in on dispersion, direction, height in the perfect direction to avoid wasting of sound energy to the unwanted area and walls, the installation of the new and more comprehensive system did not come up as much of a problem.

Another major aspect that was well looked after was - treating the installation in Church much differently from the Live sound type of installation, so that proper solemnness inside the church could be maintained.

The sound system has thus been well appreciated for sound coherence, quality, clarity and the well-balanced and aesthetic looks inside the church by the committee and the attendants equally.

The church is now open to all the devotees and visitors to worship.

They have been successfully delivering the perfect quality for both big and small churches alike.

The new arrangement of the church is comprises of eight P.Audio XE-12 passive two-way speakers and DynaTech DEL-118 subwoofers, driven by DynaTech V-4000 and V-5000 amplifiers. The stage is equipped with a JTS US-1000D wireless microphone system and JTS TK-600 performance microphone capture the sermons and vocals, while speakers and singers receive foldback from Dynatech CX-15 monitors. In the control room, Phawa audio and video entertainment installed a Mackie ProFX16v2 mixing console to manage the sound system.